Sunset Boat Costa Rica

#ROAR14 In Costa Rica

Note: Several parts of my Roar Retreat conference have been sponsored, or arranged by the conference’s organizers. All words are mine.

I have wanted to visit Costa Rica forever. My best friend Danielle has been many times; her stories and photos just BLOW MY MIND. When friend, client and colleague Andrea Fellman moved there about a year ago, I knew at some point I would figure out a way to visit her. Luckily she and Nadia Carriere made it simple for me when they created Roar Retreat.

I was thrilled to do the design and web work for the project, and of course, attend. The time has flown since we started working on all this nearly a year ago –  I leave for Costa Rica tomorrow.

The conference focuses on travel, social media and the powerful education we all get when just sharing our experiences freely within a smaller group. There will be approximately 35 people at #ROAR14 and our sessions will be held out on the beach under a palapa. Even given the small size, great sponsors saw the power of such intimate engagement. For example. Invisalign is sponsoring my photography session and we decided to focus (ha ha) on becoming more confident in photography, whether it be style or the technicalities of equipment.

I will be in Costa Rica through October 2nd and plan to soak up every moment (and bunch of rum too). Blogging may be a little light until I get back – or maybe I will be rejuvenated and post long pontifications from my hotel room every night. Who knows.

Andrea has encouraged us to look to Pura Vida as our guide and take it all in.

Hasta la vista, amigos y amigas!

Sunset photo by Andrea Fellman.

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  1. Stevie

    Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Zipper

    Have a blast!

  3. Danielle Smith

    So looking forward to seeing your face.

  4. susan

    {looking|planning|going} to start my own blog {in the near

  5. Amanda

    So far I have been devouring the updates, from the inspiring cards, to the happy faces and positive messages of exploration and balance. I cannot wait for more photos. Enjoy the time and the space to blog and think and maybe just be happy!

  6. Danielle

    Have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

  7. Emma Bail

    I am sure you had a great time there in Costa rica.I am also a traveler and i always try to attend all the different conferences related to photography about travel.I feel so sad that i couldn’t attend this event because these are the places where we got a chance to Interact with the people of same interest and we can learn a lot from them.We can also get updates from so many talented people.I would love to share my platform which will be really helpful for all the travelers around the world to make their trips more memorable.. Have a look

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