303 Day - Denver Local Music

Happy 303 Day 2021!

As Denver locals know, we usually celebrate March 3rd as “303 Day” – which is the primary area code of Denver. It seems like just a minute ago that it was last 303 Day and we all definitely have not seen many concerts in the past year, right? Previously, I have highlighted a huge list of local music, and please go back to revisit those terrific artists.

But this year, I would like to focus on three local bands who are among my very favorites, both personally and musically – and they all have stuff for me to share.

Also, Channel 93.3 is having a small shindig over at the Source today with social distancing intact, and live streaming local music this afternoon. Even better, catch DJ Alf on Sunday evenings for the Locals Only show. Looking forward to the after-times, but until then – we can still support our local faves as best we can.


303 Day - Denver Local Music - CITRA
I was lucky to be the first to chat with this then-new band in 2016 and I think I have been to almost every single show since. They recently did a virtual show from the Armory and released the insane new single, “R.Y.F.F. – Rock Your Fucking Face.”

My Body Sings Electric

303 Day - Denver Local Music - My Body Sings Electric
You can look back through my many posts about this band, listen to my interview on their podcast, or watch my drunk live tweets from their March 30th now sold-out show at Globe Hall. For the record, there were very limited tickets being sold, and we’ll have to dance in out seats at our tables to maintain COVID rules. But forever and always, “Oceancrest” is my fave MBSE song.

In The Whale

303 Day - Denver Local Music - In The Whale
Besides being the most rockin’ two-man band in Colorado, In The Whale are pretty fun and – don’t tell anyone I said this – really nice dudes. Check out my past posts about them and see if you can grab tickets for their upcoming concert at The Oriental on April 9th (there will also be limited tickets sold for social distancing). ITW have a new single, “Jeffrey,” dropping on March 19th so that is definitely something to look forward to. In the meantime, here is one of my faves from 2018, “Teeth.”

Colorado Band Playlist

I’m also always adding to this gigantic playlist of current and former Colorado bands. It’s now over 1,600 songs! Play on repeat and experience all the fun our local music scene has to offer. Happy 303 Day!

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