Hozier - Red Rocks Denver Concert Photos
Sep 2015

Hozier: Red Rocks Concert Photos

One of the best albums of 2014 was Hozier‘s self-titled debut. If it were vinyl, I would have worn it out by now. I missed him the first time he toured through Colorado, so I was determined to make this last summer 2015 date at Red Rocks.

As it’s been all summer out there, the weather was just perfect – warm and breezy… which was a challenge for Hozier’s hair, but not his voice. The man sounded just as good live as you imagined he would, and I will see him every time he visits Denver, amen.

Hozier - Red Rocks 2015
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PBS KIDS Arthur - Storm Shelter
Sep 2015

PBS KIDS Helps Families With Storm Preparedness

The weather has been crazy all over lately, right? Here in Denver we have had flash floods and tornadoes. Not just out on the plains – but in town! Luckily my son, at nearly 13, has an easy time understanding what to do.

How to we help the little ones, though? PBS KIDS to the rescue! Both Arthur and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will be airing new episodes on September 8th dealing with just this issue. (New episodes of preschool math series PEG + CAT will also premiere that week.)

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Sep 2015

My Body Sings Electric: Concert Photos from the Bluebird

The Denver music family really is a family. Recently, when My Body Sings Electric members Brandon and Nick jokingly started a Twitter fight (mostly about being in a van together for a long time), my response was to put them in online time-out. What these guys don’t realize is that it’s hard on us too when they tour because we don’t like to share.

So it was a packed house when MBSE returned to the Bluebird Theater recently, with also-awesome opening band Red Fox Run. Brandon had recently broken his foot (which had him wobbling in a boot), yet he still managed to jump around with the rest of the guys pretty well. The set list was a treat for long-time fans and included “Doctor,” “Step Into The Light,” as well as my two favorite songs back to back: “End of Summer” (which was used on a Kodak Times Square video) and “Oceancrest.” I like to pretend that was done for me.

But either way, you know a band loves you when you get the middle finger right into the camera.

My Body Sings Electric 2015

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Aug 2015

ParkerGames Interview at Super League Gaming in Denver

Do your kids play Minecraft? Of course they do. Every kid on the planet does, right? As a parent, I am super impressed with the game because of the creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration it inspires. Not to say I actually understand how it all works – but my 12 year old son Dex sure does. It’s pretty much what he did all summer, y’all.

And the Minecraft got even more organized when Super League Gaming came to Denver and held an event in our local movie theater. We got a taste of what the actual League is like (Fall registration open NOW for cities all over) when a bunch of kids and their parents set up on laptops and played various challenges against each other on the biggest gaming screen you have ever seen (yes, in the actual movie theater). Dex’s best game was 4th place, but he was more stoked to meet and interview the event’s special guest Parker, aka You Tube star ParkerGames.

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Aug 2015

Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2015: Photos Day 1 + 2

Every year the Denver Post throws a huge music party on South Broadway called the Underground Music Festival (UMS), and it takes almost a month to recover. 400+ bands, mostly local, at 20+ venues is probably more than a “party” – but when you see friends up and down the street all weekend long, I am not sure what else to call it.

The first two nights, Thursday and Friday, are usually a bit mellow (comparatively) – easing everyone into the hot mess that comes later. I kind of like these evenings better because you can actually breathe a little.

I always joke the UMS is the hardest among all the Denver music festivals to photograph. The venues are mostly bars, making the stages small,  the lighting dark and the crowds right in the thick of it. Not to mention the sheer volume of bands to see in a short timeframe… you always miss so many you wanted to get to. The converse is true as well – you also hear new music walking down the street – sometimes from the random guy just plucking his guitar for spare change.

I loved every band I got to see the first two nights, but I would have to say In The Whale stood out, as they do. The Broncos’ mascot Miles made a guest appearance, rocking out with Denver’s loudest duo and moshing into the crowd after confetti cannons covered everyone in orange.

Yup. Hell yeah, Denver rocks.

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Need To Breathe at Red Rocks 2015
Aug 2015

NEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot & Drew Holcomb at Red Rocks

We have been lucky at Red Rocks this summer; most nights have been breezy and warm. If it rained, it was light or happened earlier than showtime. The Tour de Compadres was no exception, and we were treated to gorgeous music with a crescent moon hanging back behind the crowd.

Up first was Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, a band who was new to me, but has been around since 2005. Drew has an amazing voice, while backed by an great group of musicians. They return to Denver in Spring 2016 and I hope to catch them again.

I unabashedly love Switchfoot and lead singer Jon Foreman is a definitely crowd-pleaser. He was all over the stage and then up into the risers, enticing everyone to wave back and forth with him in rhythm. (That’s quite a sight in a 10,000 person venue.) The whole band was having a blast, you could just tell.

NEEDTOBREATHE felt a bit more moody, with dark lights and a harder edge to their Christian rock. I had never seen them before and every single one are clearly talented musicians. With fantastic guitar, keyboard, drums and yes, harmonica, absolutely killing it… they again had all 10,000+ fans on their feet. (This show was beyond sold out.) Continue reading…