December Greeblepix Contest

Yay! Photo time! And if have been living under a rock, and/or take a look at the calendar, it’s also a hectic week for some people celebrating a certain holiday this week. So, I am going to change up the dates for this month to make life easier for me you.

Y’all can submit photos for a WHOLE WEEK. Yes, bring them on till NEXT MONDAY, December 28th. Then, on Tuesday, I’ll put up the 10 finalists for you to vote on through New Years Eve – and the winner will show up on this blog sometime January 1st, whenever I drag myself out of bed.

Sound good? And seeing as it’s the season and all, let’s make the theme HOLIDAY CHEER. Whatever holiday you celebrate. Hope you have a great one. Thanks for helping to make this year so wonderful.

The Greeblepix winner will receive a $250 camera
equipment rental
from Pro Photo Rental!

Great equipment from Canon, Nikon, Olympus
with free three day shipping each way.

1. All levels of photographers are welcome. Encouraged, even. Everyone is welcome.
2. Except family members or co-workers of Greeblemonkey.
3. You must be the photographer of the photo you submit and have clearance for any people in the photos.
4. One photo/entry per person per month.
5. Winner from last month, please take a month off.
6. Photo can be taken specifically for the contest, or in the past.
7. United States photographers only.
8. No anonymous entries.
9. Photos must be submitted to Mr. Linky below by 10pm Mountain time, MONDAY DECEMBER 28, 2009 to be considered.


Select your entry photo.

Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr.

Use this badge in your post, if you like. (Right click and pull down to “Save Image As” to grab the badge).

Add the direct link to your photo post or Flickr page to Mr. Linky below to enter the contest.

The deadline for entries is 10pm Mountain time, MONDAY DECEMBER 28, 2009.



I will select 10 finalists to go into a Polldaddy voter widget on this blog. Check back on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29 to see if you made it!

*Everyone* votes for the final winner! Voting ends Thursday, DECEMBER 31, 2009 at midnight Mountain time.



I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month on JANUARY 1, 2010!

The winner will receive the prize directly from Pro Photo Rental via email once I officially give the word.



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  1. abbersnail

    Thank you, as always, for hosting this! I always love seeing what other people can do with a camera!

  2. Chris Pugh

    Greetings — I’m just getting back into photography and your post came as I was going through some old photos and I thought I would submit a couple.

  3. Michelle Leigh

    Happy Holidays, and once again, thanks for hosting!

  4. Meghann

    I might be shooting myself in the foot by not waiting till after Christmas to pick a holiday cheer photo, but I just loved this one and couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  5. michelleamallory

    Maybe a little unconventional for the “Holidays” theme, but it’s right about now that I long for Summer…so really it IS part of my holiday cheer!

  6. Kelly

    YAY! pix time! Aimee…I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the new blog layout! How did you do it?! It’s tres chic! Happy Holidays!

  7. Debbie E

    yeah uploaded my holiday cheer one.Merry christmas to you and your family!!

  8. Denise

    thanks so much for hosting this again! Merry Christmas!

  9. monstergirlee

    I figured you’d pick a holiday theme for this month, so I’d been really thinking about it. This is the first time I’ve taken a shot specifically for greeblepix. I hope you like it.

    Happy Holidays Aimee!

  10. Preeti

    Yay! I submitted a very Christmas-y photo.

  11. Sally

    My first entry!
    Thanks for hosting this.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Shell

    Thanks for extending the deadline this month! I didn’t even think about it until it would have ordinarily been too late!

  13. Nathan

    Sneaking in under the wire, this is actually Xtian posting for my beloved Nathan who was helping a friend run a cooking class at her cooking school in LoDo tonight, and almost forgot he had a submission for the contest. =)

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