Celebration of a Really Great Dog

Well, the day finally came. We put Rio down today. There were lots of tears, but in our hearts we know it was the right time. The doctor who helped us fight her cancer immediately stopped what he was doing when he heard we were there… and came to do the job himself. It was very quick and painless. Her head dropped into my lap as she passed away. Bryan and I sat with her for a while and said our goodbyes. I kissed her on her head as we left, already feeling her presence inside me rather than the body that just could not take any more punishment.

Rio truly was one of those once in a lifetime type dogs. When I am more up to it, I will write about some funny stories that Bryan and I were just reminiscing about (over a Hurricane and a Guinness) this afternoon. We were sure to clink glasses before the first sip, “to Rio.”

I told Declan this morning that she would not be with us any longer. He said, “is she going to be dead?” … and I said, yes… she is going to be dead. He then promptly changed the subject to having Jell-O on Friday night for his treat, instead of ice cream. So, I don’t think he is quite “getting” the concept. I snapped the attached photo this morning before I took Declan to school – as I asked Declan to give Rio a hug and kiss goodbye, which he did with that wonderful enthusiasm only kids have. I know he will miss Rio deeply. His last words to her were, “protect the house, Rio,” as we walked out the door to school. This is something that Bryan has always said as his last words to Rio when he left for work.

We plan to have her ashes delivered back to us – and I will sprinkle them on my flower beds.

But more importantly, I know she will live in our hearts forever.

Thank you for 10 wonderful years, Rio.

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