Fitz And The Tantrums
Jul 2014

Fitz & The Tantrums at The Ogden in Denver

Note: Tickets were provided by the band; all photos and words are mine.

People often ask how I can stand being landlocked here in Denver, but the truth of the matter is 1) you get used to it, 2) you oddly feel safer, and 3) you enjoy the benefits of being a major crossroads city in the middle of the country. Which means sometimes you even get to see a band twice on the same tour, and sometimes – if you are really lucky – it’s one of your favorite bands and they are absolutely amazing live.

I was thrilled to photograph Fitz & The Tantrums the last time they played Denver and this show was just as good, if not better. Fitz and Noelle give 1000% right from the beginning all the way through the end – with high energy dancing and absolutely incredible vocals. It feels like a friendly race between these two and the rest of the band, like who can pump more out to the crowd at any given moment. Continue reading…

Diet Coke #ShareACoke
Jul 2014

Share A Coke With… Me!

Note: Coca Cola company provided my personalized bottle but all photos and words are mine.

It’s no secret Diet Coke is one of my favorite things. I even have a client that checks to make sure if she needs to grab some for me on her way over to a work session. People know. I love Diet Coke.

Apparently even Diet Coke knows I love Diet Coke because when they started their “Share A Coke” program this summer, they sent me an “Aimee” bottle, specifically in Diet Coke flavor, plus a Coke version to share with a friend.

To be honest – and I know this sounds goofy – but since I was so busy traveling in June, I held on to my special #ShareACoke Diet Coke till this week when I could really savor it. I know it’s exactly the same, but it was delicious! Continue reading…

Riot Fest Denver 2014 Ticket Contest
Jul 2014

Giveaway: Win Tickets To Riot Fest Denver 2014 (New Location!)

Note: Riot Fest has provided tickets and artwork but all words and concert photos are mine.

You may remember this little thing called Riot Fest that consumed my family last September? When my friend Charlotte flew in from Seattle and Monika and I wore bandanas because of the dust and I took photos of The Replacements in dresses and cowboy hats? Oh yeah, that music festival – where my 11 year old son saw Iggy Pop perform within 24 hours of Public Enemy.

Continue reading…

Color Run Denver Happiest 5K
Jul 2014

Discount Code for Denver Color Run

Note: The Color Run has provided tickets and photos but all words are mine.

I have done similar 5K runs in the past, but I have never done THE (pronounced THEE) Color Run. The big one. With all the color. And I assume running, but you know that is not exactly my thing, so we could probably call it the Color Walk for me. Either way, I am looking forward to getting super bright in Denver on August 2nd with a lot of other people.

Would you like to join us?

Prices go up on July 18th, and I have a $5 off discount code for you. Type (don’t copy and paste) “COLOR5OFF” during your registration and you’ll join us in the free-for-all. Continue reading…

Neon Trees Denver Pop Psychology
Jul 2014

Neon Trees at Ogden Theatre

Note: Tickets were provided by Neon Trees but all photos and words are mine.

I saw Neon Trees live for the first time in 2011 when I was lucky enough to photograph Duran Duran and they were the opening act. I was blown away.

I was beyond lucky when Neon Trees invited me back to photograph their Pop Psychology tour stop in Denver at the Ogden Theatre – not only because they have become one of my favorite bands musically – but I knew it would be crazy fun to shoot them as the headliner. Continue reading…

XGames Austin 2014
Jul 2014

X-Games Austin With Nokia Lumia

Note: Nokia provided travel to XGames Austin and the Nokia Lumia 1020. All photos and words are mine.

Anyone who knows me understands I am a clutz. So, the idea of me attending an extreme sporting event is actually kind of… hilarious. The good news: No hospital visits! The better news: Hanging out with a bunch of new friends watching some really cool athletes and musicians while playing around with technology. Sure, it was pretty much hotter than the sun there but that is why I drink watery beer. HYDRATION.

I was thrilled when Nokia invited me to the X-Games, not only because it sounded like a blast – but because, as a photographer, I had been dying to play with their 41 megapixel smartphone, the Lumia 1020. I had seen an early version of Windows Phone OS when Bryan was working for a Surface table company and liked it (“Metro” has been ripped over all over the place with very little credit to Microsoft). It just didn’t have ANY of the apps I needed. Continue reading…

Summer Camp Growing Up
Jul 2014

Empowering Tweens To Stand Up For Themselves

Dex is at summer camp in the park again this year. It’s had its ups and downs this time around, partly because he is at the upper age limit for the camp. He still loves hanging with his friends, swimming, crafts – all that summer camp stuff. But he is getting really frustrated with the methods of some of the counselors, who are treating them like kids half their age.

Recently he got in trouble for something and was sent to time out. Fine, except they never really explained what he did wrong. Partly because it’s a big camp full of kids running around like maniacs in the sun, but partly because they just don’t seem to understand that the older kids will want to have more explanation. Continue reading…