The End of Summer

Declan went back to school last week, so even though Denver set a record high today, really – summer is… over.

It was a good one. We traveled, I had more time with Declan, Bryan and I both worked a lot – yet still found time for play… it’s all good.

But one thing I vowed to do more of this year was video. And I have been toying with how to go about it… I mean, I tried some talking-head vlogging style videos… but I really don’t think that was entertaining enough… for you or me.

So here is where I disclose I have a friendly relationship with Kodak. This post is not sponsored, but my friend Jenny did give me one of their waterproof cameras when we spoke together (again) at Evo. Since then, I have strung a shoelace through that camera, strung that shoelace around my neck, and dragged that damn thing everywhere.

And I caught a whole lot of fun to remember this summer by.

Many thanks to our friends from My Body Sings Electric who graciously allowed me to use their song in the video.

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  1. Anonymous

    that was so fun! I wish summer could last forewver. – m

  2. Keely

    GREAT video! 🙂 Makes me want to research that camera too.

  3. Banteringblonde

    I’m just posting because I fear your wrath….. 😛 LOVE it, I love summer!

  4. Kristen

    “What a feel-good video—I couldn’t help but smile! Loved it!”

  5. Everyfann

    No need to yell! 😉

    I am sooooooooo sad summer is over. I had a great one too.

    Loved the video.

  6. TheVar

    Get out of here, Aimee. Where did these video skills come from? Song choices (especially the first one), transitions, effects, video quality!!!–all primo.

    Oh, and btw, I want to be a kid again. Or have kids. Hard to say. Maybe not. The latter sounds scary.

  7. Andy ROK

    That made me a little teary! Make me remember summer time fun with my best freinds! Being a kid is awesome!

  8. Chelsea

    Great job I’m really impressed! I love the way you combined both black & white and color. Very nice 😉

  9. Laura

    wave pool, waterproof cam plus your hilarious family = so fun!

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    sniff sniff – thanks guys. :))))

  11. John Atkinson

    Great video – really captures the fun of being a kid. Perfect song choice too!

  12. Tree

    I adore this – not just for capturing the essence of summer, but also the basic personalities of Dex and Bryan. I wish I could see a bit of you, too! I feel very nostalgic for summer and it was 108 yesterday… only you could accomplish that, my friend.

  13. Lynne

    twas a beauty of a freakin masterpiece! Thx for sharin.

  14. MPPs Mom

    Tree said it best. The only thing I thought of the entire time I watched that, was when we watch it together again when we are 80! Remembering what the kids were like “back then” and our husbands too. I agree you can really see their personalities in there. Now it just makes me very envious of my lack of video skills….and that I really want to go check out “Jenny’s” camera!!!

  15. Hannah

    “I not a fan of video but you make me want to start making videos. This is awesome.”

  16. Lisa

    Love! (And I can’t believe that I didn’t realize this until now… That your live in a one-kid house as well. My son, like yours is 9 and started fourth grade.

    Great song choice and their adventure was fun to watch. Impossible to not smile while watching that video.

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    thanks again friends! 🙂

  18. Greg

    Now THAT’s good stuff Aimee! You’ve got me pulling out my old DV tapes now. Nice way to wrap up summer in style. Bravo!

  19. Connie Weiss

    Great video and i loved the song!

  20. Jessica

    “I love your kid splashing– I was just going to ask too!”

  21. chloebear

    Holy crap! That was AWESOME! I want one of those cameras! Does it come with fantastic editing too? Killer music too.

  22. Azúcar

    That, that is a kid who had a great summer.

  23. monstergirlee

    Will you be my Mom too?

    What an awesome video – what an awesome summer. Yay Aimee & Bryan & Declan!

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