Nov 2015

Win a $150 Gift Certificate for Zazzle Holiday Photo Cards!

I say this all the time… but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about love and food, two of the best things in the world. And there used to be a time when I spent a big chunk of the long weekend addressing our Christmas cards and getting them ready to mail. I fell off that tradition over the past few years, but Zazzle is helping me get my mojo back.

Have you heard of Zazzle? In general, they allow you to created personalized gifts from photos. Specifically, they have really lovely options for holiday cards. They have given me $150 to spend at their store and actually get some cards out this year. My mother will be utterly thrilled.

Win $150 in photo holiday cards from Zazzle!

But even better, they are letting me pass along the same gift  to you!

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Chvrches band performs in Denver
Nov 2015

Chvrches at the Fillmore in Denver

When Chvrches lead singer Lauren Mayberry bounded out on stage at the Fillmore in Denver, I knew it was going to be an awesome show. Then about 30 seconds later, the electricity blew out on stage and the poor gal was standing there awkwardly trying to make chit chat while technicians frantically tried to fix things. Luckily, they were able to, and the show went on.

I was pretty amazed at how different Lauren was when performing – an absolute spitfire. With her other two band members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, the trio filled the Fillmore with sound and energy… even if the building couldn’t handle them for a while there.

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Nov 2015

Riot Fest Denver: Day 3 Photos Including Andrew WK, L7 and Tenacious D

Whew! It’s like my finish line from the summer to finish editing concert photos from Riot Fest. Every year I tell myself to take less photos, which would enable me to get these posts up faster but – no dice – because frankly, their lineups are so good, and are so much fun to photograph.

2015 was another stellar year… and next year’s dates will be released in a week or two. (In the meantime, pickup a Riot Fest Ugly Sweatshirt for the holidays!)

Get ready, Denver – I am sure 2016 will be another killer weekend at the rodeo!

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Rdio To Spotify
Nov 2015

Export Rdio Playlists, Import Them To Spotify

If you are reading this, you probably heard the news this week about Rdio shutting down. It’s been everywhere. I just wish all these tech journalists had talked more about this great music streaming service before they filed for bankruptcy.

I, as a rabid Rdio user, have been at a bit of a loss as to where to go from here. Pandora bought the tech of Rdio and plans to incorporate it, but that’s at least an year away. I do like Pandora, but I am a person who cultivates my own music (no matter what Jimmy Iovine thinks.) There is Apple Music, but my iTunes application crashes every other time I open it. So, until things get sorted out, I have turned to Spotify.

I have to say, the user interface is much better than in years past – although I am already missing the music discovery based on what your friends listened to – that thing Rdio provided so well.

Either way, my first response when I heard the news was, “WHAT ABOUT ALL MY PLAYLISTS???” I have so many of them with hundreds and hundreds of songs in each. Continue reading…

Nov 2015

FIDLAR in Denver

I love how we have so many different kinds of concert venues here in Denver, that support all kinds of music. When I go to the Marquis, it’s almost always guaranteed to be a raucous rock show. FIDLAR came to town recently and blew the place open. As in, one of those times when the whole crowd was so into it that the walls shook. This is a good thing. Continue reading…