Funny conversations with our dog.

Conversations With Our Dog

Note from Aimee: I lifted this from my husband's Facebook page. Yes, I am a thief.

Dog: Hey there! Great to see ya! Ooooo, you look tired. Wanna pet me? *lick lick* I love you! You smell nice! Like a heaven cake. With angel sprinkles too! That's you. I love you. I just want to lick you! *lick lick* How was your day? Me: Thanks, I'm tired. Feeling sick, but had a ton to do so had to work hard all day. Good to be done. Now I can relax. How about you? D: My day was great! I got up, got to see you. Then we walked for a while. I love walking with you. We saw a CAT! Then we got back and I ate. That was good. Then I took a long nap, oh did that feel good. *lick lick* Then I got up, shit all over the living room, then took another nap. I had no idea I was so tired. Then I went out in the yard for a while. There was a SQUIRREL. I can't catch them because they are fast. And now you are back, so this is AWESOME! *lick lick* I love this day! I love you! M: Hang on. Back to that part in the middle...
Manuel Antonio National Park Howler Monkey

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

When I returned to Costa Rica for the second time, there was one place I knew we had to visit that, since I had missed it the first time around. Manuel Antonio National Park is in the central Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica and is well-known for its diversity of plants and animals - pretty astounding considering the whole country is the most biologically diverse in the world. Manuel Antonio National Park
Costa Rican Flowers and Plants

The Flowers & Plants of Costa Rica

We have our first real touch of cold here in Colorado, which - let's face it, compared to other parts of the world, is not that cold... but when you have recently been to the rainforest, it sure feels cold. One of the things that fascinated me about Costa Rica was the diversity of its flora and fauna. Of course, I have no idea what the names of most of the plants were. In some ways, this is right up my alley because I take lots of flower photos here at home and generally have no clue what they are, even when they are in my backyard.

Can you help me identify these lovelies?

I would be happy to credit you when I update the post. Either way, it feels nice to take a trip back to the tropics on a chilly day like today. Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa_Rica_185 Costa Rica Flowers & Plants
Strange Alien Lizard Creature from Costa Rica

Jesus Christ Lizard (Green Basilisk) from Costa Rica

I have numerous photos of a wide variety of flowers from Costa Rica; the country is so incredibly diverse biologically speaking. We saw several interesting animals there, but none startled and amazed me as much as this bizarre alien looking lizard that darted out from under the trees and out *on to* the water. I have been doing a bunch of googling since our stay at Tabacon Hot Springs, but it took me a while to find this fella. Technically they are called the "Green Basilisk Lizard" - like, for real, as in referring to the legendary monsters, - yes, like the one they kill in Harry Potter. They are commonly referred to the "Jesus Christ Lizard," because - yes, they *actually* can walk on water. Crazy!


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