Red Rocks Concerts
Oct 2015

Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov and Anderson East at Red Rocks

I continue to catch-up on an amazing summer of concerts at Red Rocks. Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov and Anderson East performed together in August with a little bit of rain and a lot of heart. I was excited to see Anderson East because I love his debut album, Delilah – it’s been on repeat for  months. Gregory Alan Isakov is from Colorado and I have seen him play several times, but never had the pleasure of photographing him. Such a joy and such a talented crew!

And Brandi Carlile, what can I say? What a lovely spirit. When she and her band came out, from the first minute until the end of the concert, you knew they were having as much fun as the crowd. I also love the mission of her Looking Out Foundation, which supports local philanthropic organizations around the country.

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Sep 2015

Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2015: Photos Day 3

As I keep plowing through my thousands upon thousands of photos from Denver’s Underground Music Showcase, I now have Day 3 ready to go. Saturday at the music festival is ALWAYS my favorite because of the SpokesBUZZ party. This non-profit does so many great things for the Colorado music scene, not the least of which is hosting a special day at UMS. They are a music incubator that helps train and launch bands in all areas of the music business. I love to support them, so Irish Rover became my second home.

My two big music discoveries that day were The Burroughs, a soulful group that were pretty much too big for the stage, both physically and musically (so we made sure to see them at the church later in the evening)… as well as Itchy-O, a bad-ass marching band that took over the unofficial Mutiny area between Broadway and Lincoln Streets. As with most things in life, Monika was already well aware of both these groups, and in fact – had she not grabbed me by the ear and pulled me into the street – I would have missed Itchy-O’s Rio De Janiero party atmosphere of giant monsters and flames right here in Denver.

Also in abundance (again) were appearances by violin player Josh Lee, who just this week won a long-fought immigration battle. If you saw “Free Josh Lee” t-shirts around any previous UMS, you know what I am talking about. We’re glad it’s all worked out so he can continue with his band Eldren, as well as sitting in with pretty much EVERYONE else in town.

Basically, Saturday at UMS was awesome. Well done, Denver bands!

The Burroughs

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Tech Tips for Families
Sep 2015

Family Tech Tips With AT&T’s Smart Limits

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by AT&T but all words and opinions are mine.

Our son Dex is about to turn 13, so we continue to slowly expand his freedoms on the phone. In the beginning, we had really strict policies about who he could text, but as he goes through middle school – he is gaining more casual friends that he wants to – and should be able to – communicate with on the regular.

But how do we allow him more wiggle room while still being protective? AT&T introduced me to their Smart Limits service and app… it’s been the perfect compromise for us.

Before that, how about a refresher on tech tips for families?

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Riot Fest Denver 2015
Sep 2015

Riot Fest 2015 in Denver, not Chicago or Toronto

Aimee Note: I have been trying to get Bryan to write more for this site, but it took Riot Fest to make it happen. Thank you, Riot Fest.

RIOT FEST. Even the name strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Well, not all parents. Cool parents bring their kids to Riot Fest and enjoy stellar punk, rock, ska, funk, and rap music together as it was in the beginning, as it always shall be, so say we all. Our youngling doesn’t want us pretending we are cool, so he opted out this year. He also had to get ready for a Minecraft tourney, and needed some extra time to practice being cool.

Young Girl enjoying Riot Fest Denver 2015

But that’s not the point. The point here is I had a blast at Riot Fest this year (and the last two years) in Denver, but I’m ticked that I’m not going to Chicago or Toronto. That would be KILLER!!! Next time, I want to get a big tour bus together to hit them all. If you haven’t seen Monika’s post about it, after you are done reading this, check her perspective out here. Or her other post of thoughts and reflections from it here.

From my perspective, things were punking amazing this year. From the new location at the National Western Complex, to the lineup, to all after-party events, this festival is stepping up their game. Continue reading…