What a Difference a Day Makes

We’re home, we’re exhausted, we had a great time. Details coming very soon. Oh, and massive amounts of photos… I took over 1,000 photos.

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  1. Sarah O.

    Good thing your flight landed at DIA! Welcome home.

  2. Sizzle

    that’s quite a weather shift. 😉 glad you are back safe and with lots of pics!

  3. zenrain

    we’ve got tons of snow, too, but it’s kinda nice 😉
    i can’t wait to see the pics!

  4. zipper

    That is QUITE a difference!

  5. Nancy

    Welcome home, I think … some welcome, cold and snow =(

  6. Queeny

    I don’t like the stuff, but that’s a gorgeous blanket of snow. Can’t wait to see your pics.

  7. The Casual Perfectionist

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see the pix!

  8. Michelle

    Welcome Back! Looking forward to seeing your photos! Over 1,000 photos…that’s impressive. 🙂


  9. carrie

    Glad you made it home safely, even if it is a *bit* frosty!

  10. Alida

    Well, that IS quite a change. How do you dress on the plane for that kind of change? Hm? Glad you are home safe and sound. Can’t wait for the pictures.

  11. joansy

    Welcome back. I can’t wait for the photos.

  12. Flower Child

    I was in Denver for the Christmas Day snowstorm – which I have to say was quite pretty. I’m still heading someplace warm in a couple of months – but I did enjoy the snow for one day.

  13. realitytesting

    Oh! I haven’t popped in here since NaBloPoMo. And now I am so jealous!!! We have no sun, we have no snow…we have rain. Ack!!!!

  14. monstergirlee

    You said it girl. ((sigh)

  15. Mr Lady

    Oh, Aimee…that SUCKS.

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