Nov 2005


Declan rarely has playdates – mainly because life is too crazy for us and our friends. But we made an effort tonight – and as these things always are, it was fun. It’s great that Declan is finally at the age where he will go off and play with his friends, and the adults get some conversation time too. We said about 50 times tonight that we needed to get together way more often. Think that might happen? If so, I have an investment opportunity that you cannot pass up.

We saw Oliver, who was in the mood to pose for me and I got about 15 shots equally adorable as this one:

And then there was Sophia… who has the curliest Shirley Temple hair. It ought to be illegal how cute this little girl is.

Declan and Sophia are talkers. So the conversations they have are amazingly funny. Tonight, several sponges (yes, as in cleaning supplies – remind me again why I buy expensive toys???) were their friends and they were taking them around and making them perform “Declan & Sophia’s Broadway Play, in Three Acts.”

My favorite part was when they were in the bathroom together… and Declan was showing Sophia where the towels were… and Sophia said to Declan in a hushed whisper, “you know a lot of things.” Yes, they are THAT cute.

Nov 2005

Future Picasso

Ok, so if you can’t brag on your own blog, where can you brag? Check out Declan’s tracing of his name and his interpretive drawings below. I like to call the big guy “Loopy Face With A Pipe” (we’ll get into tobacco prevention later) and the dude to the left is “Lightbulb Head.” Notice how he is giving props to several religions… with the Christian fish thing on the left and the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the right. Have I mentioned this child just turned 3 in September???

Nov 2005


An online mommy friend just had to put their dog down, and it made me very sad… especially when thinking of the day when our dog will join the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky. We have had our beloved Rio (yes, as in, “she dances on the sand”) for nearly 10 years, and she was 2 when we adopted her, and Chows usually live to around 12 years old. She is starting to have trouble getting up steps, getting into the truck, and just generally getting around.

Rio is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs on the planet. She turned me around actually – because I never was a “dog person” before meeting her. Some people recoil when they see that we have a Chow, but don’t get me started on my “there are no bad Chows, just owners who don’t know how to raise them to be sociable” speech. (Insert Bryan rolling his eyes.) And Rio is pretty much the best example of Chow out there… In fact, our homeowners insurance agent went to bat for her and got an exception to their (stupid) policy that will not cover Chows.

What is not to love?