Keggs & Eggs 2015
Apr 2015

Concert Photos: KTCL’s Keggs & Eggs 2015

My pals at KTCL Channel 93.3 know how to throw a party. So much so that it took me more than a month to recover and finally edit the photos from this year’s Keggs & Eggs. If you have never attended, this concert extravaganza starts at 7am on a Friday… in the Spring… in a bar… in LoDo – and as you can see, things get a little crazy. Green beer, Bloody Mary’s and tons of great bands. The day is especially fun because these are big bands playing in a space that is much smaller than you would normally see them. Awesome music on St. Patrick’s Day = FUN.


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Keystone Ski Resort Family Activities
Apr 2015

Family Activities At Keystone Resort, Colorado

We had snow again this week, but such is Spring in Denver. The cool thing about our weather is our ski resorts have snow later but the skies still manage to be blue and half the time people riding the slopes are only in light jackets at best, sometimes only in t-shirts. Spring skiing in Colorado pretty much rules.

But what if you are like me? As in, a total klutz on skis and prefer to enjoy winter fun without poles? The awesome thing is, Keystone Resort has a huge variety of stuff like to do for everyone.

We visited Keystone during our Spring Break and while Bryan enjoyed time riding day and night, Dex and I explored everything the resort had to offer, which was a lot. (Plus many times Bryan could not resist jumping off his snowboard to join us as well.) Continue reading…

Apr 2015

Explore The Outdoors with PBS KIDS

It’s officially spring everywhere and it actually feels like it here in Denver. Which makes it much more fun to help PBS KIDS with their “Explore the Outdoors” program this month! While you’ll see nature themed shows on your TV and online, the real point is to get OUTSIDE. Spring is a great time to learn about composting and plan your garden for the summer (plus maybe get a head start on those dandelions?). We find that our last frost is around Mother’s Day here in Denver, so we generally use the month of April to prep in the yard… but what I love MOST is just seeing people back out and about in the neighborhood and the parks with the dogs and the kids. It’s like everyone is waking up again, not just the trees and plants.

Explore The Outdoors with PBS KIDS

“Explore the Outdoors” will include new special episodes starting April 20th from Wild Kratts (who have an all new app too!) and Dinosaur Train specifically, but you will notice outdoor-themed episodes everywhere you look on PBS KIDS.

Also! Join us April 15th at 12 PM mountain (2 PM Eastern) for a Twitter chat party to celebrate Earth Day and all the fun that can be had outdoors in the springtime.

Explore The Outdoors Twitter Party with PBS KIDS

 Note: Royalty-free photos from Pixabay
KONGOS Concert Photos via
Apr 2015

KONGOS with Sir Sly & Colony House at Summit

Guys, bear with me for second here. It’s going to sound like I am ragging on KONGOS, but I really more raising a question. Not that I expect them to answer, so perhaps it’s a bit of rhetorical question, but here goes.

Why do bands have crappy lights while photographers are in the pit?

Seriously. I’m seeing this more and more and am completely baffled. Do bands want to have bad photos taken?

In the case of KONGOS, it was incredibly dark with only strobe lights during the first two songs. As a photographer, that is when you “spray and pray,” meaning you just shoot shoot shoot and hope you get something, anything. We only get three songs, but luckily on the last one, the curtain fell and glorious lights came up behind the band, not to mention electronic screens. I know that bands are doing what they feel is right for them and their fans – but I really don’t understand why the good lights come on later when no one is photographing. Again KONGOS,  love you, you’re talented, entertaining, great show… but I walked away from the pit and looked back, then my jaw dropped as all these beautiful lights were floating down on the front row full of cell phones. Continue reading…

Types of Cameras
Apr 2015

Photo Tips: What Kind of Camera Do I Need?

Lots of folks have been asking me to get back to basics with some photography tips, like I have been doing at conferences. I thought the first post should be about something we all grapple with – what kind of camera (or cameras, plural) are best for my situation(s)? Personally, I have a camera in every one of these subsets, but I really think that is a bit excessive. As Chase Jarvis is oft quoted, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Especially in this day and age of increasingly good smartphones, don’t feel bad if the best (and only) camera for you is the one that comes with your mobile phone. Or if you want to get more features, let’s chat.

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