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Best Denver Concert Photos 2022

2022 was the year that roared back – at least in terms of concerts. We maintain a concert calendar for the Denver area, and last year it was packed wall to wall with shows. Zero complaints – and lots of late nights! This made 2022 my biggest year yet, and in turn, the photo gallery below is enormous.

I was able to travel to Atlanta for Shaky Knees, as well as partner with Westword Music Showcase yet again this year. Some of the bands I saw in Atlanta came to Denver later in the year, so I got two times with Spoon, Band of Horses, The Regrettes, Flipturn, and more. We were also lucky that the Is For Lovers music festival came to Colorado – making for one of the longest and most fun days of the entire year.

Great job to all the folks who made this recovery year possible. Bands, PR, promoters, venues, and staff – it was a joy to work with you again, and I look forward to more of the same in 2023.

I also need to make a special note of how awesome the fans were this year. I could create a whole gallery of y’all just being so incredibly happy. It was a huge highlight to witness it all.

Each photo below represents 2022 coverage in my music section. I also had a blast doing interviews and covering our Denver local music scene. Hope you enjoy!

My Best Denver Concert Photos 2022

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