The Midnight - Denver Concert Photos - Gothic Theatre

The Midnight at Gothic Denver

Since bands were trying to get some shows in this year, I am guessing that’s why we had some bands playing two shows at some venues, whereas they normally would have been in much larger spots. Such was the case with The Midnight at the Gothic Theatre… so we were treated to seeing them in a smallish place for such a popular band. As someone born in 1970, The Midnight’s heavily 80s feel is at times highly nostalgic for me – but they still pull off a fresh vibe. And for this series of shows, Tim McEwan played the drums for a change of pace – while singer Tyler Lyle was joined by Royce Whittaker, Lelia Broussard and Jesse Molloy up front.

The Midnight (hopefully, thanks Omicron) will continue their tour in March 2022 here in the US and then on to Europe. Catch this fun group when you can!

The Midnight – Denver Concert Photos

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