I haven’t written to you, or about you, very much lately. That’s because you’re growing up. I know you’re only 11 today but it feels like you’re an adult sometimes.

And then it feels like you’re not.

You started middle school recently and it’s already changed you. In some ways, I can see the teenager breaking free, where you push us and want your freedom. But in a lot of ways this new chapter has also unleashed a maturity that is absolutely blowing me away.

We were fighting a lot this week; I have a huge deadline coming up and you’re trying to get used to your new school. Each day that I picked you up, we ended up in an argument. I made some random comment about how it felt like you’re ready to fight every time you get in the car.

Yesterday, you opened the car door, dumped your huge backpack and your huge binder on to the seat and stood hunched over in the pouring rain while looking me directly in the eye.

“How was your day?!”

It absolutely took my breath away.

The fact that you would stop to think to ask me how my day was just so that our afternoon would get off to a good start. The fact that you would remember what I had said you about us trying to get along better. The fact that you try so hard.

Damn, kid.

We’re both going to mess up a lot along the way. But that’s all I can ask.

That we keep trying.

Thank you for being my funny, sweet, smart, caring son. Thank you for everything that you bring to our family. I love you. Happy birthday.


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  1. sue at nobaddays

    Dear Declan. How are you SO big already? I’ve been reading your mom’s blog about seven years now, and it has been amazing to watch you grow. You are a remarkable kid, and you’ll be a remarkable man one day! Your parents are SO fortunate to have you. Happy birthday!

  2. zipper

    Such a nice post. Happy bday.

  3. Sunny Hunt

    Ugh! I’ve got something in my eye… Wow, that’s just beautiful. I hope he has a great birthday and your family has a great next year!

  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Declan – I love you big time


  5. Julie Sutter

    Beautiful photo, beautiful post. Made me a cry a little; I’m not a mom but I sure have one and probably needed to ask her a little more often how her day was. Probably still do. Thanks for sharing. Yay for 11.

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now. Ever since you traveled to Ireland – a place I’ve been and have always wanted to take my family. I have an 8 (almost 9) year old and I find myself relating so well to every story you tell about your son. I get a preview of what’s to come and a reassurance that we’re all just doing our best as moms. Thank you – you have a beautiful family!

  7. Aimee Giese

    Oh y’all – thanks so much!! xoxox

  8. J at www.jellyjules.com

    SO nice. You know what? I have found that, from when my daughter was a toddler (maybe even earlier), things just go better if we have a little time to connect. Things get crazy for her at school? Everyone is touchier. Things get crazy for me at work? Everyone is touchier. My husband is crazy at work? Everyone is touchier. Sadly, at least in our house, the answer has never been simple, like reading together before bed. It takes more time, like a Saturday afternoon or something. Then again, I guess that’s not sad, and spending time together on a Saturday afternoon is a good thing. Not always easy, but important in our house.

  9. monstergirlee

    I know I said this on twitter but I had to leave another comment here after reading your wonderful post, Happy Birthday Declan.
    The maturity that your (and my) boy are starting to display at this age is a little mind-blowing. Somehow all the repitition and reminding seems to be sinking in, and they just keep getting cooler and neater. Yeah, I said your son is neat. I’m a dork.
    (see you all soon friends!)

  10. Zakary

    Middle school is so hard, I keep trying to remind myself that Zoe is still just a kid.

    I hope he had a super Happy Birthday. xx

  11. William

    Very nice letter.

  12. Alexis Marlons

    Declan is so big now. Happy birthday sweetie.

  13. Ulla

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