Funny Tweets Twitter Dog
Aug 2014

Funny Tweets of Twitter – August 2014

People ask me to do these all the time, so FINE. I am going to try harder and get organized. How about once a month? Come back in September and see if I actually follow a schedule. Until then, enjoy these gems collected from the last month on Twitter. In no particular order because, hello, there is no way I am going to get THAT organized. Continue reading…

My Body Sings Electric - Riot Fest
Aug 2014

My Body Sings Electric Interview + Win Riot Fest Denver Tickets

Note: Riot Fest provided tickets for this contest and MBSE provided their insanity.

Guess what. Riot Fest is fast approaching and it is going to be awesome. The lineup is filling out and just this week it was announced that Denver bands The Epilogues, Wiredogs, In The Whale and The Dendrites have been added to the bill along with headliners The Cure, Weezer, The National, Social Distortion, Flaming Lips, Primus, and Rise Against. Several locals were already playing, including one of my personal favorites, My Body Sings Electric. I honestly have no idea when I met these guys; they feel like they have been our friends forever. I know they played my former school fundraiser in 2012 with no questions asked, and people still talk about their performance.

In the photo above, they are (L-R): Brandon Whalen (vocals), Nick Crawford (guitar), Ben Scarboro (drums), Jeff Fedel (guitar), and Jason Bower (bass).

Jason recently took time off from arguing with me on Twitter to answer burning questions about the band.

Continue reading…

Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone With Credit Card Case
Aug 2014

Switching from iPhone to Lumia Windows Phone

Note: I have a relationship with Nokia and they provided my phone but all words and opinions are mine.

I was iPhone from Day One. I waited in line, which luckily wasn’t all that long or I probably would have bailed, but I got one. And as many people know, I have been staunchly pro-iPhone since that moment. Honestly, until the last few years, there was no other choice. I have tried recent versions of Android and while I see its advantages, it didn’t make me want to move my phone number over.

In comes the Lumia 1020 and Windows Phone.

I have mentioned in posts recently how I came to know the folks from Nokia, and how they gave me a Lumia to check out. Quite simply, I fell in love with it. I made it my main phone a few weeks ago, and it’s been seamless. Yes, I have kept my iPhone as a secondary phone – primarily to watch all those non-transferable iTunes movies in bed as I go to sleep. But I seriously hated the iOS7 update and was ready for a change. Continue reading…

Back To School 2014
Aug 2014

Welcome to 7th Grade

Here we go. Back to school. When our whole schedule changes because we are a family of night owls and school starts at 7:30am. And we start hibernating a bit to accommodate homework and projects and regular sleep habits.

Summer is fun for us; we do lots of fun things. We also stay up late and sleep in. There were a couple times this summer where Dex proved he was headed towards bonafide teenhood as I woke him up around noon. But eh. It’s summer.

And all of a sudden, it’s not. School kind of snuck up on us to the point where I completely messed up the correct registration days and we both completed all the necessary paperwork as well as finished all that dreaded school supply shopping late Friday. School started for him today instead of yesterday because they allow 6th graders a day alone in the school to get better acclimated before the big kids come back. Continue reading…

Color Run Denver 2014 Happiest 5K
Aug 2014

Color Run Denver 2014

Note: Tickets to the event were provided by The Color Run but all photos, video and words are mine.

I had seen all the photos before, so I kind of knew what to expect. But actually doing The Color Run is much different than watching it online. We are lucky here in Denver to have so much sunshine, and there was an abundance of it on race day, which made the colored powder even more vibrant. While their web site doesn’t specifically state this, it is pretty well known that this tradition of tossing chalky colors in the air is borrowed from the Hindu festival of Holi, which seems like a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Color_Run_Denver_07 Continue reading…

Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens at Night
Aug 2014

Chihuly At Denver Botanic Gardens – Night Time

When I attended the press event for the Denver Botanic Gardens premiere for Chihuly’s exhibit here in town, everyone kept saying to be sure to go back at night. That the light was completely different. That the glass looked totally different.

I went back recently with my pal Danielle for a little girl’s night out, and boy were they right.

We made it just as the sun was setting and had dinner at the new restaurant at the Monet water lily garden, Hive. The food was quite good, in the vein of upscale fast casual – although our service was quite bumpy. (If you call bumpy not very good at all.) However, we both agreed to give them another chance some other time since they had just opened and hopefully were just working out the kinks.

The main reason we were there – to see the glass at night – was definitely worth the trip. Not only does the glass look different, but the flora all around them in the shadows transform as well. We have been to the Gardens many times for Blossoms of Light, but all the lushness that is still here now during the summer was a welcome addition to the Chihuly pieces. Continue reading…

Michael Brown Ferguson
Aug 2014

Talking To My 11 Year Old Son About Ferguson

Our son will be 12 next month and for the most part, except for his premature beginnings, his life has been relatively stress free. As parents, we try to keep it that way, but we also feel it is our job to tell him about the world. We’ve always shared news at age appropriate levels. He’s known about September 11 since very early on, especially since his birthday is close to that date, but in general terms. His school has been great; talking about tragedy with increasing detail as his maturity grew.

However, we have been at a loss how to explain the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, this week. Yes, we told him what happened to Trayvon Martin. Yes, the legal system failed Trayvon as much as the vindictive racism of George Zimmerman. But in Ferguson, there are so many things I can’t even believe, how do I explain it to my kid? Continue reading…