WMS Westword Discount Code 2016
May 2016

Westword Music Showcase (WMS) Discount Code 2016

We are one month away from one of my very favorite music festivals in Denver. Westword Music Showcase (WMS) invades the Golden Triangle neighborhood again on June 25, 2016. Headliners include Dillon Francis, Matt & Kim, Cold War Kids, Health, New Politics, Brick & Mortar, Black Pistol Fire, Grizfolk, Chef’Special and Denver locals 888. Some people see that impressive list and forget this concert goes all day long at multiple venues with hundreds of other local bands too.

WMS is really one of the most fun days of summer!

Use my discount code “GREEBLE” at checkout to get $5 off general admission tickets, or get a 4-pack (no code needed) for $140.

Westword Discount Code 2016

Judah And The Lion - Denver Concert Photos
May 2016

Judah and The Lion at The Gothic Theatre

I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t sure how the genre “hip hop folk rock” was going to play out in a concert. But everyone promised me Judah & The Lion were killer live – and I should have trusted them.

Judah Akers was all over the stage, full of energy and love for the crowd. All the other guys were right there with him, especially Nate Zuercher, who is from Colorado and was proudly sporting a Rockies jersey.

It was tons of fun, great music, with banjos, mandolins, accordions, good old rock n’ roll, with some rap on top. An incredible show.

J+TL will be at festivals throughout the summer, go see them if you can.

Concert Photos of Judah & The Lion

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Peter Murphy in Concert - Denver, 2016
May 2016

Peter Murphy – Denver Concert Photos

He is the “Godfather of Goth.” I have probably listened to the song “All Night Long” thousands of times. When Peter Murphy came to Denver’s Gothic Theatre, I jumped at the chance to see him.

Not only was this legend the founder and singer for the seminal indie group Bauhaus, his solo career has yielded incredible albums like Deep and Love Hysteria and well as his latest, 2015’s Lion.

What does 2016 Peter Murphy sound like? Striking.

The concert itself was a sit-down affair (with seats!) but Murphy’s mesmerizing voice and surprising humor captivated us all.

Because of all the chairs, I had to photograph from the back and sides – but I am not complaining. A truly magical night with one of my all-time favorite singers.

Thank you for visiting us, Peter Murphy.

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Snapchat Guide For Parents
May 2016

Snapchat Guide For Parents

Is your teen on Snapchat? Are you on Snapchat to keep up with your kids?

(That is what happened to us.)

We proclaimed last year that this newest, super hip social media app was off limits for our son, until *we* were more ready. There are lots of reason to be wary, and to be paying attention.

The name is perfect, because interactions are very quick. A “snap” – whether it be a photo, video or text – only stays up for a few seconds, which of course, can lead to the sharing of super inappropriate things. After the snap is gone, it’s gone, poof! Friends who have been on it since the beginning say the lurid behavior on Snapchat has chilled out, but it’s still a good reason – as with all social networks – to keep tabs on who your kid is interacting with and how.

Having said all that, I am starting to get my head around Snapchat and its appeal. It’s fun! My son describes it as “Twitter for YouTubers.” What he means by that is he’s heard me call Twitter a micro-blogging site, meaning we write these long-winded posts on our own blogs and then share little blips of life on Twitter. Snapchat does the same, in multiple formats. Continue reading…

Judy Collins - 2016 Interview
May 2016

Judy Collins Interview (Yes, THAT Judy Collins!)

I was born in 1970, which means the music of Judy Collins was woven into the fabric of my childhood. When I was asked to interview her, I was honored and humbled. This incredible singer continues to make magic and will be appearing at Boettcher Hall on Mother’s Day, performing the songs of Stephen Sondheim.

Tell me about your new project.

I am very excited about it – and have been waiting to pull this together for a long time. I love “Send In The Clowns” which was written by Stephen in 1973 and my recording of it was his first top ten hit. We will be performing a bouquet of my favorite Sondheim songs, in the beautiful Boettcher Hall. I will interweave some of my other classics, of course, but it will truly be a “A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim.” Continue reading…