How are you a diehard music fan? Enter to win your own fan experience from Diehard batteries!
Aug 2016

Notes from a Diehard Music Fan (Win Your Own Fan Experience!)

Tracking PixelWe’ve all heard of Diehard, right? But did you know everything they actually do? I didn’t – before they asked me to help spread the word for their “From The Start” contest. I took a look at the Diehard site and realized they are much more than car batteries, like we grew up with.

They also have portable power products, phone cases, flashlights, high-performance work boots and more. Work boots? Given the fact that I am still recovering from two, count em TWO, sprained ankles that I acquired while photographing a concert – I was intrigued!

I’m A Diehard Music Fan.

Diehard Music Fan: Fiddler's Green for Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters with Monika

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Rob Zombie and Korn give a killer concert in Denver at Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre
Aug 2016

Rob Zombie and Korn at Fiddler’s Green

Everyone always told me how amazing both Rob Zombie and Korn are in concert, and THEY. WERE. RIGHT. Their recent show at Fiddler’s Green in Denver may be among my favorites of the summer. Talk about a visually stunning, dynamic group of performers. Both bands. Creepy and cool.

Korn continues on tour through the fall and Rob Zombie is in the states through Chicago’s Riot Fest. Go see them together, or alone, or however you can.

Korn Concert Photos

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Become a Denver Airbnb host and earn $200 cash bonus!
Aug 2016

Become A Denver Airbnb Host – Earn $200 Cash Bonus!

Have you stayed in an Airbnb yet? My husband has been dying to try it and we feel so behind the times to not have used one yet. Friends do it all the time, and Airbnb tells me there is a huge demand for hosts in the Denver area. I am excited to work with them to help my neighbors capitalize on that demand via their affiliate program.

Airbnb Needs Denver Hosts!

If you sign up to be one via my link, you will earn $200 cash bonus upon your first rental!

Become a Denver Airbnb host and earn $200 cash bonus!

We all kind of know the benefits of renting from Airbnb, but what about hosting?

  • Earn extra income: Hosts use money from Airbnb to help pay bills, pursue their own travel, and improve their homes.
  • Host when you want: It’s your home, so share it only when works for you.
  • Make new friends and connect with people from every corner of the globe.
  • They are here to help: You’re not doing this alone. Get support from Airbnb, learn from fellow hosts, and meet your neighbors.

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Young The Giant performs at the Bud Light Party in Denver
Aug 2016

Interview with Young The Giant for #BudLightParty

You guys! I was lucky enough to chat with Francois Comtois, drummer for Young The Giant, ahead of their appearance at Denver’s convention stop on the Bud Light Party tour. We only had a few minutes, but he was super nice as we talked about their new album Home of the Strange and working with Bud Light.

Bud Light Party Convention Tour - Denver 2016

If you aren’t sure what the “Bud Light Party” is, exactly – they have been throwing FREE concerts all over the country with all kinds of bands and artists to highlight diversity and fun during this crazy election season. It’s not about politics, it’s about getting together with your pals and caucusing for a good time. Rules to win tickets differ by city but check out the site to get yours (21+ only).

In Denver, we were lucky enough to have The Strumbellas and Young The Giant perform at the Fillmore Auditorium, with art installations, photo booths and lots of free Bud Light. All while seeing two great bands most of us would absolutely have paid to see.

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Twenty One Pilots from night two of their sold out Red Rocks shows in 2016
Aug 2016

Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath at Red Rocks

It’s that time of year – Red Rocks season! Lots of great shows with headliners who bring in bands that could be headliners themselves. Twenty One Pilots had two massively sold out shows under the rocks recently with Mutemath accompanying them.

I had not seen Mutemath before but everyone told me how good they were. It’s. The. Truth. Paul Meany is so expressive and fun to watch, you almost forget what a great rock band these guys are.

A family of Twenty One Pilots fans at their 2016 Red Rocks concert

And Twenty One Pilots? One of the best live bands out there today, period. Sure, they wear masks and perform in near darkness so they are pretty damn hard to photograph – but who cares? The whole crowd at Red Rocks was a sea of red and black, mostly a variety of TOP shirts – and PUMPED for the band.

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