August Greeblepix Finalist + Support for HIV/AIDS Prevention!

My work is crazy sometimes. Not just crazy busy – but just plain crazy. I have spent the past two weeks in a studio shooting video against a green screen for an huge STD prevention web site we are building. And several of you have asked – no – you won’t see it – unless you are in middle school and taking sex ed. The sad fact of many of the web sites we build at my company is that we collect sensitive health information, so the general public doesn’t get access to them.

Thus, the only glimpse you’ll get of this project is this:

Clearly a fun two weeks.

Which totally got my wheels turning last night when Her Bad Mother tweeted this:

Wouldn’t *I* just be perfect to go with her? Seeing as *I* just slathered her with all sorts of love and photos? *I* could take her photos in AFRICA.

One small problem.

I let my passport lapse.


So while I go down to the post office this weekend to fix that, YOU could be going to Africa with Catherine. Or at the very least, you could help LOTS and LOTS of people who really need us.

Go read Catherine’s post, sign her petition, and try to get on the Africa trip. I would love to see you go. Awesome.

Now. Shifting gears.

Let’s help out these photographers, here. One of these talented folks will receive a $250 camera rental from the fantastic Pro Photo Rental. It was AGAIN hard to narrow down the choices and I have some more gray hairs thanks to all your amazing photos.

But here they are.


Angry Julie – Scary Mommy & Her Pink Drink

Dawn S – Saying Goodbye To Summer

Elle Ribera – Made Up Dreams

Flesworthy – Ladybug

Heather – The Sun Sets Sail

Maria Melee – Lashes

Matt – Weightless

Sarah Danyelle – Rope

Suz or Sooze – Bridge

Victoria Riddle – Penny Candy Isn’t A Penny Anymore



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  1. zipper

    Love these. I think my fave is the Penny Candy though.

  2. zipper

    AND! You let your passport lapse??? Miss crazy traveler?????

  3. monstergirlee

    Tough to choose this month – so many gorgeous photos! But vote I did.
    Thanks Aimee. Now, heading over the herbabmother’s site.

  4. Bren

    Fabulous Shares…. My favorite is the penny candy!

  5. Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    Ohh yay!!!! Thanks for picking me as a finalist. That photo was compeletely accidental. I tried to something similar this past weekend and it was a big fail.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh I wish YOU could go on that Africa trip! That would have been so great!!!!! But thanks for the link, so important. And the great pics this month. Heading over to HerBadMother’s now. – m

  7. Deb

    Dang, another outstanding batch.

  8. Anonymous

    that’s a really sweet picture of the ladybug!

  9. Scary Mommy

    OK, so I may be partial, but I think the first one kicks ass. 🙂

  10. heather...

    YAY! I can’t tell you what a NEEDED pick me up it was to see I am a finalist. THANK YOU!!!

  11. suz (or sooze)

    ooo… flattered to be included among all these! i voted.. but geesh.. that’s tough!

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