Nov 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my *very* favorite holiday. It’s all about family, friends, food and remembering what we are thankful for.

THANK YOU for all your friendship and support. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Thanksgiving

Lumia Tablet For Seniors
Nov 2014

Setting Up a Tablet for The Seniors In Your Life

Let me just preface this with the fact that my aunt is just barely a “senior citizen” by age and she sure doesn’t act elderly (ha ha ha) but she has been retired for some time and has had health issues that have restricted her movements. Most times she uses a walker and sometimes uses a wheelchair… and her computer is on it’s last legs. Rather than replacing a desktop where she had to continually sit in one uncomfortable spot to use, I knew we had to get her a tablet.

I reached out to my friends at Microsoft Lumia and they loved the idea of helping Aunt Heidi out. I decided they should send the tablet to me, I would set it up, and then bring it to her when I was visiting recently. Again, let me say, for the sake of my Christmas presents, my aunt is certainly not stupid. She could have done all this herself. But in this time where technology moving so quickly, it was just so much easier for me to get it all ready for her and then spend our time together teaching her the tablet. And doing touristy stuff. Continue reading…

Kimbra - Concert - Denver
Nov 2014

Kimbra on the Golden Echo Tour: Concert Photos

The first time I saw Kimbra live, she was opening for Foster The People and I was blown away. Stunning voice, great stage presence, and she made all of Red Rocks fall in love with her.

When I saw that Kimbra was returning to Denver, to a small venue I had never even been in much less photographed (the Sherman Street Event Center), I clamored to be there. Seeing her in an intimate location made the show that much better. Kimbra is incredibly friendly and interactive with the crowd, and let’s not forget her incredible voice. After iI was done shooting, I pretty much just stood there with a few friends and marveled. In-cred-ible.

Well, to be fair. I stood there, until Kimbra got us dancing – like she had the whole crowd dancing.

And can we just talk about that killer reflective dress?

Kimbra - Concert Photos, Denver 2014 Continue reading…

ONE Aya Summit
Nov 2014

AYA Summit – ONE Campaign & ONE Girls + Women

Sometimes you attend a conference that fills you up with so many emotions, and so much knowledge, it takes you some time to process it. Such was the case for the first ever AYA Summit, held at Google’s Washington DC offices and hosted by the ONE Campaign along with their new initiative, ONE Girls & Women.

I had first heard of ONE about 10 years ago at an U2 concert with my close friend Marabeth. She and I went to college together and have seen U2 more times (together and apart) than I can count. Bono is a co-founder of ONE, and spoke passionately about the organization then, as he does about pretty much everything. But here is the thing, ONE has become a major advocacy group around the world, so it’s not just Bono’s voice – it’s all of ours – speaking out to fight poverty and disease.

Given my background in public health and cancer prevention for nearly 15 years, these issues are very important to me. I was honored to attend the AYA Summit with fellow bloggers from around the world, and meet people who are making such a difference in terms of health, economic stability, energy, human rights – particularly in Africa. As many of these problems affect women disproportionally, the majority in attendance and the majority of the focus was on female issues within the scope of global crisis.

“Aya” is a hardy west African fern, and the name was meant to represent the resilience and strength girls and women show during times of great stress. Continue reading…

Covenhove - Joel Van Horne - Colorado music
Nov 2014

Covenhoven, The Symphony Show & His Kickstarter

The collaboration here in Denver is amazing. Recently Joel Van Horne (who performs under the name Covenhoven) had a very special show at the Walnut Room that included openers Josh Dillard and Navy, as well as Megan Burtt and members of Sphere Ensemble symphony group playing with him. There was also a video shoot happening, so I can’t wait for that to be revealed as well.

The main point, of course, is the music. Joel is one of those songwriters who pierce your heart. Then you listen to him sing and it just feels like Colorado to me. Not sure what that means, exactly, but listen and you will understand. Continue reading…

Nov 2014

The Darkness of Diabetes

I have had diabetes for over twelve years now. Probably more, because they were pretty sure I had it for several years prior to diagnosis. The first ten years were a cakewalk. I only took a little bit of medicine and checked in with my doctor and really not much else. Then there was that time in my life when things got rough. I call them the Dark Years.

It was when my mom got sick and I got sick and other then that bad time in childhood with my dad, it was pretty much the worst period of my life. The good news is when you have a bad couple years, you appreciate the good ones so much more. After I spent nine months on my back with the ear infection my body didn’t bounce back easily. Part of this I know is age; when you’re over 40, things just take longer to heal. But it just seemed like my pancreas has decided it just wasn’t going to work anymore. So I was taking all kinds of different meds and lots of insulin. Continue reading…

Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Day 2
Nov 2014

Riot Fest 2014 Denver,
Day 2: Social Distortion, Taking Back Sunday, Strung Out (Concert Photos)

Saturday at Riot Fest 2014 was a long day. I had over 5,000 photos from that day alone, and The Cure didn’t allow any photographers in, so that would have been a few million more had I been able to shoot Robert Smith. Lots of hard choices and as I look through other reviews, it’s interesting how we all ended up seeing different bands. I would have loved to see every single one, because the lineup (just like Day One) was stellar.

Riot Fest 2014 / Denver / Day Two (Saturday):

Wiredogs • Pianos Become the Teeth • Larry And His Flask • Allout Helter • The Bots • Frnkiero And The Cellabration • Strung Out • Dum Dum Girls • We Came As Romans • Clutch • Baby Baby • Lucero • Glassjaw • Face To Face • Dads • Hot Snakes • Taking Back Sunday • Red City Radio • Descendents • The Used • City & Colour • Plaque Vendor • Social Distortion • Bring Me The Horizon • I Am The Avalanche • A Day To Remember • The Cure


Denver band, friends and general bad-asses. I love how Wiredogs can make really hard rock accessible for someone like me, although they will roll their eyes when they read that. It’s the truth, though. I like punk with musicality behind it, and also how lead singer Dan Aid somehow manages to sound British when he sings it.

Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Wiredogs

Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Wiredogs Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Wiredogs

Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Wiredogs Continue reading…