Tips Manage Your Email Inbox

10 Tips: How To Manage Your Email Without Going Nuts

Email may eventually be surpassed by texting and various social networks for our methods of communication, but for now - it is here to stay. And while I never fully achieve that glorious "inbox zero," I do agree with the principals behind it. I have given several classes on this subject, and while very few people have a true handle on their email, much of the problem is not making email a priority. Email is NOT a storage mechanism. It is a clearinghouse for information. Get as much out of your inbox as possible and it won't seem so overwhelming.
Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone With Credit Card Case

Switching from iPhone to Lumia Windows Phone

Note: I have a relationship with Nokia and they provided my phone but all words and opinions are mine.
I was iPhone from Day One. I waited in line, which luckily wasn't all that long or I probably would have bailed, but I got one. And as many people know, I have been staunchly pro-iPhone since that moment. Honestly, until the last few years, there was no other choice. I have tried recent versions of Android and while I see its advantages, it didn't make me want to move my phone number over.

In comes the Lumia 1020 and Windows Phone.

I have mentioned in posts recently how I came to know the folks from Nokia, and how they gave me a Lumia to check out. Quite simply, I fell in love with it. I made it my main phone a few weeks ago, and it's been seamless. Yes, I have kept my iPhone as a secondary phone - primarily to watch all those non-transferable iTunes movies in bed as I go to sleep. But I seriously hated the iOS7 update and was ready for a change.
Facebook Emotion Study

Facebook Is Unethical

I tried not to be dramatic about it, but I sort of left Facebook. Problem is you can never really leave Facebook. At least not when you manage over 10 accounts for clients and you have a blog and you go to log-in on random sites and Facebook has its tentacles into everything on the Internet. So I decided to minimize my personal dealings on Facebook and just concentrate on my professional work there. I realize this probably only hurts me and does nothing to Facebook but at least I won't be so angry every day. Gives me the opportunity to still check in on friends and message them and see events, while ignoring many of the things that drive me absolutely bonkers. Why am I so upset? You probably have heard about this, but a study was published this month from a data scientist at Facebook where, in a nutshell, he manipulated the streams of almost 700,000 Facebook users to view either happy or negative updates and see if the emotions in these streams could affect the emotions of users. Yup, they did! And, in of itself, not too surprising and also from a research perspective, actually fairly interesting.

Rdio’s Interface Changes Bug Me

I have been singing the praises of Rdio so long you'd think I work there. I share their playlists, I make people join, I listen to it all day long (with our paid family subscription). I often talk about how much I prefer the Rdio interface to Spotify, particularly in terms of a discovery service that gives me data about what my friends are listening to - and shapes my music accordingly. But lately there have been some major changes to the way albums and playlists appear in the desktop, and frankly, I am ticked off. I know I am 44 years old and have aging eyes, but the way that tech companies are catering to young hipsters (hello, iOS7) is irritating. IF anyone is doing usability testing, they are doing it with like-minded peers - and that sucks.
PBS Kids Supervision App

PBS Kids App: Super Vision For Parents

I am so proud to be a PBS Kids VIP Parent (their pretty name for a brand ambassador). The biggest perk of this job is attending the PBS Annual Meeting which brings together PBS stations from around the country to introduce them to new shows, update them on how PBS is doing, and talk about issues they all share. Next week will be my third year in attendance, so watch for tweets from #PBSam for the latest news. We also get updates throughout the year on whatever PBS Kids is up to, including a free app that was released this week called Super Vision.
How To Manage Facebook Events

How To Manage Facebook Events

"Ugh! I never look at them!" - "They are overwhelming." -  "There are too many!" That's what people, including possibly you, say about Facebook events. Right? I know events are crazy. But in some ways, I am not sure how else we can communicate about gatherings and parties to a large amount of people these days - until Facebook implodes, at least. So, here are some tips in terms of creating and then also sorting through all those events to help us all be more responsible Netizens.

My New Home

When I started my blog in 2005, I picked the name Greeblemonkey because Greeble and Monkey were my son's two nicknames while I was pregnant. Over the years, it became more my name than his. Especially Greeble, which people around Denver call me on a regular basis. I honestly never even really liked it all that much, it was just a goofy name my husband made up... but I've decided to embrace it. Because when I tossed around the idea of changing my name completely, most people hated the idea.

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