The Head & The Heart return to Red Rocks in 2016 with opener Tallest Man on Earth.
Sep 2016

The Head and The Heart: Red Rocks Concert Photos 2016

I’ll be honest. I came late to The Head and The Heart party. Everyone told me how great they are, and I liked their music, but I didn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE any of their songs till this year’s “All We Ever Knew.” That’s a tune I could play over and over for a week straight and never get tired of. The entire new album Signs of Light is pretty damn good, too. Consider me converted.

The band’s return to Denver’s Red Rocks was one of the windiest nights I’ve seen all summer, so their stage decorations full of palm trees almost blew completely away but that didn’t stop the band (and opener Tallest Man on Earth) from putting on a terrific show. It was completely sold out, so nearly 10,000 people were singing every single word – right into hurricane-level blasts of air. Continue reading…

Jane's Addiction headlines day 1 of Denver Riot Fest 2016.
Sep 2016

Riot Fest Denver Photos: Fitz And The Tantrums, Death Cab For Cutie, Jane’s Addiction

Another awesome year for Riot Fest Denver! While everyone was highly anticipating the Misfits reunion on Sunday night, I was most excited for Friday. It was jam-packed with alternative rockers and it was impossible to get around and photograph them all. I managed to catch Motion City Soundtrack, The Aquabats, Fitz & The Tantrums, Death Cab For Cutie and Jane’s Addiction.  I was sad to miss Night Riots, Touché Amoré, Wolf Parade, Descendents, Deftones and the plethora of other bands playing during Day 1.

Riot Fest Denver was held over Labor Day weekend, which for me was good. I had Monday to nurse my 3-day hangover. I think it was bad for some people in terms of timing, and also I’m guessing it affected the carnival ride situation (there were none this year). I was not one to partake too much (high probability of vomit) but I did miss the ferris wheel lit up against our fantastic Colorado sunsets.

Everything else we expect from Riot Fest was in place, though… especially the important stuff: GREAT MUSIC.

I saw bands I already loved and discovered new faves, which is the very best thing about any music festival. Thanks again, Riot Fest – we can’t wait for next year! Continue reading…

Kool & The Gang perform at Kool 105's annual Koncert in Denver.
Sep 2016

Kool Koncert 2016: Huey Lewis, The Fixx, Go-Go’s, Kool and The Gang

Every year, Denver radio station KOOL 105 puts on a music festival called the “Kool Koncert” which brings together some of the best acts from our past into one concert. This year featured The Fixx, Kool & The Gang, The Go-Gos’s, plus Huey Lewis & The News. So, yeah, another stellar year for nostalgia and fun down at Fiddler’s Green.

Kool 105 - Kool Koncert 2016

DJ’s from KOOL 105 welcome fans to the 2016 Kool Koncert

Kool Koncert 2016 Photos

As you can imagine, all the bands were great, but I preferred some over the others. There wasn’t a bad performance in the bunch, but I would say one stole the show. So I am going to place my photos in order of my preference, and you can see at the end who blew me away. Continue reading…

iPhone Developers gather in Denver for the 360 iDev Conference
Sep 2016

Hard Code and Soft Skills at 360iDev Conference in Denver

At the end of August, I took some time to attend the 360iDev conference here in Denver. 360iDev is the leading indie iOS/Mac developer conference in the U.S. and possibly the world. Over 4 days, iOS/Mac developers gather in Denver to share tips and techniques on everything topics like Xcode tricks, connecting iOS devices with Azure, and getting started with AudioKit.

Why go to the 360iDev iPhone Developer Conference?

To be honest, I’m not actually an iOS/Mac developer. I have a few projects that I’m working on, but I have a full-time day job that I took time off from to attend this conference. I love the tools and work with them when I can, but it’s not my primary thing.

So why would I want to attend a conference that doesn’t totally apply to me? The first reason is simple: I know the organizers from the Denver tech community. Denver Startup Week (happening right now), Denver Open Coffee Club, and multitudes of meet-ups, unconferences, co-working spaces, and happy hours introduced me to an amazing community of talent and experience. I’m always up for a chance to be around this group and learn more, and I want to support them in any way I can.

The second reason is the reputation of the conference. Friends have gone in past years, and it gave them a new perspective on the tech industry. They told me the speakers and sessions weren’t just about the code and optimization techniques – there was always something more about how what developers create can have a larger impact beyond just their applications. Continue reading…

Young The Giant and Strumbellas perform at the 2016 Bud Light Party in Denver
Sep 2016

Young The Giant and Strumbellas at Denver’s Bud Light Party

Last month, I interviewed Young The Giant’s drummer in advance of the Denver Bud Light Party. It was a fun night – full of music, the arts – and of course, beer. Young The Giant released their latest album Amerika that same week, and if you haven’t listened to it yet – be sure to check it out. It’s their best yet (in my opinion) and I was blown away by their live show.

Young The Giant returns to Denver for two nights at the Ogden Theater in early November.

Artists working during the Denver Bud Light Party 2016

Live street art at Denver’s Bud Light Party

Opener The Strumbellas were also lots of fun, and big crowd pleasers. These guys return in December for KTCL Channel 93.3’s annual Not So Silent Night music festival – and tickets for that go on sale this Friday. Continue reading…