Gary Clark Jr. - Denver Concert Photos
Apr 2016

Gary Clark Jr. and Black Pistol Fire – Denver Concert Photos

It always amazes me when a show is a jumble of opposites. Gary Clark Jr. returned to Denver this month, and he was ready to play his guitar. I knew he was good – but, damn. The man plays like crazy. And he was content to stand in the shadows on a really bare stage with his bandmates and just play. It made it harder for me to photograph him, but that’s OK. The music is what matters at a Gary Clark Jr. show. I really wish I had been able to see him at a smaller venue, and really absorbed the vibe. Alas, with the rocket ship of talent like this man, I am glad I got to see him at all.

But back to those opposites. Opening band Black Pistol Fire was certainly talented too, but the energy was through the roof and front man Kevin McKeown was all over the stage, and up on the drums, and in my face, and well, everywhere. Eric Owen wailed on the drums while I was blown away again how two people can fill a room with sound.

Blues and rock. High energy and mellow music. Basically, a killer night at a concert. Continue reading…

Lissie Concert Photos from Bluebird Denver
Apr 2016

Lissie Concert Photos From Bluebird Denver

I have a thing for female singers. I have loved Lissie since her most pop single “When I’m Alone” through the new album My Wild West. She is one of those voices that recording just doesn’t quite capture, so I also love seeing her live. From those beautiful recordings, you might think her concerts are really mellow, but they’re not. It’s a fantastic mix of her band rocking out, her singing her heart out, and quick little stories about life from Lissie herself.

The lady sings with an open mouth and open heart and I hope that never changes.

Denver Concert Photos of Lissie

Lissie - concert photos from Denver 2016 Continue reading…

X Ambassadors in Concert - Denver, CO
Apr 2016

X Ambassadors Concert Photos from Denver’s Ogden

Sometimes I feel guilty while photographing a band as one member dominates the camera. Such was the case with X Ambassadors recently, when Sam Harris was all over the stage and I had a hard time blast keeping up with him. The rest of the band was great to be sure, but all eyes were on the lead singer.

Opener Seinabo Sey was a bit of an odd choice in my opinion, but I am not complaining. This lady’s voice is impeccable and she was personable and compelling as she stood close to the microphone and just sang her heart out.

Speaking of beautiful music, X Ambassadors’ hit song “Unsteady” was just released as an orchestral remix for the movie Me Before You. Be sure to check that out. Continue reading…

The band Chairlift - Concert Photos from Denver
Apr 2016

The Band Chairlift at Denver’s Gothic Theater

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, otherwise known as American pop-duo Chairlift, visited the Gothic Theater recently and left a huge impression. Their most recognizable song, “Bruises,” is the kind of song that forces you bounce up and down while listening, but many of their songs have dark undertones as well. Caroline has a powerful voice that commands the room while Patrick mostly stays behind the scenes at his drums, with other members of their touring band. She was mesmerizing to watch as she flowed around the stage, incredibly long braid in tow.

The crowd was completely with them too. While the background on stage was pretty stark, the lights were dramatic, and the energy high. A lovely, lovely show.

Speaking of lovely – check out the band’s latest music video, “Crying In Public.”

Chairlift – Concert Photos from Denver

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Interview With the Band Foals
Apr 2016

Interview With Foals’ Walter Gervers

You know that song “Mountain At My Gates,” right? Even if you think you don’t, you do. Foals’ new album What Went Down has lots of great songs, but that one in particular is finally getting this decade-old English band some radio airplay. I was lucky enough to get on the phone with Foals bass player Walter Gervers this week before their upcoming concert at the Ogden Theatre.

Interview with Walter Gervers from the band Foals

I have heard Foals described in many ways… what style of music do you call it?
That is the hardest question we get asked, because we scavenge so many things from different styles. We’re definitely a rock band. But we can have heavy punk, and do a ballad, and we are all influenced by dance music too. I guess you could say we are a musical hamper (laughs). Continue reading…