Airplane Mode and The Outer Vibe - Concert Photos from Denver
Oct 2017

Airplane Mode and The Outer Vibe: Coming Home To Denver

Technically neither Airplane Mode nor The Outer Vibe are Denver bands, but we claim them. Dave Wiskus from Airplane Mode used to live in Colorado – we first met during that time – although he and his bandmates are now based in New York City.  And I met The Outer Vibe on Twitter but finally got together at a festival several years ago. Since then, they have played here often – we adopted them as well.

Both bands joined up at the Marquis Theatre this summer for a show that was full of friends and family. The Marquis is one of my favorite venues in Denver and not just because the bartenders know what kind of beer I like. It’s a small place that can hold a lot of people – or a lot of balloons, as in the case of Airplane Mode. Continue reading…

Interview with Anna Morsett of Denver's The Still Tide
Oct 2017

Interview with The Still Tide – Getting Ready For Red Bull Sound Select

Feature photo by George L. Blosser

As Denver’s music scene continues to grow, it’s always a pleasure to chat with people you have admired but never got a chance to meet. Case in point is Anna Morsett, who I did actually see and photograph when her band, The Still Tide, played at Treefort this year – but we didn’t really meet-meet. This week, we ended up hanging out on the phone for over an hour, and having quite a few laughs while I was supposed to be interviewing her about their upcoming appearance at a Red Bull Sound Select show.

Red Bull Sound Select

Have you heard about this program? They are in 18 cities with over 200 shows a year and highlight new music with the help of local curators. Tickets are discounted to support both the artist and the fans – RSVP here for Margaret Glaspy, Pearl Charles and The Still Tide at The Bluebird on October 20th.

Red Bull Sound Select - Denver Concerts Continue reading…

Photos from Denver Zombie Crawl 2017
Oct 2017

Photos from Denver Zombie Crawl 2017: Blood and Clowns

Denver Zombie Crawl returned to the Mile High City with a vengeance this year. Sure, since the date for the event was a bit earlier than normal there was perhaps a bit lighter attendance (not much), but our Colorado undead were no less enthusiastic. In fact, I would say the commitment to blood was over the top in 2017.

Not surprisingly, the costume we saw the most often was CLOWNS … and given my great fear of them, I hid behind my camera all day. Besides the clowns, I love how Zombie Crawls brings all the Denverites out. It’s such a diverse event that you can adapt for yourself. We go with our best friends and the kids, but later in the night head out adults-only for the after-parties.

It’s an awesome Colorado event that has something for everyone. Continue reading…

Colorado Wedding Portraits by Aimee Giese
Oct 2017

So Much Love: Amy + Nick Wedding Photos

I don’t often photograph weddings but when I do – it’s the most fun when it’s friends. Nick and Amy are half of a fantastic band in Fort Collins named Post Paradise and we have been going to their shows for years. I was honored to capture their special day – and what clearly is a special relationship between them, their family and friends.

Nick and Amy - Colorado Wedding Photos Continue reading…

Tulum Mexico Luxury Hotel
Oct 2017

Tulum Mexico Hotel – La Zebra: Luxury in the Heat

I just returned from Mexico and it’s exactly what I needed. Rest, relaxation, sun, great food, drink and, most importantly, friends.

The lovely Andrea was about to turn 40 years old and had a terrific idea. “How about I gather as many gals as possible from around the world to a beautiful beach?” I had been to Tulum several times before and it’s one of my favorite places in the world – and Andrea is one of my favorite people in the world – so, of course, the answer was a resounding yes.

Lucky for us, Andrea did the legwork for the trip and found our hotel in Mexico and took care of the logistics. We stayed at the gorgeous La Zebra, about 20 minutes from the ruins. It’s a small luxury hotel and restaurant right on the beach, where rooms have splash pools and beautiful views. (I spent most of the day alternating between the pool and the ocean … my idea of heaven.) Continue reading…