Mayer Hawthorne - Concert Photos from Denver's Ogden Theatre
Jun 2016

Mayer Hawthorne at Ogden Theatre Denver

I have lost count of how many times I have seen Mayer Hawthorne, but I know for sure his recent stop at the Ogden Theatre was my second time photographing him.

Every time, I come away thinking what a cool dude he seems to be, and more importantly – what a great singer he is. This show started out with Mayer stopping by a bar on stage to pour himself a drink while the band got the crowd going. Straight out of the rat pack, I’m telling you. Then the man sang his face off for a completely pumped crowd.

When the crowd got a little TOO pumped, as in a fight broke out… (I know, whaaa?) Mayer stopped the music immediately and had the offenders kicked right out. “You’re fighting at a MAYER HAWTHORNE show? I don’t think so.”

Which basically implies what his concerts are like. Good fun, good music, and good booze (I am assuming; he didn’t share). Looking forward to the next time Mayer Hawthorne swaggers back to Denver.

Mayer’s new album is Man About Town and he is continuing his tour through the US this summer, and into Europe this fall.

Concert Photos of Mayer Hawthorne in Denver

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Denver Comic Con 2016 was a huge success. Check out all these fun photos from Denver's premier pop culture, cosplay, and comics event!
Jun 2016

Denver Comic Con Photos

One thing I love about Denver Comic Con is how everyone shows up – every type of person – and everyone has fun. This year was no exception, with attendance rates approaching 115,000 at early estimates. Pop Culture Classroom, which puts on the event, is a Denver-based education nonprofit that says its mission is “to ignite a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity and build community through the tools of popular culture and self-expression.”

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Nate Staniforth Interview: Real Magic Tour
Jun 2016

Nate Staniforth Interview: Real Magic Tour

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Nate Staniforth show here in Denver. I didn’t know what to expect, really, because I don’t think I have seen a magician live, in person, ever. I mean, other than when I was a kid and stuff.

Nate’s site specifically warns you the show is not for children, but that is not to imply that it’s NSFW other than a stray curse word here and there. What he means is that there are no top hats, or rabbits, or sawing of women in half. It’s a Ted talk filled with Nate’s personality while he helps us remember to believe in magic again.

I was lucky enough to meet him in person after the show and then get on the phone with him last week. He’s a friendly guy who is willing to talk honestly about magicians, how he got to this profession and where he wants to go.

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AMZY Concert Photos
Jun 2016

AMZY and SF1 at Gothic Theatre

I really had such a fun night recently. Denver bands AMZY and SF1 played together at the Gothic, my son came with us, I was photographing, Bryan was there too, along with a ton of friends.

What more can you ask for?

We have known SF1 and his crew for a long time and I swear, every time I see them, I am more impressed. There was no tap dancing at this show, just some good old fashioned hip-hop, rock, R&B and pop music. Is there an old fashioned version of that? Because SF1 merges all those styles together with a fantastic undertone of drums, all while leaping around the stage.

SF1 will be at Larimer Lounge tomorrow night with Jen Korte and SIR. Go see them!

Our headliner was AMZY, who – did you know – was named after their guitarist’s mother? Just like I stole Greeble from Dex (it was his nickname as a baby), the band has appropriated their name from a family member. I certainly acted like their mother that night when Brennan sang from the rafters of the Gothic, meaning I yelled at him to GET DOWN RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU.

Heart attacks aside, AMZY sounded great and I loved hearing their new songs. The band is celebrating a successful Pledge Music campaign for the next album, which should be released in a few months. In the meantime, “Words” is available on iTunes and I look forward to seeing these guys again real soon.

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Marriage Advice After 20 Years
Jun 2016

Marriage Advice After 20 Years of It

Last week, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Many people say this, but it feels like just yesterday *and* forever ago – all at the same time.

We married here in Denver, a little while after we moved and it’s fun to think about how young and optimistic we were then. We may be more cynical and jaded now, but in many ways, we still work on our marriage just as hard as day one. Some things get easier over the years, some harder. For example – we literally have talked about everything. What is there left to say after all this time?

Well, for one, we recently chatted about how we make our marriage work so I could write one of these condescending posts about it.

Look… We know every marriage is different. We’ve seen some couples split for reasons I could not explain, and people stay together for no good one.

No judgements here, just some suggestions from two goofballs who still lean on each other as heavily now as they did two decades ago. Continue reading…