Nov 2005

In the Home Stretch

I have a bad habit of overscheduling myself and this week was a killer.

Mon: babysitting
Tues: massage
Wed: evening playdate
Thurs: quick pit stop at the pottery studio and then a work dinner
Fri: party (more on that later)
Sat: workout, set up Declan’s new bed, dinner with best friends
Sun: take down Halloween decorations & put up Xmas lights, see Pride & Prejudice in the afternoon
Mon: appt with new diabetes doctor, which means fasting for blood tests in the AM. Yick.

What the fuck was I thinking?

Nov 2005

Meat & Potatoes Kind of Girl

I am pretty Plain Jane when it comes to food. Good German girl in that respect. Meat and potatoes, etc. My business partner always teases me that I think ketchup is spicy (she’s right). But sometimes I will be at a restaurant, see something adventurous and go for it. Last night I had “Canadian salmon with spiced red onion marmalade, quince brown butter, smashed sweet potatoes.” Holy shit, it was so good. I want to go back to the restaurant, call the chef in and make them fix it for me for breakfast. I almost went with my standard steak… but I decided to take a walk on the wild side. Yes, I realize salmon isn’t exactly c-r-a-z-y, but I am trying, OK???

Nov 2005

Old Soul

This morning, as I was dropping Declan at school, I ran into a good friend in the parking lot. I was holding Dex in my arms and she was telling me about something bad going on in her personal life. Normally, Declan would have interupted us about every other minute… but he just sat in my arms, head on my shoulder and toyed with my necklace for the 15 minutes that we talked. He wasn’t sick or tired… it was like he just knew she needed the emotional right-of-way at that moment.

I told you.

3-going on-40.

Nov 2005


Declan rarely has playdates – mainly because life is too crazy for us and our friends. But we made an effort tonight – and as these things always are, it was fun. It’s great that Declan is finally at the age where he will go off and play with his friends, and the adults get some conversation time too. We said about 50 times tonight that we needed to get together way more often. Think that might happen? If so, I have an investment opportunity that you cannot pass up.

We saw Oliver, who was in the mood to pose for me and I got about 15 shots equally adorable as this one:

And then there was Sophia… who has the curliest Shirley Temple hair. It ought to be illegal how cute this little girl is.

Declan and Sophia are talkers. So the conversations they have are amazingly funny. Tonight, several sponges (yes, as in cleaning supplies – remind me again why I buy expensive toys???) were their friends and they were taking them around and making them perform “Declan & Sophia’s Broadway Play, in Three Acts.”

My favorite part was when they were in the bathroom together… and Declan was showing Sophia where the towels were… and Sophia said to Declan in a hushed whisper, “you know a lot of things.” Yes, they are THAT cute.