4 Incredibly Awesome Things

1. I got in the mood to paint last night.
I haven’t been in the mood to paint in like 7 years. I used to paint all the time. I hope the trend continues. Oh, and by the title of this post, I am in no way implying that the actual paintings are awesome. They are just OK. I feel kind of lame even posting them, but I knew you would ask if I didn’t, because you are cool like that. I am just happy to feel all creative again lately. It’s seriously fun. And now that we’ve refinished the basement, I have nowhere to paint, so painting on the kitchen floor with a lamp and a tarp made me feel all bohemian and back-in-college-like – so that’s pretty awesome too.

2. The camera that took the photos above is new and totally wicked.
And technically owned by my company, but since I am the main photographer at work, I sent a bitchy email around to the crew yesterday telling them to keep their slimy paws off my new Canon EOS 40D. I’ll give you a minute to drool and writhe in jealousy. I still need to actually read the owner’s manual, but OH-MY-GOD, THIS THING KICKS ASS.

3. The Greeblemonkey CDs are ready to ship!
Gimme those addresses, ladies. (Also, sidenote. I probably should paint more in Photoshop too. Less mess.)

Monsters and Angels … by Voice of the Beehive
As… by Stevie Wonder
The New Love Song… by Joshua James
Taillights Fade… by Buffalo Tom
4 In the Morning… by Gwen Stefani
Four Winds… by Bright Eyes
A Good Idea… by Sugar
Black Coffee In Bed… by Squeeze
Walking Away… by Craig David
Chorus… by Erasure
Bomb The World… by Michael Franti & Spearhead
Hate to Say I Told You So… by The Hives
You’re the Only One… by Maria Mena
O. Lover… by Jason Mraz
Alone… by Susan Tedeschi
Side… by Travis
Town Called Malice… by The Jam
The Seed (Live)… by The Roots
November Days… by The Origin

4. My kid sleeps with his ass in the air.
And I am not that caring, sensitive mom who would never throw a flash off in a pitch dark room while a child is sleeping. This is important stuff to capture here, people! His ass. is. in. the. air! He’ll thank me later, I am sure. This photo is also a testament to the awesomeness of the new 40D – because the room was literally pitch black when I took this picture.

Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend.


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful for my love of music. It has gotten me through some really low periods in my life as well as helping me enjoy the highs. Music rocks!

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    Your flower paintings are very Maud Lewis. I’d pay money for them and hang them in my house

  2. Tree

    I am so happy that the creative you is flourishing. I have very little creativity in my body and am in awe of those who have it in abundance.

    Miss J sleeps with her arse in the air and I love it.

  3. Gretchen

    Very nice paintings. Isn’t it nice when you’re ‘in the mood’?

    As an aside, I finally created my etsy webpage. Now I just need to put some stuff on there…

  4. J at www.jellyjules.com

    Wow…love the paintings, and that you love painting. I wish I could paint.

    That camera is totally sponge worthy.

    My daughter used to sleep with her ass in the air, too. Very cute. 🙂

  5. Smiler

    Hi Aimee! Well, it seems like we have at least TWO things in common now. There’s the “overposting” as you say, and the graphic design thing.

    1. I haven’t painted in an awful long time too and I do love when when I get into it(I’m still trying to get back into drawing and totally blocked). It really does feel amazing when you get an urge like that, good for you! 🙂

    2. I had a Canon Rebel through my job, but had to give it back (I’m on extended sick leave – will tell you why eventually). But yeah, this one looks like it kicks ass.

    3. I don’t have kids, though my cat aka “Fritz” is pretty well my little guy and I do dote on him.

    4.I love music to, though I have to admit that what really gets me through the rough patches is… you guess it! Blogging. Ha!

    That’s it. I’m putting you on my blogroll whether you like it or not. I think you’ll be in good company there. 🙂

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wow, thanks all very much!

    And welcome JellyJules!

    Crabapple, as a former winner you would know, HA! 😉 But yeah, 4 in the Morning is just awesome. I love the lyrics and the feeling of it – just all around awesome. And I have heard that Gwen said it’s her fave sone on the new album too. And Town Called Malice – just once of those songs you ALWAYS want to bop along too.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    P.S. Smiler, we posted at the same time – you are too sweet! You totally made my day!

  8. TX Poppet

    Wait. You’re telling me you got that adorable photo of the baby in a dark room with no flash? Amazing! And totally frame worthy.

  9. Amber

    Ahhh, a picture after my own heart. Or butt….

  10. Sue at nobaddays

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool of my chin. Got to get a new camera.

  11. Colleen

    Love that tushy shot… and that camera. Wow.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    TX, it did have a flash. I will own up to that!But the room was pitch black and the camera was able to focus and flash off and still come out with a reasonable photo with zero available light to do it. 🙂

  13. JamesMommy

    New reader here. When do kids grow out of sleeping like that? I had a huge light bulb go off in my head while watching my little guy sleep like that….”Ohhhh! That’s why they call it the child’s pose.” All I know, is that I’m far too fat for that to be even remotely comfortable.

  14. Mamma

    Damn you totally have it going on right now. The paintings are great, the camera? I’m green with envy. And the butt? Don’t you love when they do that? The last little baby things to go away.

  15. Andie

    your paintings are nice! I like the color combinations in those.

    I can’t paint. I can sort-of draw bubbly things and cartoonish pictures. my creativity comes in the form of words and photographs.

    and color me jealous of that 40D. I totally want one. My husband said no new camera until the Rebel I have is so obsolete I can’t use it anymore. POO.

  16. g-man

    I wish I could paint. Glad you are groovin’ on your new Rebel. I’m sure Dex will appreciate that picture.

  17. Nicole

    I am so jealous of your camera! I bought my 30D (also awesome) right before the new one came out! I should have waited…


  18. ali


  19. Nancy

    Don’t you find the arts a perfect diversion?
    music, paint, dancing … doesn’t matter if you can, it matters that you do.

  20. Anonymous

    LOL Boogie sleeps like that too, it’s so funny.

    And drooooooooool for the new camera! I have the Rebel XTi and I adore it…. my husband calls it my second child!

    Evil Pink Cupcake

  21. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    All you newcomers are rockin’ my world! Thanks for your kind comments… and bwaa haa haa on the jealousy over the camera.

    Melissa, I am thrilled to see you back after your big move! I have missed you! And “the 40D makes my uterus ache” totally cracked my shit up.

  22. Nat

    Creative moments are fun. 🙂

    I am so with you. I sooo would have taken the butt shot too.

  23. scalder

    What’s this CD you are sending? The songs sound great. I too have been busy this year making various song lists…

  24. crabapple

    I love 4 in the morning…and Town called Malice. Awesome song choices, as usual. Your son–what a cutie. Does he know how cute he is?

  25. nutmeg

    Nathan is drooling all over your camera. Finn sleeps with his heinie in the air too. So precious! I sleep that way too when I have gas.

  26. Keely

    I’m going nuts over that camera. I’m adding it to my wishlist. My VERY LONG wishlist. I’ve been good, I think I deserve it all. 🙂

  27. soccer mom in denial

    AHHHHHH I missed the CD give away AGAIN!! Grrrr….

    I love your paintings. They remind me of the terrific children’s book by Peter R. Reynolds ish.

    And I am drooling over your camera. Can I work for you?

  28. Joey

    I’m drooling on your camera even if it is company owned.


  29. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Scalder… I do a Mix CD giveaway the 1st day over every month! Stop by December 1st! 🙂

    Kelly – it’s funny that you mention that because usually my painting are of people with big eyes.

    Meg… you are seriously one of my favoritist people in the whole wide world.

  30. Chantelle

    Beautiful paintings.
    And my child also sleeps with his ass in the air. Too cute.

  31. Bernard


    I’m sure you’re just going to love that camera. I’ve had my XTi for several months and I’m still learning how to use it properly. It’s also teaching me more about how to use Paint Shop Pro!

  32. Nora Bee

    Oh, my baby totally sleeps with his ass in the air too. Hilarious! And, go, music, go!

  33. Melissa

    OMG – the 40D makes my uterus ache. I have a 20D. I am like, sooooo 2004. Ugh.

    LOVE the paintings. More!!! I paint and as soon as my crazy-ass life settles down, I will have something to show for proof. Honest!

  34. Pammer

    A Squeeze reference and hilarious ass-in-air pic? A great Friday indeed.

  35. merrymishaps

    Nice ass shot. That’ll be a good one to show his first date.

    I like your artwork, too!

    I’ve been thinking it’s about time to get myself a DSLR … I’m torn, though. I know the Canons are awesome … but I have a Sony credit card and have enough points to get one free, plus it’ll work with all the lenses I have for my old (broken) SLR …

  36. Anne

    I adore your painting, Aimee. You are super talented… super cool.

  37. Jenn

    I love those paintings. I’m a huge fan of green. They’re colorful and bright! I’d definitely buy those haha.

    Oh..and I found you through NaBloYoYo 🙂 Thanks for friending me.

  38. Becky

    I love the picture of your son with his butt in the air. Kids look hilarious when they’re sleeping.

  39. alejna

    Sweet camera!

    And the photo of your kid is really funny. I agree that it was important to document.

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  41. Kelly O

    My friends and I used to have parties where we’d paint. The best one was when we painted our pets in the big-eyed style of the 60s. It’s good to let to of your ego and notions of quality and just paint, yeah?

  42. Michelle

    My daughter used to sleep liike that. We used to call her our little frijole because she just looked like a tiny bean.

    Dig the paintings. That looks like too much fun.

    I’m glad you don’t mind me drooling over the camera. Mine recently broke and I’ve been researching cameras, and yours came up as among the best.

  43. boogiemum (www.boogiemum.com)

    Hey! We got two of the same things- the camera (wait-ours is the 30D) and a kid with the same jammies who sleeps with his ass in the air. 🙂 Great minds think alike…

    Love your paintings!

  44. painted maypole

    love the paintings. I know the joy of creativity. good for you!

  45. Linda

    Ass in the air sleeping – too cute~! When my kids were babies we used to call “bottom tower.”

    Don’t know why you needed to know that, but there it is. 🙂

  46. Tina Vaziri

    Love your photos! And super cute paintings! I’m going to have fun browsing you blog.

  47. The Lisa Show

    The LCD’s too soft. At least mine is. I’m both incredibly nervous and ticked off. The 40D’s supposed to have the best LCD of ’em all. Is it just mine? I showed it to a friend who’s a pro photographer, and he tested it. Everything’s fine but the damn LCD. Soft, and the colors are off. How’s yours?

  48. Mrs. Chicken

    Oh my God I LOVE those!!!! They would totally match my kitchen. Etsy? Etsy!

  49. January

    I like the flower paintings. I have a few bohemian art projects around the house myself.

    And both of my kids sleep with their backsides in the air. I think they get it from their father.


  50. Amy

    The paintings are adorable and you should show them off. The camera is worthy of much envy. Mostly from me. I wish I would have known about you and your cd contest but alas I am a newbie. Ass in the air is adorable. I am all for flash in the face (or ass as the case may be) while sleeping shots. Have quite a few of them myself.

  51. Joanne

    OMG! That camera does rock! We have the 30D and one of the things I wish it had was the ability to also take pictures looking through the LCD. I am soooo jealous!

    Ha ha-my word verification is qagme which at a quick glance looked like gag me.

  52. Kasama S.

    Wow! I didn’t know this was a stage of life. They should totally cover it in the baby books. It used to freak me out all the time to see my baby sleep with her ass in the air.
    Your blog is so cool, your pictures, etc etc etc. I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to make all of these discoveries.

  53. Anna

    Love your artwork! And LOVE that you have a 40D to use, tell me more! Maybe a whole post about giving thanks for it! Your photo geek readers will thank you. 🙂

  54. marty

    I LOVE that you took a picture with your son’s ass in the air.

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