Confidence In My Smile
Oct 2014

Confidence In My Smile

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My first surgery on my teeth was at age eight. There was all this extra space and an excess of gums. At that time, dentists could put patients under anesthesia in the office so I don’t remember much about it. My second mouth surgery was in 6th grade and the doctor had received a letter just the week from insurance telling him no more in-office operations, which caused complete panic at the idea of being awake while they had another go at making my teeth grow in more normally. That was my first experience with nitrous oxide and my mom still talks about how hilarious I was while high.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work, either. I ended up with years of braces, retainers, bonding and my smile was still messed up. I had a huge gap between my two front teeth, which in retrospect is really unbelievable, given all the pain I went through. I finally got veneers to fix my smile, but I wish I had access to something like Invisalign because I would have been their perfect patient. Continue reading…

PBS Kids Odd Squad
Oct 2014

Coming Soon: Odd Squad on PBS Kids

Nerds unite. It’s “Get Smart” for 5-8 year olds with humor that both parents and kids can enjoy. I loved seeing a preview of Odd Squad earlier in the year at the PBS Annual Meeting, and even though my son is 12, he has still enjoyed the clips and games I have shown him after PBS Kids unveiled the website for the show. The show focuses on two young agents, Olive and Otto, who are part of “Odd Squad,” an agency whose mission is to save the day whenever something unusual happens in their town. But really – it’s all about learning and enjoying math.

There is also the tech whiz Oscar and Miss O, the team’s boss, who I personally think will steal the show pretty much all of the time. Ms. O is always barking orders and talking about how she’s “getting too young for this.” As you can see in the photo below, the kids are adorable – and the set is kid-sized to make everyone feel at home. Continue reading…

Roar Retreat Recap - Costa Rica Travel
Oct 2014

Roar Retreat Recap

The past two months have been full of travel, new experiences, learning… plus seeing old friends while making new ones. The event that brought me to Costa Rica was Roar Retreat, a social media conference for professional bloggers. The idea for ROAR was hatched by two clients over a year ago, because Andrea Fellman and Nadia Carriere loved how the best ideas happen in the halls between sessions. Their dream came to fruition last month when around 35 women traveled out of the country for intimate networking in a gorgeous location, the Westin Playa Conchal.

Personally, I vote for every conference to be held at all-inclusive resorts from now on, forever and ever, amen. Continue reading…

Funny Tweets of Twitter - October 2014
Oct 2014

Funny Tweets from October 2014

Here is the latest collection of fun (and funny) tweets from some of my favorite people on Twitter. Enjoy!

Continue reading…

Denver Zombie Crawl 2014 Photos
Oct 2014

Photos from 9th Denver Zombie Crawl 2014

I have missed the last few zombie crawls because of various other Halloween commitments. You know, Halloween – basically the most important holiday in our heathen household. It was a thrill to get back down to Skyline Park this year, not only because my friend Danny Newman is the founder of the event… but when 30,000+ people dress up as the undead to parade up and down the 16th Street Mall, it is a sight to behold. Continue reading…

Riot Fest Denver Concert Photos - Music Blog
Oct 2014

Riot Fest Denver, Day 1: Weezer, Flaming Lips (Concert Photos)

The second year of Riot Fest in Denver kicked on Friday evening and did not disappoint. As you may know, the town of Byers realized they were not cool enough to host such a great congregation of music and everything was moved to the city, to Sports Authority Field. Many of us were utterly thrilled not to have to drive out to that hell hole.

But in some ways, I will admit, that grassy, windy, dusty field in the middle of nowhere *did* give Riot Fest a special ambiance. A few swaths of grass turf and some hay bales really didn’t make Mile High Stadium feel like a farm, but I am glad they tried. Next year: 10 times the grass and 50 times the hay bales (that doubled as places for people to sit in the middle of a parking lot).

Other than the ambiance, Riot Fest felt like it got its act together. Whereas last year a lot of staff seemed to be running around in dazed confusion, this year they felt like a well-oiled machine. I don’t know if they were new people, second-year people, or more experienced people – it was a noticeable difference.

Which made the most important part of a music festival (the music) much easier to enjoy. Continue reading…

Strange Alien Lizard Creature from Costa Rica
Oct 2014

Jesus Christ Lizard (Green Basilisk) from Costa Rica

I have numerous photos of a wide variety of flowers from Costa Rica; the country is so incredibly diverse biologically speaking. We saw several interesting animals there, but none startled and amazed me as much as this bizarre alien looking lizard that darted out from under the trees and out *on to* the water.

I have been doing a bunch of googling since our stay at Tabacon Hot Springs, but it took me a while to find this fella. Technically they are called the “Green Basilisk Lizard” – like, for real, as in referring to the legendary monsters, – yes, like the one they kill in Harry Potter. They are commonly referred to the “Jesus Christ Lizard,” because – yes, they *actually* can walk on water. Crazy! Continue reading…