And I say this with mucho love.

Bryan’s family has German origins. However, growing up, they were the quintessential American family. Hot dogs and apple pie. Completely homogeneous. In fact, the first time he ever had a taco, he was 18 years old.

And yes, he did take Spanish classes (like we all did) in high school and still retains a bit of it. Enough to teach Declan some words here and there, but that’s about it.

None of this, none, explains why, when Bryan is around people with Hispanic accents, he starts talking like Ricardo Montalban.

He knows he’s doing it. Sometimes I chuckle while he is doing it. Sometimes he kicks me under the table to make me stop chuckling while he is doing it. Yet he continues to absorb Latino flavor from anyone in a 5 foot radius.

I often wonder if these people think he is making fun of them. But he’s not. He can’t help it. Seriously.

I was considering starting a telethon and maybe a support group, but it’s just too damn funny.

So, rock on Bryan. Viva el Hispanico!

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  1. g-man

    That’s too funny, and I can so totally relate. I develop a good drawl when around heavy accented folks. It helps that I live south of the Mason Dixon line, and beer really brings it out. My mom can’t take a couple of belts without breaking into an Irish Brogue.

    Oh, and I like your new avatar.

  2. Sarah

    He cracks me up!

  3. chloebear

    So – I should expect that on Saturday (Cinco de Mayo), Ricardo will be joining us?! Looking forward to those Margarita’s!

  4. Stacy Schwartz

    Brian should come to my neck of the woods…Miami! He’d never speak English again! Adios!

    (first time i’ve commented!….Fun Aim!)

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Ha ha, Gman, I admit I do that when I am back in the south (went to college in North Florida which is still the south)… but Bryan never lived anywhere near a Spanish speaking culture! I think he just is a wannabe!

    And Chloebear… JUST YOU WAIT. He is gonna BRING IT!

    And Stacy! HOORAY! You have made me sooo happy! 🙂

  6. tmrperry

    the first thing that comes to mind? carrrrrrne asada! too funny!

  7. Anonymous

    he must be crazy to live with sometimes! LOL!

  8. aimee / greeblemonkey

    and it’s a beautiful thing.

  9. Bryan

    I am only keeping the heritage of my people alive. And I don’t discriminate – I do the same thing around our Irish neighbor, with the Croatian dad whose son goes to school with ours…

    I have no idea why it happens.

    With much regret (because I really don’t like Woody Allen), I equate it to the human chameleon Zelig.

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