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Sometimes ideas are born of frustration. The past few years Bryan, Monika and I have been attending festivals and having trouble accessing schedules in the moment due to poor cell service and/or apps that are full of graphics. At one point last year we started making Google Doc spreadsheets that had the times, bands, venues and twitter handles available – just to make our lives easier.

This morphed into FanPlan.Info, which is a text-based micro site best viewed on mobile phones. It shows (and sorts) the schedule of major festivals by time, band and stage. And when you click “tweet this,” a pre-populated tweet pops up with band name, twitter handle (if they have one), venue name, venue handle (if they have one), the time the band is playing, official festival hashtag, and, of course, #fanplan.

We tested FanPlan at FoCoMX first and got some huge help and feedback from the SpokesBUZZ folks. One of the things we added from their advice is, now, when a band has finishes playing (time-based), their entry goes gray and gets much smaller, so it is out of the way. We decided to not make it go away entirely because people often want to keep tweeting about bands they saw earlier in the day… but we’d like to hear what folks think at our next big test: Westword Music Showcase on June 21st.

The headliners are Diplo and 2Chainz and also those dudes dudes I love love to photograph Man Man, but the majority of talent is massive amounts of local bands playing on 17 stages all over the Golden Triangle in Denver. Some of our favorites include: Reno Divorce, SF1, Wheelchair Sports Camp, The Dendrites, The Outfit, Dragondeer, Ivory Circle, Petals of Spain, Megan Burtt, Eldren, Rob Drabkin, Foxfield Four, Rachel & The Kings, Science Partner, Varlet, Monroe Monroe, Joy Subtraction, The Belle Jar, John Common Superheart, Chimney Choir, Covenhoven, The Raven & The Writing Desk, A. Tom Collins, Ian Cooke, Indigenous Robot, Magic Cyclops, Colfax Speed Queen, Wiredogs, Spells, The Wild After, Kissing Party, Vices I Admire, Izcalli, Amanda Hawkins, Devan Blake Jones, The Other Black, Rowdy Shadehouse, and OMG you’d think I just listed the entire schedule but I promise I did not even come close.

This festival is so fun that I actually checked the date months ago and made sure to schedule our sangria party the week after so we would not have to miss it.

Recently I had the pleasure of having lunch with (the new editor of Westword Backbeat) and I dig how content-based he is. He really wanted to know what Backbeat could provide for fans of music in Denver and when I showed him FanPlan, he loved the idea.

I am stoked they have offered a discount code for us to share:
Use “fanplan” when you checkout to get $10 off General Admission tickets.

Please check out FanPlan.Info and use it during WMS.
We want to hear your feedback.

This is really all about making concert-going easier.
Let us know what you think!


Wesyword Music Showcase 2014

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  1. Ben D

    This is GREAT, Aimee

  2. everyfann

    Aimee! This is such a geeat idea!

  3. Amy Evans

    Just tested it out all over Twitter and it works great! That’s awesome!!!!!

  4. James


  5. Sarah Patterson

    How did I miss this? This will be so awesome for UMS and Riot Fest!

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