The Fly

There were some issues at the end of Declan’s preschool year with a few girls in his class saying some mean things to him. These included the ever-so-lovely, “If you won’t do this, I won’t be your friend” routine… and sometimes it got even more, well, juvenile, with downright name-calling.

The other night he was telling us about a time when one of them called him “stupid.” (Which of course, we all know, is the Holy Grail of name-calling when you are 4).

Well, my kid is a lot of things, but he’s not stupid. And even if he was, I wouldn’t tell him that.

So, we worked through and role-played a bunch of different scenarios and “come-backs” that he could say next time someone called him stupid. We even practiced the ever-popular “Shuuah!”

But my favorite was the conversation that follows.

Bryan: OK, so here is another one to say. If someone calls you stupid, you just say… “Oh yeah? Well… your fly is down!”

Declan: [huge smile and hilarious laughter] OK! Let’s try that one!

Bryan: Hey Declan! You’re stupid.

Declan: Um. Oh yeah? Well. Um. YOUR… FLY… IS… DOWN!!!

[Declan flailing around the flooring laughing his head off, in big, belly laughs]

Declan: [pause, sits up] Um, Daddy? What’s a fly?

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  1. Sizzle

    that’s so funny. ha!

  2. Anonymous

    I swear, those two are too funny!!

  3. Sarah

    they crack me up.

  4. Tree

    Can I pilfer that idea? How awesome!

  5. Nadine

    Hahaha! Perfect!

  6. sue

    Perfect! Thanks for the laugh~

  7. diana

    oh, that is priceless. i miss my kids being young and conversations like this. thanks for sharing.

  8. Builder Mama

    Hilarious! Great comeback, Dex!

  9. TxGambit

    Oh he is such a cutie!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I. love. it. Totally stealing that line.

  11. soccer mom in denial

    Giggle giggle.

  12. Nat

    Hi,I can’t remember if I’ve posted before but I do enjoy your blog.It’s such a hard thing with the name calling (Our Boy is six). The ‘answer back’strategy is not one I have explored. (BTW at age 6, the BIG insult is to be told you look/act/throw… “like a girl.” My all people are created talk did not go over too well.. ha)

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