Dragondeer Halloween 1983 Party - Denver Concert Photos - Denver Local Music

Dragondeer 1983 Halloween Show at Cervantes Other Side

I love seeing Dragondeer live. But Dragondeer dressed up for Halloween and playing songs from the early 80s? RAD! Actually, everyone in Cervantes was dressed to full effect, topping off a super awesome month of spooky events all over Denver. It was definitely as much…
Huge 80s Playlist - Spotify Playlist - Best 80s Music

Totally The Best 80’s Music Playlist Ever

I have been collecting 80s music on this Spotify playlist for a long time now and I have 880+ songs in there - mostly New Wave, which makes it even better. It's so big, I created a smaller "faves" playlist too. I also have great…

Kiss Me, Creep!

Last week, Rude Cactus bared his soul and acknowledged the existence of William Shatner *AND* Mr. Spock CD's in his house. And in exchange for such embarrassment, asked what shards of shame we had laying around ourselves. (Although, personally, I am thinking he should be…
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