Westword Music Schowcase 2015 Promo Code
May 2015

Discount Code for Westword Music Showcase 2015 Tickets!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of our local indie paper, Westword. I especially love how their new(ish) music editor Kiernan Maletsky has evolved his section into a mix of local and national talent – which is a good overall description of the Westword Music Showcase.

Headliners include Flume, The Black Angels, MisterWives, Robert DeLong, Wave Racer and Roadkill Ghost Choir. Over 100 local bands will also be playing, including some of my favorites like: Bianca Mikahn, Bud Bronson & the Good Timers, Chemistry Club, Dirty Femmes, Edison, Filthy T, Glowing House, Ian Cooke, In The Whale, Joy Subtraction, Modern Suspects, The Outfit, Post Paradise, The Raven & The Writing Desk, SF1, Strange Americans, Vices I Admire, Wheelchair Sports Camp and Wiredogs. Continue reading…

Nature Cat from PBS KIDS
May 2015

New PBS KIDS Show: Nature Cat

Adam & David Rudman - Nature CatLast week, I was honored to attend the PBS Annual Meeting where PBS and PBS KIDS preview the upcoming season for all their stations and the media. Media, including a group of bloggers like myself who specialize in stalking PBS KIDS shows and their characters.

Did you know that David Rudman, the man behind Cookie Monster, also has an animation studio with his brother Adam? That studio created the amazing Jack’s Big Music Show. And they have a new show in the works called NATURE CAT. I can’t wait for this one to come out because I know my whole family will love it.

The brothers noticed that this generation of kids are less about playing outside and more about playing on screens, so they want Nature Cat to be all about a love of nature. A television show telling you to get outside? YES! Nature Cat will model behaviors they hope that kids will pick up on, but will also provide small screen activities like a scavenger hunt app. Continue reading…

May 2015

Mother’s Day Flowers for Our Three Moms

I have three mothers in my life. My mom, my aunt and my mother-in-law. Each are special and unique, but all love flowers.

Who doesn’t?

I was excited when Pro Flowers asked if there were any special moms in my life that I would like to send flowers to for Mother’s Day. Yes! Three!

And they reminded me that I was part of the equation too. ME? Hooray!

I have been seeing all these awesome succulents on Pinterest, so I chose that one for ME right away.

Succulent Plant from Pro Flowers

But what about for the other moms? There was a great selection in the Mother’s Day section, so I could choose one that fit each personality. Continue reading…

Phox Band - Concert Photos
May 2015

Photos of the Band Phox in Denver

I first heard Phox play at UMS a few years a ago. I have been trying to see them again over and over but it never worked out until recently. Phox played the Bluebird Theater in east Denver this month and they sounded great. Particularly singer Monica Martin, who reminds me of a hipster Sade… someone who can wrap the whole room up in her voice. But the entire seven-piece band is clearly very musical and contribute to the ethereal and layered sound the band affects on their first album, as well as on the stage. Don’t let time pass as I did – go see this crew whenever you can. Tour dates on their site.

Phox_08 Continue reading…