Riot Fest 2023 - Day 3 Photos & Review - Music Festival Chicago

Riot Fest 2023: Day 3 – Huge Photo Gallery & Review of Music Festival

What a whirlwind Riot Fest 2023 was! There was a torrential downpour in the early part of Day 3, which caused the festival to delay and some of the first few acts had to be cut. It was disappointing, but we were thrilled to still see most of the acts, including the final headliner – an all-time fave, The Cure.

Another huge treat was finally seeing The Dresden Dolls – i.e. Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione – who don’t perform all that often and it was definitely my first time seeing them.

But everyone left it all on the table, especially the fans. Sure, the ground was mush, but based on the “riotous” behavior on Sunday – I think bad weather conditions make everyone just go for it more.

I was so thrilled to finally get back to Riot Fest – and my first experience in Chicago was one to remember for sure. Don’t forget to check out Riot Fest 2023 Day One and Day Two!

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Riot Fest Music Festival
September 20-24, 2024
Douglass Park, Chicago, IL

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Artists in this Photo Gallery: Ride, AFI, The Used, The Dresden Dolls, The Cure and the People of Riot Fest

Riot Fest 2023 – Day 3 Photo Gallery

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Riot Fest 2023 – Day 3 Lineup

Riot Fest 2023 - Day 3 Sunday Lineup

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