August Greeblepix Winner! + Share Some Photo Tips!

Dudes. This was the closest this contest has ever been. FIVE VOTES separated Heather and Sarah. FIVE.

But Heather pulled it out!

I love this photo, not just because I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay and my dad was a competitive sailor – but because Heather HAD to have her timing and light and EVERYTHING just perfect to catch this shot. Flare is hard, yos.

But one thing that our mutual friend Casey taught me during our mutual photoblogging session at Evo was this:

To make flare turn into a star like Heather did above, set your f-stop to 22 and shoot right into the sun.

Oh, and practice.

I got a few stars in NYC, and I secretly thanked Casey, so you can secretly thank me the next time you catch one.

And Heather, you can thank Pro Photo Rental – the folks who make this contest possible – as you spend $250 on their camera rentals. I am excited to see what photos you catch next!

Email me [aimee at greeblemonkey dot com] to claim your prize.

As for the rest of the finalists and ALL you awesome folks who make this contest so fantastic every month – thank you.

Oh. And any other great photo tips to share with us?

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  1. James

    Awesome pic!

  2. monstergirlee

    If you’re using any out of your ordinary settings, put them back to “normal” before you turn off your camera for the day. I have turned mine on and started shooting only to realized I’m over exposing everything by 2 stops, or my shutter is set at F22 instead of my normal wide open, and really fucked up a bunch of could have been great cool shots.
    Thats my tip. Because I’m a total airhead that way.

  3. monstergirlee

    btw – AWESOME pic by Heather, I think I voted for that one too.

  4. tara

    love that shot — the timing really is perfect. and thanks for the fstop tip.

  5. moosh in indy.

    spreading the love, one f/stop at a time.

    I’m proud of you hot pocket!

  6. ZDub

    Ooh, that’s a rad shot.

    Love that you host this contest, I’m all in next go around. 🙂

  7. rudecactus

    Funny. I was just reading her site. Odd, that.

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