Aug 2017

No “Both Sides” to Charlottesville

Let’s be clear. There is no “both sides” to Charlottesville.

Yes, we have free speech in this country and while it’s specifically to stop the government from stopping us from saying whatever we want, let’s not get in the weeds on that one like we always do.

Let’s look at it like this: A group of people whose main tenet is that whites are superior and the earth should be “cleansed” of everyone who isn’t white were marching around chanting “Jews will not replace us” as well as “blood and soil” (yes, a Nazi thing, just FYI) all while rallying around a statue of a confederate general.

Many things the president said about Charlottesville were incorrect, from who had permits, to the implication that you need them to protest to begin with. He even lied about the winery, which his son owns and isn’t anywhere near the largest in the country.

But “both sides” were at fault?

Just think it through from a moral perspective. Continue reading…

Westword Music Showcase Concert Photos 2017
Aug 2017

Photos from Westword Music Showcase 2017

Your may notice that it’s August and Westword Music Showcase happened in June. I hate it when people make excuses for late posts, but hopefully I can get a pass after the year I have had? Pretty please?

Either way, my lateness is no reflection on the awesomeness of WMS. The style of headliners shifted a bit this year – whereas the end of the night has usually been full of pumping beats and lights… and for 2017, Shakey Graves torn down the house (err, parking lot) with just his voice and a guitar.

Personally, I welcome the change – particularly with The Revivalists romping around just as the sun was setting on a gorgeous Denver day. Continue reading…

Aug 2017

Happy Birthday AMZY

I used to do birthday posts for friends and I am not sure why I stopped. I also used to post a whole lot more, but that is whole ‘nother story.

Today is the birthday of two AMZY members, another has one next week… and well… Nick’s isn’t for like nine months but I’ll link back to this post for you then, pal.

If you have never seen AMZY live, I encourage you to head over to the Engage Festival at Summit Music Hall tomorrow. Of course, since there are more concerts in Denver this weekend than bikes in the Colorado Classic (who is holding a music festival too), I can’t be there.

But, trust me, I wish I could be. The guys are great live. Fun, talented, nice people. Continue reading…

The 1975 - Concert Photos Denver Fillmore
Aug 2017

The 1975 at Denver’s Fillmore – Fun Tunes & Fans

Somehow I have missed the band The 1975 on their previous stops to Denver, so I didn’t realize how young their crowd is. I don’t mean that as a criticism; I think it’s awesome that this band’s sophisticated sound appeals far beyond my expectations.

The 1975 - Denver Concert Photos

Sure, “Chocolate” is pretty pop and I remember it being all over mainstream radio – but I never would call The 1975 a mainstream band. Still, as I photographed from the pit, fans behind me knew every word to every song.

I love it when that happens. Continue reading…

Project Pabst Denver 2017: Music Festival Concert Photos
Jul 2017

Project Pabst Denver Photos: Ice Cube, Phantogram + More

Life has really gotten in the way of me editing photos lately. Project Pabst Denver happened back in May – I apologize for the tardiness of this post. That is no reflection on the fun; our favorite hipster beer pulled out the stops this year.

Headliners Ice Cube, Phantogram, Danny Brown and Kurt Vile alternated stages on either end of Larimer Street while a huge silver unicorn statue served as the easiest meeting point for a music festival ever.

“No, I’m next to Blucifer’s cousin. Really.”

Project Pabst Denver 2017: Music Festival Concert Photos Continue reading…