Excellent use of a babysitter.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Bryan was the “Art Guy” for a casino in Central City. He pretty much hated it except for the work experience he gained and the personal friendships he grew (…if you didn’t know, Colorado has a small stakes gambling community about an hour into the mountains called Central City. While it is a quaint and lovely former mining town, it was sometimes hard for Bryan to watch people drain their life savings into a pipedream).

We met up with those personal relationships last night (leaving the kids at home) and Brenda, Ivan, Marcus, Cheryl, Ivan (yes, another) and Shiloh are as hilarious as ever.

Brenda especially is always the one to get us all laughing, usually at her expense. But she always takes it with grace – and laughs the loudest of us all. And I could try to type out some of the gems from last night, but there is no way to capture Brenda in a blog post. You have to experience it live. And with Bryan, Marcus and Ivan egging her on, there is no way to lose.

Let’s just say my cheeks and belly hurt from laughing for 5 hours straight.

A seriously great way to spend a Saturday night.

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