Filch It Friday: Whoorl Hair Thursday

My good friend Simply Nutmeg has had a genius-level brainstorm. You know how we’re all awesome? And how there are times we really want to steal each other’s post but aren’t sure if we should? Well, she has devised Filch It Friday to make it legal for us to do so. And I am so honored she chose me to filch from for her first go ’round. Of course, in true Meg style, she wrote a post that was way better than mine ever was, or could be. Smooches, Meg.

As for my filching I know there will be no improving on the original. If you haven’t been paying attention, Whoorl does hair make-overs every Thursday and she borders on being a hair savant. She is crazy good at this and I don’t understand why TLC doesn’t call her up and put her pretty face right there next to Stacie, Clinton and Carmandie. Is that show still on? It should be cause they rock! (Yeah, let’s not forget I am cable-less, which makes my references somewhat dated. I can’t tell you how many emails I received after the Rob Lowe/Snow White incident where no one knew what the hell I was talking about).

OK. Err. Right. Back to Filching Whoorl Hair Thursday.

Here is me.

Aimee’s hair:
– is of a fine texture, but has lots of it (usually has to have a bunch of texturizing for this style)
– is very straight and soft
– she is very happy with the color
– she is open to going shorter or longer, just not long-long (it all breaks off)
– she is open to bangs
– will not use a curling iron or curling aparati, but is kick-ass with a brush and hairdryer
– hair will not take a perm, it’s a waste of money

Here’s the thing. I am ready for a change. I have had this longer in the front, shorter in the back bob for quite a while and I am bored. More so, I am sick of the pointy slab in front turning into a weird curl when it gets longer (it is starting to show itself in the pic above).

About 8 years ago, I had the Gwyneth Paltrow Sliding Doors cut and really liked it, except I was 40 pounds heavier (that was prior to the diabetes diagnosis) and I didn’t like how fat my neck looked in the back. I would post pictures of it, but didn’t I just say I was 40 pounds heavier??? Don’t you ever listen??? So, just in general, let’s all remember even with the weight loss, I am still a big German girl with big German bones and while I love the short cuts, I am still not sure I could carry off a pixie cut with the adorableness that Susan from Friday Playdate does.

I also can carry bangs well, and another way I have considered going more shoulder length with layers and bangs.

Basically any advice, links, photos and all around Whoorlness would be most appreciated!

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P.S. Don’t forget to do your own filching and let Nutmeg know about it!


UPDATE: Apparently you all want me to leave my hair exactly as it is. WAAAAHHH! Except the people sending me emails with photo ideas for styles. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order), thoughts?

AND! I was just over in Bryan’s cube and noticed an old photo of me with bangs.

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    WELL fuck.


  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    …I’m thinking Bryan slipped Whoorl a $20.

    And LOL MB!!! A great way to make me look MORE manly!

  3. Tree

    Honestly, I really like your current ‘do as it is very flattering, professional and lovely. Your hair looks healthy and pretty.

    That said, I have very similar hair – fine, but lots of it, it does the same curly thing when it gets longer. I know what it a pain it is when I grow mine longer (or attempt to grow longer). Maybe to change it up, you could go with a few bangs with a revamp of the current?

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    hmm, that’s an idea Tree.

  5. Gwen

    I remember your hair in many different lengths and colors and I think the style now is the most flattering you’ve had…
    What about throwing highlights in there for a spring pick-me-up?

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    you guys are killing me!!!!

  7. Gretchen

    How about a few highlights instead of a cut? I’m trying to figure out what’s ‘wrong’ with your cut now.

    See how much help I am?

  8. AB

    I like your current hair cut too but I hear you. I too am getting ready to change it up a bit. I have the SAME hair as you do. Fine, straight, a lot of it, same natural color (haven’t colored it for YEARS) and won’t take a perm. Layers just look like a crappy cut in my hair. I am thinking of doing a more drastic inverted bob this time.

    And the Rob Lowe/Snow White video? *shuddering in horror* and back in 1989? WHAT was he THINKING? I still think he is one of the hottest guys out there. Love his mischievous grin. I love it when he plays the bad boy – Bad Influence, Masquerade, and of course the older 80’s stuff, St. Elmo’s Fire was my fav.

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Gretchen, nothing is wrong (if I say so myself, ha!), I’m just bored. I’ve had this cut for a looooong time.

  10. Anonymous

    why not try the pixie cut??

  11. jenB

    a little longer with bangs? i like the bangs right now. bangs are the shit. next year tho, bangs could be bad. I Trust in Whoorl

  12. jenB

    we might be killing you, but we love!

  13. Anonymous

    Ok that very last picture you posted of you with bangs? That is IT. Whats old is new again. I voted longer w/bangs, but a little shorter with bangs would be good too. Bangs, do the BANGS.

    btw – I’ve had the same version of my current hair for over 9 years. Varying length bobs with bangs. Talk about boring!

  14. Anonymous

    btw – the previous anonymous comment was from me. for some reason it wouldn’t post using Name/URL from monstergirlee

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous at 12:26 is MG.

  16. Angella

    I think you look great.

    I think the bangs were cute, but I am biased. If I were to try bangs, I would look like a poodle.

    I have bang envy.

    Looking forward to the “after” shots

  17. Gretchen

    Aimee – See when I am ‘bored’ I reach for the color, versus a cut… That’s why I’m a redhead now…

  18. whoorl

    In my humble opinion, I absolutely LOVE your current bob with no bangs.

    That being said, you have such lovely hair, you probably could pull off any of these options. (But I REALLY LOVE THE ONE LENGTH BOB. Just sayin’.)

  19. MB

    how about a mullet? this coming from the HAIR champion of the midwest!

  20. whoorl

    (I knew you were going to hate that.)

    But, it REALLY suits you. If I had I chin-length bob, I would want it to look like yours.

    Other options: if you decide to go longer (shoulder-length or more), I would suggest adding piecey bangs (ala Reese Witherspoon).

    I would love to see a photo of the shorter hair…

  21. MB

    oh, and I forgot to say nice CLEAVAGE! ūüôā

  22. nutmeg

    I’m with Whoorl and Bryan! You rock as is!

  23. Abi Jones

    I have to admit that I saw your hair and instantly wished that I could pull off a sleek bob. Also, thanks for making me laugh with the term ‘curling aparati’

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Gretchen, you are a REDHEAD??? I NEED PICTURES!!! OOOH LAA LAAA!

  25. Sizzle

    You look great with bangs. I’m all for 1 or 6. Shake it up baby!

  26. AB

    Ooooh! Your look good with bangs! My hair won’t do bangs. Cowlick doesn’t permit it. That last pick was a cute style. Why not go back to something similar to that?

  27. Jen

    My vote is for #6, simply because that was the exact picture I took in with me to the salon h last time. And you’ve commented TWICE on my Flickr pics about wanting to steal the look, so DO IT! But be sure to keep the bangs a little longer than mine. That’s my only regret about the cut.

  28. TxGambit

    I think we have the same trouble with hair. Fine but a lot of it, breaks if it gets too long. Perms are a waste of time and money, etc. I have had the same hair style pretty much since birth.

    With that said, I LOOOVE the older pic of you! That is a great cut and looks so flattering on you.

    But, whatever you decide, I am sure you will be fab!

  29. Ashmystir

    ala Sinead O’connor? 8P

    Actually I love you do and wish I could pull it off.

  30. zenrain

    I kinda like #6, too…and i LOVE the color you have right now….so i’d leave that…i’m looking for a new style as well, and love the audrey tatou #2, but i don’t know about the bangs on me….

  31. Rhiannon

    I am voting short hair, with bangs. Because that is what I have. And, it is awesome.

    That is all.

  32. Kelly

    I’m so with you, Amy! I get really bored with my hair if I don’t change it up sometimes! Of those update pictures you posted, I LOVE #3! I love your hair as it is now, but I think that cut would be VERY cute on you!! Good luck with your decision! The great thing is you can always change your mind and grow it again!

  33. nutmeg

    heck out the lady in this goya video. What do you rhink? I just saw her on a commercial!

  34. The Cole Mine

    I love your current hair…Now me, I could use a mommy makeover baby.

  35. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I totally should have posted Jen’s photos too. I do covet her hair.

    Will it work to being all these pics to the hairdresser and say, “YES.”

    Probably not.

    And I do think I am OK with going short because my hair grows fast, so it’s not like it’s forever, right. The appt is next week.

    Thanks for all the feedback, peeps.

  36. Kathy

    The bangs work with the glasses, but as a glasses girl, too, I’m biased.

  37. Anonymous

    go for it!

  38. carrie

    I too, love your current hair. Maybe a new color and a leettle teeny tiny trim would freshen it up for you?

    It’s gorgeous.

  39. Mitch McBald

    Hey get over yourself. At least you have hair to style. Stop rubbing it in. Some of us less folically enriched might not want to read about it. ūüôā

  40. Flower Child

    I like #1 – Cameron Diaz

  41. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Mitch, bald is beautiful dude!~

    And Flower Child, #1 is Ellen Barkin, who is old enough to be Cameron Diaz’s mother. Which cracks me up cause Cameron Diaz annoys the poop out of me.

    Also, Jen has graciously agreed to send some pics of her haircut to me. I am thinking somewhat hers, with maybe some 2, 4 and 6 (the cut hers was based on) mixed in.

  42. Sarah O.

    I tagged you! See my Friday entry.

    Also, I like you without bangs because it shows off your eyes and balances out your face. You’re one of the lucky ones – your face’s balance is perfect as is.

    If you really want to change it, let it grow a little and see how that does. Then you could always tuck that part that’s always in your face (your words!) behind your ear.

  43. secret agent mama

    I do love a good pixie, and I think -if anyone- you can pull it off!

  44. Mollyfa

    I like photos 1, 2, and 6. You would look awesome in any of those. Give the bangs a go. You can always grow them out again. What the hey!

  45. mamagnome

    I am with anonymous! The last shot with the bangs is hot!

  46. Heather B.

    Ha. Who said ‘nice cleavage’??

    I like you with bangs. Just my humble opinion. Honestly don’t take hair advice from me. I have a difficult time washing my hair regularly let alone doing something ‘new’ with it.

  47. mel...

    Curious to see what you go for. I’m going in for a big cut in the next few months (donating 10″ to Locks of Love) and have similar hair to what you’ve described as well as the German heritage. Oh, and I’ve not had bangs since the 7th grade, but maybe now is the time to try?

  48. Andie

    I think you would look cute with the sienna miller cut.
    I’m a fan of short hair, though.

  49. geeky

    I have to say I love the current style, but I may be a tad biased because, uhm, I have the same cut! Ha. Same hair type too. My hair even does that same annoying curl thing when it gets too long, which it is RIGHT. NOW.

  50. 180/360

    Filching? How funny- I just did the same thing with Whoorl on my last post!!! It was more of a joke though.

    I think your hair looks great the way it is now, but if you have the stones, you should just try one of those shorter styles. It will always grow back!

  51. kat

    okay i’m sorry. but i love it the way it is.

    but what if you grew it out a bit with some light layers? i don’t know!! gosh. seriously though. youhave like super perfect shiny hair.

    i think you should just consider being a hair model and call it a day.

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