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A Real Superhero is Coming To Denver Comic Con

Note: Denver Comic Con has provided my family with passes and Grayson’s photo but words are mine.

There has been a real shift in our family entertainment this year. It’s not just us telling Dex about cool stuff coming to town, he is noticing it happening around him and requesting to go.

Case in point is Denver Comic Con, which runs June 13-15 at the Denver Convention Center. Of course I have heard of it before. Let’s face it, we’re nerds (and proud of it). The timing just never worked out. But when your graphic-novel loving, Dr. Who-vian, Minecraft-obsessed kid asks about Comic Con, you put it on the calendar.

Grayson Bruce - Denver Comic ConI am thrilled to see a bunch of Star Trek faves will be there like William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton (fresh off that amazing Kickstarter win for Reading Rainbow). There will also be really great voice actors, comic book artists and… YES. My son’s head exploded when it was announced that Karen Gillan, aka Dr. Who’s Amy Pond would also be in attendance.

One thing makes events like this special is the come-as-you-are attitude. My husband and son have been thinking about their costumes for weeks. I can’t wait to see what they, and all the other folks, come up with.

But what if your town or school didn’t support your choice to wear something you loved? That’s exactly what happened to Grayson Bruce, who loves My Little Pony and had a backpack to prove it. His school suspended him because the backpack was a “trigger” for bullying, inciting a national discussion and an enthusiastic Facebook page in support of Grayson. Eventually the school administrators relented, and Grayson was welcomed back – with his My Little Pony backpack. Thank goodness.

Grayson will participate in panels at DCC, talking to kids directly about bullying. Topics will range from overcoming general adversity to what it’s like to be a regular kid who now has a very popular Facebook page.

“Education isn’t just about reading, writing and arithmetic. Kids today are facing some real problems, and we can provide a forum for kids to learn from other kids they might look up to,” said Bruce MacIntosh, DCC director of programming. “Because these panels are for kids—we’ll be giving our younger attendees the first opportunities to ask them questions at the panels.”

In addition, Grayson will make an appearance in the Kids’ Corral to talk to kids about why they like My Little Pony and how it’s cool to be a fan – whether you’re a boy or a girl.

Love it. Can’t wait to meet this superhero IRL.

Denver Comic Con tickets for Friday and Sunday are available here. (Saturday is sold out).

Adult tickets are $30 each and children 12 and under are only $5!

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  1. Stevie

    This is the best thing ever. So glad he stood up for himself and he is going to Denver!

  2. Sarah Patterson

    wow – love this! Go Grayson!

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  4. luke

    If you know Is there going to be a Minecraft area at comiccon?

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