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I am stealing Cookiebitch’s words there, because they make me laugh. But you know what makes me grin a big toothy grin? How Neil is throwing THE FIRST ANNUAL BLOGGER HOLIDAY ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR.

There are some talented folks on the Internets, yo. But my favorite part is how he incorporated concert stages. Pure genius.

Speaking of music, you know what else would awesome? If we could all could raise our voices in song with Neil as well. It may not promote world peace, but it sure would be funny.

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  1. Sarah

    How cool is that?

  2. Mamma

    Isn’t it the coolest?? I love your photos by the way.

  3. Mr Lady

    Aimee, seriously, not only is your picture beautiful, it’s TOTALLY the best one up there.

    I mean it, and I’m not just trying to milk you out of a CD. I think I may actually have a full-blown crush on you now!

  4. Meghann

    Very very cool.

  5. Anonymous

    That dude rocks.

  6. Angie

    Love this idea – but am do I have any talents?? That’s going to take some serious thinkin’.

  7. Amy

    I could and may spend lots of money at that fair!! Thanks!

  8. regina

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept! Can you point me toward the alcohol tent? (And your photo submission is gorgeous.)

  9. zipper

    very cool.

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks, you all! Very kind! :)))

    as I have been told by my friend Meghan above, apparently when you see that part of the lily it shows that is dying. But a coworker here at the office also told me it was edible. I really should learn a thing or two about all these flowers I take photos of one of these days.

  11. cookiebitch

    Thanks for the plug! And yes, Neil just needs one of those faux fur jackets and he’ll TOTALLY fit the pimpin’ part 🙂 I love your stuff – it definately classed up the event 🙂 CB

  12. Melissa

    What a great idea. And your lily is Gorgeous. So very talented!!!

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