Denver Zombie Crawl 2014 Photos
Oct 2014

Photos from 9th Denver Zombie Crawl 2014

I have missed the last few zombie crawls because of various other Halloween commitments. You know, Halloween – basically the most important holiday in our heathen household. It was a thrill to get back down to Skyline Park this year, not only because my friend Danny Newman is the founder of the event… but when 30,000+ people dress up as the undead to parade up and down the 16th Street Mall, it is a sight to behold. Continue reading…

Riot Fest Denver Concert Photos - Music Blog
Oct 2014

Riot Fest Denver, Day 1: Weezer, Flaming Lips (Concert Photos)

The second year of Riot Fest in Denver kicked on Friday evening and did not disappoint. As you may know, the town of Byers realized they were not cool enough to host such a great congregation of music and everything was moved to the city, to Sports Authority Field. Many of us were utterly thrilled not to have to drive out to that hell hole.

But in some ways, I will admit, that grassy, windy, dusty field in the middle of nowhere *did* give Riot Fest a special ambiance. A few swaths of grass turf and some hay bales really didn’t make Mile High Stadium feel like a farm, but I am glad they tried. Next year: 10 times the grass and 50 times the hay bales (that doubled as places for people to sit in the middle of a parking lot).

Other than the ambiance, Riot Fest felt like it got its act together. Whereas last year a lot of staff seemed to be running around in dazed confusion, this year they felt like a well-oiled machine. I don’t know if they were new people, second-year people, or more experienced people – it was a noticeable difference.

Which made the most important part of a music festival (the music) much easier to enjoy. Continue reading…

Strange Alien Lizard Creature from Costa Rica
Oct 2014

Jesus Christ Lizard (Green Basilisk) from Costa Rica

I have numerous photos of a wide variety of flowers from Costa Rica; the country is so incredibly diverse biologically speaking. We saw several interesting animals there, but none startled and amazed me as much as this bizarre alien looking lizard that darted out from under the trees and out *on to* the water.

I have been doing a bunch of googling since our stay at Tabacon Hot Springs, but it took me a while to find this fella. Technically they are called the “Green Basilisk Lizard” – like, for real, as in referring to the legendary monsters, – yes, like the one they kill in Harry Potter. They are commonly referred to the “Jesus Christ Lizard,” because – yes, they *actually* can walk on water. Crazy! Continue reading…

Midge Ure - Concert Photos - Denver 2014
Oct 2014

Midge Ure in Concert at Soiled Dove

Do you remember where you were during Live Aid in 1985? I understand this dates me, but I was 15 and glued to the television. As much as it pained me, I was too young to attend the American concert in Philadelphia. But I knew who Midge Ure was even then. In fact, Ultravox‘s “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” remains a favorite song till this day. And, of course… OF COURSE… “Do They Know It Is Christmas?” is my all-time favorite holiday song. (Band Aid was co-formed by Midge Ure and Bob Geldof.) The idea of music bringing important messages around the globe is something that has inspired me, my entire life.

On top of his other talents, the man is a kick-ass photographer as well.

So when I saw that Midge Ure was playing a small stop in Denver from his festival tour with Howard Jones, I pretty much beat down their door asking to shoot the show.

The Soiled Dove is an intimate venue downstairs from a bar and restaurant in east Denver. I like attending shows there because the acoustics are great and there really is not a bad seat on the house. Such was the case for Midge Ure, where my friend Sam and I were one row up, able to see and hear perfectly. Continue reading…

Costa Rica Zipline
Oct 2014

Canopy Ziplining in Arenal, Costa Rica (video)

When we decided to visit the Guanacaste rainforest region of Costa Rica, pretty much the only thing I wanted to do was zipline. My best friend Danielle has been several times before and she speaks of the region with such reverence; I knew I needed to see it all from above. Even if I still had a lingering fear of heights.

We booked our canopy tour with Sky Adventures in Arenal Volcano Park, and they were completely professional (and fun!) from beginning to end. It was low-season, so there we not a ton of us on the tour – we ended up becoming friends with one of the couples, like, Facebook-official friends even.

The crew showed us how to zipline on two small cables that were about 10 feet off the ground. They let us practice, talked about all the safety procedures and personally, it relaxed me mucho for the big drop. Continue reading…

George Clinton concert photos Denver
Oct 2014

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Gothic Theatre

Note: George Clinton provided concert tickets but all words and photos are mine.

“What do you mean you have never seen P-Funk?” – is what my husband said when I told him we were going. Surprisingly, every time Bryan has seen George Clinton and his legendary band, Parliament Funkadelic, I have never been able to go. Which is a lot of unable-to-gos over the years. So when I finally got to see these guys, it was pretty magical. Doubly so since I was photographing it. A million times more if you count the fact that every one of them was hamming it up for the camera. I loved it! Continue reading…

Rambutan - red spiky fruit Costa Rica
Oct 2014

Mamón Chino (Costa Rican Rambutan)

One of the great things about travel is finding things you have never seen before, much less tasted. To be fair, we had a wonderful guide in Costa Rica by way of ex-pat Andrea Fellman and she basically ran off the road when she saw a Mamón Chino stand. I did some googling and this red spiky tropical fruit goes by many names, officially “Rambutan” and sometimes called “mamoncillo,” which is technically a cousin. In Costa Rica, Panama and elsewhere in Central America, it goes by “Mamón Chino” because it is an Asian fruit and that phrase literally means “Chinese sucker.” Continue reading…