Bad Movie Luck Streak

For whatever reason, we have had an absolute string of shitty movies lately. Some weren’t that surprising because either Netflix predicted we would hate them (and Netflix’s prediction system is pretty darn accurate for us since I have rated over 5,000 movies)… or I figured we wouldn’t love them, but it was worth the shot. And some were suprising because I thought I would love them. But nope. Almost every movie we have rented lately has just been utter shite.

The Crap List:
The Breakup
In Her Shoes*
Poseidon (a double Josh Lucas crapfest going on there)
Tristam Shandy*
Roll Bounce*
Wicker Park
Penn & Teller’s Bullshit show (sorry, Julie)*
Kingdom of Heaven (lucky Orlando Bloom is also a 2-timer on this list)
The Slaughter Rule*
Meet The Fockers (We hated the 1st one, not sure why we bothered with the 2nd)

* = The ones that were so bad that I turned them off and returned them unfinished, which, prior to this streak, is probably something I have only done about 3 times in my entire life.

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