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American Authors, Magic Giant & Public at Ogden Theatre

I knew American Authors and Magic Giant were doing a “co-headlining” tour for the Band of Brothers Road Show, but I was not prepared for what actually went down at Denver’s Ogden Theatre last week. First, there was a Plinko board where fans were called upon see who would go first in the lineup. Then, both American Authors and Magic Giant came out together for an epic combined band intro to the night.

But, let me back up. I had not heard of openers Public, and apparently not many in the crowd had either – because the band asked. They liked their underdog position and promised to make it a fun beginning of the night for everyone – and they delivered. They taught us lyrics and had us signing with them by the end of their set as if they were the ones we specifically came to see.

Magic Giant was picked by Plinko to go first, and the band came out for three songs of intense energy, super boisterous pop rock. Lead singer Austin was back and forth and out in front of the stage, basically leading the crowd in a jumping contest.

They finished their three songs and us photographers exited the pit. I was using the facilities and thought to myself… “um… isn’t that American Authors playing right now?”

It was. I ran back down front and caught the last two of our allotted three songs, and the maniacal party vibe continued.

That’s how the night went. American Authors and Magic Giant switching back and forth every couple songs, and joining each other as they saw fit. Authors lead singer Zac Barnett even called their former sound tech and Denver local Joe Richmond up to play on a song with them. Joe’s a good friend, and has played in many local bands, so it was fun to take photos of him again too.

There was just a fun, friendly vibe all night long.

The Band of Brothers tour finishes up this month, but I hope this is a road map for these guys – and many other bands – in the future. What a fun way to shake up the standard concert performance and make a truly memorable night for fans.

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