So proud of us.

We walked into Labor weekend with virtually nothing planned for us. That never happens. We have plans into October right now; we are usually at least 4-6 weeks out. But somehow Labor Day slipped by me and we had nothing planned.

That doesn’t mean we did nothing, of course.

Friday night I had a huge craving for German food and the need to throw my diet out the window – so we hit Café Berlin for dinner. As we called to see if they had room for us, the owner reminded me that this weekend was the Taste of Colorado and seeing as their new location was 1 block off Civic Center Park, that meant z-o-o. Screw it, we thought, and parked 15 blocks north and caught the light rail. Declan about peed his pants that he got to ride the downtown train.

I was so proud of us for venturing downtown with a toddler during a crazy weekend festival, that we decided to actually attend the festival. We added funnel cake to my calorie disaster and settled in to some drizzling rain and the smooth jazz sounds of Mindi Abair (if you were wondering, that’s where that blurry skyline photo came from last Friday). Declan had an absolute blast. I figured he would be intimidated by the crowds and noise, but he absolutely loved it.

Saturday, we received a call from our Sears saleslady that the appliances we had our eye on went on sale. Duh. Why did she think we were waiting for Labor Day? They have sales on Labor Day. That took most of the day, of course. Saturday night, after having the DVD for nearly a month, we finally watched Syrianna because I figured some other Netflix customer might actually want to watch it too.

Sunday, we headed to the Aquarium because we had free passes. That was a blast because somehow my son is fascinated by everything still – even the tiniest or ugliest of fish.

We were still high off the Friday night festival success, so we gave it another go and headed back to the Taste of Colorado for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. If you thought Declan was excited for easy listening saxophone – you should have seen his reaction to an actually good band. He danced on our blanket, he danced in my lap, he danced on Daddy’s shoulders… he was a complete lunatic. I see many summers at Red Rocks in our future.

Getting Declan ready for life with us!

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