Higher Ground Music Festival
Sep 2014

Higher Ground Music Festival 2014

Note: Colorado Music Buzz provided tickets to this event; all words and photos are mine.

Did you know there is amazing graffiti in the alley behind Casselman’s? I didn’t because I am usually out way late at night and don’t have occasion to hang out back there. However, Higher Ground Music Festival is now cleverly set up on 27th between Walnut and Larimer in LoDo Denver, including the connecting alley. It was a great location for a rock music festival, because you could quickly and easily walk back and forth between the stages – with drink in hand.

Higher_Ground_2014_11 Higher_Ground_2014_12

The line-up this year was also stellar and I had a blast photographing as many a I could, even though it was one of our hottest summer days, as you will see below. Another stroke of genius was the placement of baby pools all over, which allowed us to literally get our feet wet… and once you got past the gross factor of all those, well, wet feet – it really made a difference in my chances of passing out from the heat. Continue reading…

Sep 2014

Health Over 40

I feel stupid talking about my health because once I get rolling, I sound like I am making it up and/or I am a total hypochondriac. As a child, I wasn’t particularly sickly – although I do remember a bad case of pneumonia when I was out of school for so long my mom sewed me a doll. I wish I still had that doll, because it was one of those surprise gifts that mean so much.

It would also be nice to hug that doll on days that I try and balance all the things wrong with me now.

I’ve always battled my weight and yo-yoed up and down since puberty. There is rampant Type 2 diabetes on both sides of the family, so it’s not surprising they found mine at age 32 while I was pregnant with Dex. They knew it was not gestational – my numbers were so high the diabetes clinic cleared their evening schedule to teach me about insulin and the nutrition of diabetes. I asked if Bryan could give me the shots and the nurse looked at me sympathetically. “You’re going to be dealing with this the rest of your life. We really prefer that you handle it.” Continue reading…

Monkey Ape Selfie
Sep 2014


Dex started taking Spanish classes last year in 6th grade. We were stunned by how much he was learning, and how fast. His middle school teacher has been using an immersion method, where she just gets them talking. Awesome, but hard for this type-a mom to not correct conjugation. But after a year, I have learned to shut my mouth, listen to him tell me about Spanish class and DO NOT interject.

Him: I learned the word for monkey today!

Me: Hmm!

Him: Now I can call you a crazy monkey! Tu es un mono loco!

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Shutterfly This Life
Sep 2014

Checking out Shutterfly’s This Life Service + Giveaway

Note: I was compensated for this post and received a This Life subscription. I also provided social media consulting to the founders of This Life prior to Shutterfly’s acquisition of the company. However, all words, images and opinions are mine.

How many photos do you have? It feels like trying to count the stars, right?

Some are in Facebook, some Instagram, and if you are like me – the majority are saved in an iPhoto library. And while each photo is in each place for a reason, sometimes it feels really scattered. Not to mention, how are they all backed up?

I worked on a promotion with This Life founders a while back, when they were just launching. Really nice people and very smart. I applauded when Shutterfly incorporated the service into their suite of products. I was even more excited when the folks from Shutterfly asked me to check out the new and improved This Life, which has just launched.

This Life is a cloud storage for all your photos, but much more. You select what services you would like to import from (like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Smug Mug, and – of course- your computer). And I mean ALL of them, except any duplicates. It pulled all my 3,000 Instagram photos over very fast, within an hour. Then we tackled my 45,000 high resolution files from iPhoto. It took several days, and I had the ability to pause and restart the uploader when I needed to, but they all made it. And now This Life automatically syncs up any new photos that go into the services I have synced. Continue reading…

OK Go Concert Photos Denver
Sep 2014

OK Go: Concert Photos from the Gothic Theatre

Note: Tickets were provided by OK Go. Photos and words are mine.

OK Go is tricky. I was warned there would be tons and tons of confetti -  I actually had over an inch of the stuff in my camera bag when all was said and done. But they also had a sheer curtain up in front of them for several songs, which was fun to watch – but hard to photograph. No matter, I am up for a challenge and I had a blast photographing and listening to OK Go in concert.

Everything was fun, as one would expect from that band that puts out those awesome videos. But everything was also musically great. I loved how rich Damian Kulash’s voice sounds live and his trip directly out into the crowd was highly appreciated. I mean, seriously. Denver sometimes has a reputation for tame crowds, but not when they are OK Go fans. Continue reading…

Disney Family Travel Tips
Sep 2014

Disneyland & California Adventure In One Day With Non-Disney People

Note: Disneyland provided two media passes during our visit, but we purchased all others and photos + words are mine.

Don’t get me wrong. This family is big on Disney. We are animation fanatics and so many things about Disney are near and dear to our hearts. But when you look around the web for information about visiting Disney, whether it be California or Florida, there are entire sites about every aspect of the visit. I really had no idea how many huge fans there are out there and how many things you need to know about visiting. There are whole businesses and books to help you make the most of your experience.

I seriously think that this is all awesome, but we had one day to hit both Disneyland and California Adventureland Park – and were a big overwhelmed with it all. So this post is full of tips from people who are Disney-lovers but *not* superfans.

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Tips Manage Your Email Inbox
Sep 2014

10 Tips: How To Manage Your Email Without Going Nuts

Email may eventually be surpassed by texting and various social networks for our methods of communication, but for now – it is here to stay. And while I never fully achieve that glorious “inbox zero,” I do agree with the principals behind it. I have given several classes on this subject, and while very few people have a true handle on their email, much of the problem is not making email a priority. Email is NOT a storage mechanism. It is a clearinghouse for information. Get as much out of your inbox as possible and it won’t seem so overwhelming. Continue reading…