Color Run Denver 2014 Happiest 5K
Aug 2014

Color Run Denver 2014

Note: Tickets to the event were provided by The Color Run but all photos, video and words are mine.

I had seen all the photos before, so I kind of knew what to expect. But actually doing The Color Run is much different than watching it online. We are lucky here in Denver to have so much sunshine, and there was an abundance of it on race day, which made the colored powder even more vibrant. While their web site doesn’t specifically state this, it is pretty well known that this tradition of tossing chalky colors in the air is borrowed from the Hindu festival of Holi, which seems like a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

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Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens at Night
Aug 2014

Chihuly At Denver Botanic Gardens – Night Time

When I attended the press event for the Denver Botanic Gardens premiere for Chihuly’s exhibit here in town, everyone kept saying to be sure to go back at night. That the light was completely different. That the glass looked totally different.

I went back recently with my pal Danielle for a little girl’s night out, and boy were they right.

We made it just as the sun was setting and had dinner at the new restaurant at the Monet water lily garden, Hive. The food was quite good, in the vein of upscale fast casual – although our service was quite bumpy. (If you call bumpy not very good at all.) However, we both agreed to give them another chance some other time since they had just opened and hopefully were just working out the kinks.

The main reason we were there – to see the glass at night – was definitely worth the trip. Not only does the glass look different, but the flora all around them in the shadows transform as well. We have been to the Gardens many times for Blossoms of Light, but all the lushness that is still here now during the summer was a welcome addition to the Chihuly pieces. Continue reading…

Michael Brown Ferguson
Aug 2014

Talking To My 11 Year Old Son About Ferguson

Our son will be 12 next month and for the most part, except for his premature beginnings, his life has been relatively stress free. As parents, we try to keep it that way, but we also feel it is our job to tell him about the world. We’ve always shared news at age appropriate levels. He’s known about September 11 since very early on, especially since his birthday is close to that date, but in general terms. His school has been great; talking about tragedy with increasing detail as his maturity grew.

However, we have been at a loss how to explain the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, this week. Yes, we told him what happened to Trayvon Martin. Yes, the legal system failed Trayvon as much as the vindictive racism of George Zimmerman. But in Ferguson, there are so many things I can’t even believe, how do I explain it to my kid? Continue reading…

Panic! At The Disco at KTCL Channel 93.3 Big Gig
Aug 2014

KTCL Big Gig Featuring Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, American Authors

Note: KTCL & AEG provided concert tickets but all photos and words are mine.

American Authors

Channel 93.3 is a big deal around Denver. They have launched the careers of many bands (most notably The Fray, but I could name a ton). When I was at Firefly recently and met the Unlikely Candidates, their first question for me and Monika when they found out we were from Denver was, “Oh, do you guys know Nerf?”

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World Is Silence One Voice
Aug 2014
13 Launches ONE Girls & Women

I’ve been pretty open that my childhood wasn’t the best. My mom tried her hardest, my dad did not. I was in a lot of crisis until my dad passed away when I was 11.

And yet, I lived in suburban Maryland. I had food, water, clothes. While we lived fairly modestly, especially after my father passed, we lived in an area of definite affluence, during the 1980′s – that decade of gratuitous greed. I was surrounded by all the things anyone could want, much less need. That was over 30 years ago. Even given all the progress in the world, there are still people everywhere that live in extreme poverty.

Ten years ago, musical hero Bono (now aided by Bob Geldolf of, yes, Band Aid) started an organization called ONE to battle this issue. Many people think that ONE raises funds for Africa. And while in some ways – indirectly – that is true, it’s primary function is advocacy across political borders to relieve poverty and disease, plus help awareness of a wide variety of critical issues that we all face. Continue reading…

Daniel Tiger Baby Sister Margaret
Aug 2014

Daniel Tiger is Getting a Baby Sister!

I have worked with PBS Kids for a long time. My kid is almost 12, so we are pretty much at the age of graduating out of their demographic, but here is the thing. Dex still loves watching their shows, and so do I. We also have our best friends’ son who is six, and just the other night he and I watched Peg + Cat together and giggled our booties off. PBS Kids is eternal.

I was lucky enough to become friends with and also work with the executive producer of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Angela Santomero before the show launched. I was there with her and my fellow PBS Kids ambassadors at the PBS Annual Meeting when the show was introduced to all the local stations, with an amazing mix of nostalgia for Mister Rogers and excitement for the future of his messages.

But now, the coolest thing ever!
There is a new chapter for Daniel, arriving on August 18th:
A BABY SISTER! Continue reading…

Higher Ground Music Festival with Barcelona
Aug 2014

Win Tickets to Higher Ground Music Festival

Note: Colorado Music Buzz is providing tickets for me and for the giveaway but all words are mine.

The great thing about summer is summer festivals. It also means that you see friends at concerts pretty much every week and you hear about all the cool things they have been up to. That’s what happened early in the season with Chris, one of the guys from Colorado Music Buzz, and he told me how they are taking this year’s Higher Ground Music Festival to a new level (pun intended). Continue reading…