5 airports in 7 days

That’s right, this week I will be leaving from DIA and going to National (because I cannot bring myself to call it Reagan), BWI, O’Hare, Midway and then back to DIA.

My business partner and I are heading to DC today for an awards ceremony on Capital Hill tomorrow. We have received the Tibbets award for the type of funding that we get, and somehow in the middle of it, we will be visiting with Ken Salazar, our favorite Senator from Colorado. Not entirely sure what we’ll say to Ken (if Ken does indeed show up to the meeting), but I hope to at least get a photo opp out of it.

And then I see my family for a day and head to Chicago for a girls weekend with a bunch of ladies that I have known for nearly 5 years but have never met in person.

Hopefully I will be able to post of our adventures all this week – but if not, that will only be more excitement for my grand homecoming next Sunday. I am going to miss my boys something fierce.

Have a great week!

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