Come enter the February Greeblepix Photo Contest!

Happy President’s Day. Did you have the day off, or were you lucky like me, and get to go glow-in-the-dark miniature golfing with your 8 year old? I can’t think of a cooler way to pay homage to Washington, Lincoln and Obama, personally.

Which illustrates why the photo contest is going up in the evening rather than the morning.

So. No theme this month. Bring it on, friends! Share photos you love right now from whenever.


Sidenote. One other cool thing that the main dude from Pro Photo Rental is doing, along with some other cool Boulderites, is Cause To Rock. Where they are bringing together people Boulder and Denver to play Rock Band competition-style for various charities. The best, most hilarious part? My husband is in one of the “bands” competing.


1. All levels of photographers are welcome. Encouraged, even. Everyone is welcome.
2. OK, except family members or co-workers of Greeblemonkey.
3. You must be the photographer of the photo you submit and have clearance for any people or places in the photos.
4. One photo/entry per person per month.
5. Winner from last month, please take a month off.
6. Photo can be taken specifically for the contest, or in the past.
7. United States photographers only.
8. No anonymous entries.
9. Photos must be submitted to Mr. Linky below by midnight WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2011 to be considered.

– Select your entry photo.
– Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr (or you may choose a previously posted photo).
– Add the direct link to your blog post or to the exact Flickr page of your photo to Mr. Linky below to enter the contest.
– The deadline for entries is midnight WEDNESDAY.

– I will select 10 finalists to go into a Polldaddy voter widget on this blog.
– Check back on THURSDAY to see if you made it.
Everyone votes for the final winner!
– Voting ends midnight THURSDAY.

– I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month on FRIDAY.
– The winner will receive the prize directly from Pro Photo Rental via email once I officially give the word.
– It usually takes 2 weeks after winner is announced for prize to be awarded.

Many thanks to Pro Photo Rental for their continued support.

*all times Mountain.

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  1. MadameMeow

    I’m glad I saw this, as I always mean to enter but seem to forget. Thank you, Aimee!

  2. Amber

    I had a hell of a time deciding on a picture to enter this month, but my adorable niece won. Good luck, everybody!

  3. Cecily R

    Best of luck to everyone!!!

  4. Angela

    What a super cool contest! Good luck everyone! Cheers, Angela

  5. Bridget

    We had pizza in the park to “celebrate”. It was perfect weather for it here!

  6. Kyria

    This is a great contest! Thanks for doing it!

  7. fwsalmon

    Thanks for the invite! I’ll bookmark this and look every month.

  8. Colleen

    I entered! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Kelly Sauer

    Yay for getting to play this time! Sounds like you’re enjoying the warm – thanks for the fun, Aimee!

  10. ~Shari

    I totally stepped outta my “normal entry” box.

    Here goes!

  11. Erin

    Awesome contest! I just randomly picked this pic. I feels good. And it was warm!

  12. Leslie

    I entered with one of my favorite photos from my last trip to Rome in January.

  13. sarai

    how can life get much better than glow in the dark mini golf with a cute kid?

  14. Meg - Tea & Brie

    we’re desperate for spring…

  15. Meg - Tea & Brie

    we’re desperate for spring…

  16. Meg - Tea & Brie

    we’re desperate for spring…

  17. Meg - Tea & Brie

    we’re desperate for spring…

  18. Lana

    The internet is making be brave 🙂 So jealous of everyone with the really flash cameras!

    Good Luck All.

  19. Kelly

    Well, I know I can’t compete with Simon, or all these cute kids…but I am feeling the promise of Spring in these last couple of warm days, and I just loved these tulips Honey got me earlier. I can’t wait for color in the world again! 🙂

  20. Aimee e

    Not a blogger so this mister linky thing is just too much for me on a morning that I was awoken to a blow out diaper that ended in a bath for the poor guy! Seriously? Haha!

  21. Busymomma66

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, but I always love to come and look at everyone’s images.

  22. em

    So I’ve never entered a contest before. Here goes!

  23. monstergirlee

    Took my camera out while walking home from school with the kids. Hoping to catch some snow pics, took this one right after he made a “face print” in the snow. Hope there’s no dog poop. LOL!
    Thanks for hosting this photo contest Aimee, I’m happy to see it every month.

  24. vanessa

    great entries this month.

  25. Kathy

    Hi. Thanks for inviting me into the contest! I’m looking forward to this adventure with all of you.

  26. Jayna @ Yankee Drawl

    Finally caught the contest before it ended! Had to enter mine because it’s my favorite reminder that summer will be back someday!

  27. tara on the wander

    yes, please, bring on the spring!

  28. Angela

    This is my first time participating in this; where will the finalist pictures be showing up to vote on?

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