Kiss Me, Creep!

Last week, Rude Cactus bared his soul and acknowledged the existence of William Shatner *AND* Mr. Spock CD’s in his house. And in exchange for such embarrassment, asked what shards of shame we had laying around ourselves. (Although, personally, I am thinking he should be more sheepish over today’s princess photo than anything from Bill Shatner. I’M JUST SAYING.)

Well, my comment to Chris was that, since I tell everyone everything, I really have nothing embarrassing, a statement that is certainly going to come back and bite me in the ass, but the biggest truth of all is that *OF COURSE* I have a ton of crappy music in my iTunes, because why is life worth living if not to torture Bryan with random appearances of “Caribbean Queen” out of my iPod at dinnertime???

Then I admitted the truth. That my mom, who keeps every piece of everything since the beginning of time, still had all my teen romance novels from when I was kid. OH YES, SHE DID!!

And the last time I was there for a visit, I scooped them all up and absconded with them. I highly doubt my mom really needed THESE to be sitting around her house any longer:

And CLEARLY I needed to have them in MY house.

And reread EVERY SINGLE ONE as a 37 year old adult.


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  1. villanovababy

    WOW. And there I was, thinking you were cool. You’re just as big a nerd as the REST OF US! 😉

  2. sparklykatt

    I totally read those when I was younger too!

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    What could have EVER given you THAT idea???

  4. Abi Jones

    And now I am even more in love you with. ‘The Perfect Touch’? Seriously? I am dying.

  5. Steph

    Classic! I use to love to read these books!

  6. Jenn

    OMG!! I TOTALLY remember “The Mystery Kiss” and “Kiss Me, Creep.”

    I LOVED those books when I was younger!! LOVED them.

    Well, those and Sweet Valley High.

  7. Tree

    I read these, then quickly moved on to my friend /neighbor’s mom’s stash of Harlequin and Silhouette romances because these were just too tame!

    I wanted the dark, brooding Greek shipping tycoon to fall in love with ME.

  8. Andie

    I used to read those too.

    and the harlequin ones. LOL

  9. Anonymous


  10. Kathy

    Yikes. Those bring back memories. I’m pretty sure I still have all my Sweet Valley High books stored in the basement somewhere.

  11. Sizzle

    OMG I totally read “Kiss Me Creep” and the “On Thin Ice” ones! I actually read the entire Couples series. I was obsessed and wanted to be named Phoebe and have red hair.

    Tell me you read them too so we can be even more bosom buddies.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey


    1. Look at the cover, it says SPOCK!
    2. You are KILLING me with your link.

  13. zenrain

    oh, what memories these brought up!! they were the precursor to reading danielle steele for me! yikes!!!!!

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh, and I meant to say, Tree – the Greek shipping tycoon comment CRACKED ME UP!!!!

  15. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And Siz, I am not sure about the Couples series! I only remember these from rereading them!

  16. Emily

    I’ve never seen a more perfect time to use the word “absconded”!!!

  17. Holly

    oh boy… sweet dreams and sweet valley high. I think I need to take a drive to my parents and get me some midnight readin’! 🙂

  18. rudecactus

    That’s awesome. I totally don’t blame you for reading those again.

  19. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Oh my goodness … I read these too … no wonder we ended up marrying dashingly bare-chested heroes!

  20. Becky

    OMG I totally remember “On Thin Ice” CRAZY!

  21. Bryan

    Mr. Spock has also used the name Leonard Nimoy in his singing career. 🙂

  22. Anonymous

    I can’t believe there is a book called “Kiss Me, Creep.”

  23. Oz

    Hilarious! I’m going to have to check to see if my mom still has all my Sweet Valley Twins books and the V.C. Andrews books. It would be weirdly comforting to read those books now, especially if done while eating a pan of brownies and sipping on a couple dirty martinis.

  24. Catherine

    That’s awesome that your mother kept them for you! My mother put all my stuff in storage and then everything mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth. GONE. Although I’m not sure I would’ve reread my Sweet Valley Highs.

  25. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Ash, I loved those comics too!!

  26. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    All they did was kiss. 🙂

  27. Kelly

    O…M…G!!!! I read every single one of those!!! I had completely forgotten about these and you triggered some sort of emotional reaction in me when I saw those covers! I loved these books! Wow…it was like being transplanted to my life almost (gulp) 25 years ago when I saw those covers! Thanks for the memories!

  28. AB

    So totally forgot about those Silhoutte teen romance novels. I used to LOVE those! I still have a bunch of the Sweet Valley High series somewhere at my parents house. I’d love to read a few of those again!

  29. Ashmystir

    I remember Sweet Valley High books but did not read them religously. I was more into the Betty and Veronica love triangle in my Archie comic books. hee-hee.

  30. Don Mills Diva

    Oh I would too! Just for the MEMORIES!

  31. blogapotamus

    My parents would happily buy me any kind of books BUT those, so they bought me fantasy books and moulded me into a geek.

    Did those novels have “good bits” or were they slightly tamer for the teen market? What my parents DIDN’T know is that I had a copy of “Forever”. Sneaky little devil, was I.

  32. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    I’m pretty sure I read at least three of those.

    Oh, the shame.

  33. Wenderina

    Oh sister of shame I love you. I was a Barbara Cartland fan of all things. There’s nothing like a really badly written regency romance with a white-haired granny in a tiara in the author photo on the back to entice a 12 year old. If I could get my hands on those today I would SO re-read them…giggling my way through instead of sighing…but still…

  34. Alpha DogMa

    Okay we have Spock’s album, too. And I own an album by Shatner, but it’s his jazz album with Ben Folds. And I’m not even embarrassed by that. I know no shame.

    Well at least you can justify those romances with nostalgia. I borrow Meg Cabot YA romances from the library and get odd looks from the staff. But she is so much fun! I can’t resist that minx Meg Cabot.

  35. painted maypole

    WOW. I KNOW that I read On Thin Ice, and probably several of the other ones

  36. samantha jo campen

    Uh, wow.

    Now do you feel dirty? Because I do and I haven’t even TOUCHED the books, let alone re-read them.

  37. JamesMommy

    Oh, lord! I read ’em too and then quickly moved on to the Harlequin-type trash (I cannot believe my mother let me read that garbage). And I loved Bryan’s Rick link. I think we may be related or something :o)

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