Ben Howard Concert Photos
Feb 2015

Ben Howard Photos from Fillmore Denver

One thing that is great about music streaming services is the ability to ping your friends when you find music they will love. My friend Andrew did that back in 2011 when Ben Howard‘s Every Kingdom came out and, indeed, I loved it. Ben’s latest, I Forget Where We Were, also went into high rotation last fall.

A bunch of people in Denver share my admiration for this English singer-songwriter, because his recent show at the Fillmore Auditorium was sold out. It was a mellow show, as you might expect, but filled with lush music and great vocals, even though Ben himself said he was not feeling well. He often turned around and played back into his band, which sometimes can be disconcerting – but felt more like we were witnessing a special jam session that a bunch of people (the Fillmore holds 3,500 people) had been invited to.

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Feb 2015

Win Your Dream Mexico Wedding Vacation from Palace Resorts

We have vacationed in Mexico many times; we love the Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. Especially for us here in Denver, it’s such a quick flight – we try and go as often as we can.

This April, I will turn 45 and this May, we will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. Both of those numbers make me feel very old. Although with age comes wisdom, right? I loved our small wedding here in Colorado, surrounded by family and friends… but if I could do it over, one idea that would be high on my list? Getting everyone to meet us in Mexico.

My friends at Palace Resorts and Weddings by Funjet understand how that might seem daunting, and are having a fabulous contest right now (valued at more than $40,000!) where the winners will have their dream wedding at the amazing Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort – including photos, flights for up to 8 guests, luxe accommodations, $1,500 in credits and more. Continue reading…

Keystone Resort - Spring Skiing
Feb 2015

Spring Ski Deals at Keystone Resort

Our weather can be really strange here in Colorado. The temperatures yo-yo all the time, and generally most people think Denver is an arctic tundra. The thing is, it’s usually not that cold and it’s the mountains (1-2 hours west) that get all the snow. Sure we had some this week, but the resorts have had way more than some. And even when there is a ton of snow both places, it’s not actually all that cold. Perfect weather for skiing and why, as you Denverites know, spring can be the very best time to head up the hill.

While Bryan is the big snowboarder in the family, we all love winter fun in the mountains and will be spending Spring Break at Keystone Resort. Those guys are known as one of the best family-friendly travel destinations in Colorado and we look forward to sharing all the fun!

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Feb 2015

Photos: Bush at the Ogden Theatre

Gavin Rossdale and his band Bush stopped in Denver last week at our Ogden Theatre to support their latest album, Man On The Run. If you haven’t heard it, head over to your favorite streaming service and check it out. I’ve listened quite a bit since its release and I love how this album is very melodic, especially the single, “The Only Way Out.”

Like many of us, I have loved Bush since Sixteen Stone and in particular, “Machinehead” is one of my all-time favorite songs. You knew I would be front of the line to photograph this show – especially since I have, to my great regret, *never* seen Bush before.

They did not disappoint. It was loud and raucous at the right places as well as smooth and beautiful in others (read: “Glycerine”) – and the crowd was very into it. Sometimes, I admit, it’s almost more fun watching the fans love on the musicians than anything else. Gavin’s voice sounded a little like he was pushing it, perhaps because of our perpetual lack of humidity, but it added to that edgy sound his voice always has anyway. He was all over the stage, interacting with fans, and clearly having a blast.

P.S. I took way too many photos.

Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015

Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015

Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015 Bush_45

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AT&T DriveMode App - It Can Wait
Feb 2015

AT&T’s “DriveMode” iPhone App Helps Stop Texting & Driving

It’s pretty clear that I love phones, and tech, and apps. I was excited when AT&T asked me to check out their new app for iPhone called DriveMode. With a tween who also uses a phone and will be driving soon (OK… soon being a relative term here, as in a few years from now)… it’s important for me to set a good example on my phone. The problem is – IT’S HARD! When so many notifications come in and life is moving so fast, sometimes I need a little help.

DriveMode kicks in once the car is going over 15mph and basically provides a shield while you are driving – silencing incoming notifications. You can also set the app to send a custom auto-reply for you to let people know you are driving. Depending on what screen you have open, a top banner will blink red saying “DriveMode” – which is a good reminder that it can wait till later to use your phone.

However, if you really need something, the app provides one button access to 5 emergency numbers, music and the navigation app of your choice. Or, if let’s say you are the passenger and want to access your phone – you can quickly turn the DriveMode app off with the big green slider.

Drive Mode App - It Can Wait AT&T Drive Mode App - It Can Wait
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