Minus The Bear & Beach Slang - Denver concert photos
May 2017

Photos: Minus The Bear with Beach Slang at Summit Music Hall

I fell in love with Minus The Bear on their 2010 album Omni, but that was actually their fourth. In 2017 the band released Voids, their first album without drummer Erin Tate. Leader singer Jake Snider’s vocals are just as distinctive and the group is just as good live. They played Denver’s Summit Music Hall with the super loud and super fun group Beach Slang.

Minus The Bear continues their tour in the UK and then comes back to the US this summer, finishing out at Riot Fest Chicago. Continue reading…

Travel to Boise for Treefort Music Festival
May 2017

Treefort Music Festival is a Great Way to Discover Boise (Concert Photos)

Note: My trip was sponsored by Visit Boise. However, all words and images are mine.

I had heard of Treefort Music Festival in recent years because Denver bands have been steadily playing it, and speaking highly of it. I was thrilled when the Boise Visitor’s Bureau asked me to come in, cover the festival and explore what the city had to offer.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Boise is a small city nestled in the Idaho mountains, with a ton of charm. Its population is approaching 225,000 – so there is enough hustle and bustle to feel the energy but not so much to be overwhelmed. Especially “during Treefort time,” a phrase I heard many locals say as they met up for drinks before bands started each day. Continue reading…

Great Wold Lodge Colorado Springs - Family Travel Fun
May 2017

Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

Note: Our stay was sponsored by Great Wolf Lodge. However, all words and images are mine.

We had never been to a Great Wolf Lodge before they asked a bunch of Colorado bloggers to visit for the opening weekend of their Colorado Springs resort a few months ago. They chose the Centennial State as their 15th location and I had always heard it was a vacation all in of itself, with the water park as the front and center attraction… but I didn’t realize there was really so much more to do.

Great Wolf Lodge - Colorado Springs Family Travel

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Yes, of course, we loved the large indoor water park (with nearby pool bar) that includes a huge water tree fort (Colorado style) and various water slides for various ages. My teen’s favorite was the Wolf Tail, a tube where the floor literally drops out from underneath you. My 47-year-old self was happy to sit in the wave pool and watch all that business from afar. Very far afar. Continue reading…

Green Day - Against Me - Concert Photos Denver
Apr 2017

Green Day & Against Me Concert Photos from 1st Bank Denver

I have wanted to see Green Day in concert for a good long while. It was insane to finally photograph them along with Against Me at 1st Bank Center recently – this band may have been around for over 30 years, but they are still kicking much ass. This was the first stop in Denver for the Revolution Radio tour; they return to Fiddler’s Green in August.

Nope. Age has not slowed these guys down. It was hard to keep up with Billie Joe Armstrong and he ran all over the stage as well as up and down the catwalk. Several times he brought fans up on stage and encouraged them to stage dive.

I admit that *I* showed my age, tearing up as I thought about how any of those kids could have been my own 14 year old son.

Green Day & Against Me concert photos from Denver 1st Bank Center, 2017 Continue reading…

Why Hillary Lost 2016
Apr 2017

Why Hillary Lost & Where We Go From Here

The post-mortems on why Hillary lost are finally in full swing and I’m in agreement with the gist: the media misrepresented her, didn’t correct lies about her, and the Comey letter sealed the deal. She also, of course, made mistakes herself, especially by misreading the angst and mood of the country.

Here’s the thing, I am/was/will always be a fan of Hillary Clinton. Is she a perfect person or candidate? No. Do I agree with every part of her platform? No. But she is brilliant and spent her life fighting for children and healthcare.

Did I want her to run this time? I was only against it because of exactly what happened. She got beat up – again. She has baggage, almost 100% of it lies or ridiculous twistings of the truth – but people just can’t seem to get past their hate. Continue reading…