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Sunset Boat Costa Rica

#ROAR14 In Costa Rica

Note: Several parts of my Roar Retreat conference have been sponsored, or arranged by the conference's organizers. All words are mine.
I have wanted to visit Costa Rica forever. My best friend Danielle has been many times; her stories and photos just BLOW MY MIND. When friend, client and colleague Andrea Fellman moved there about a year ago, I knew at some point I would figure out a way to visit her. Luckily she and Nadia Carriere made it simple for me when they created Roar Retreat. I was thrilled to do the design and web work for the project, and of course, attend. The time has flown since we started working on all this nearly a year ago -  I leave for Costa Rica tomorrow.
helicopter ride

Getting Adventurous In The Air & On Land

Note: This is a sponsored post. However, all words and photos are mine.A few months ago, I visited the Uvalde Proving Grounds with Continental Tire and I told you all about the tire safety issues we learned about. What I hinted at, but didn't get…