At Least It’s A Dry Heat.

Apparently as of yesterday, we already passed the record for the most 90+ degree days in June in Denver ever. Please keep in mind that it’s on the 14th of the month and we have already had 10 days over 90 degrees… and supposedly that ain’t stopping any time soon.

There is a huge argument going on in the office, though, about whether 90 degrees is actually hot in such a dry climate. We have a tranplant from Iowa who thinks the arridity (is that even a word?) is absolutely heavenly. Coming from Maryland myself – I definitely see her point. If it was 90+ degrees for 2 weeks straight in Maryland, my mother would be a melted pool of German-American sludge by now.

However, I will say, when the mercury is pushing 100, no matter where you are – or what level of moisture in the air – it’s fucking hot.

So maybe I will just have to accidentally “fall” into the sprinkler this evening.

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