Nov 2005


As I’ve mentioned, I take pottery classes every week. Love it. Although I do feel guilty sometimes for how much “Me time” I receive through it. I have been trying to encourage Bryan to do more of the same, but that is a story for another day.

I took pottery classes in college (I was one class shy of a double major in Fine Art) and loved it then. My aunt even gave me her kiln, which has been sitting in my garage for something like 8 years. I just got the gumption to get back into it about 2 years ago and go to a studio where they can keep all the supplies in stock for me, manage the kilns, teach me how to work the clay and generally keep all that dust out of my garage.

Last summer, there seemed to be nobody willing to come and sit next to me in class, so I essentially had private lessons. It was awesome. I got to know my teacher really well and we have become friends too. She is forcing me to go with her to see INXS with their new lead singer in January (she watched, I didn’t), which I must admit feels a bit like seeing the American Idol tour, but since I have loved INXS since my teen and my teacher is a hoot… what the heck, right?

I went through a period earlier this year when about 6 friends (and my sister) had babies… so I made baby name tiles like crazy. The one above was the hardest I made, carving all those circles out! The people at the studio laughed every week when I had a new design in hand to work on the next baby tile.

I love feeling like I am doing something creative, with my hands. At work, I rarely get to do creative work anymore, so pottery is a great outlet for me. It’s also cool to try different things, knowing the clay and the glaze have a mind of their own… they always turn out a bit differently than what I had in my head. But that’s the cool part.

Nov 2005

Hot Potato

A friend asked over the weekend what my favorite Halloween costume of all time was. I told her about how I loved the costumes my mom made for me growing up (she was super handy with needle and thread, a gene that did NOT flow into my veins)… Bozo the Clown, Cinderella, Peter Pan… and my all-time fave – Raggedy Ann. Complete with yarn wig that my mom made herself. And the bloomers were out of this world!

As for costumes I made for myself… my baked potato get-up was the best. Circa 1996-ish, and all hot glued together…. it was still pretty impressive.

Nov 2005

The Bad and the Good.

Allergy results:

– Aimee allergic to 2 kinds of trees.

– Declan allergic to 1 kind of kitty-cat.


That was the bad news (if you couldn’t tell). The good news is the Doc was not all over us to get rid of the cat. (Insert Aimee happy face). He wants us to vacuum Declan’s room up and down (good thing we got the Dyson Animal, huh?) every night for a week and start locking the cat out of his room forever and ever, amen. Dex goes back on Zyrtec once daily and Rhinocort sprays as well. We have another checkup in a month to see how things are going.

Doc also believes that Declan has very mild asthma and was on the fence about putting him on Singular. In the end, we decided not to since the Zyrtec was working so well for him this past month.

Looks like Fat Pussy (as Bryan calls him) just got a pardon.

Nov 2005

Wind Power

A friend who joined us for trick-or-treating was asking me if we were happy with Windsource, Colorado’s wind energy program. Can you say HELL YEAH!? This program allows you to sign up (and pay a little extra) for energy generated at Northern Colorado wind farms (if you have ever been up there, you know there is a butt-load of wind up there.) Apparently, Colorado has the largest volunteer program of this kind in the country. Proving that we are not as red state as some may believe. All I know is, it makes me blissfully happy to know that 100% of my electricity comes from a renewable source. (shhh… don’t tell anyone it really doesn’t cost that much).