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Flobots and 2MX2 at Levitt Denver

To me, Flobots are family. The members are all friends and I have worked closely with some of them, especially Andy Rok Guerrero. To watch the band reunited right before our country’s birthday was nothing short of magic. I always say that I approach this site from the position of a fan, and it’s often difficult for me to give traditional reviews. So, if you want to read an excellent recap of the concert, check out what Kyle Harris wrote for Westword.

If you want to know how me and my friends felt, look at our faces below. And then look at the many other photos I took below that to get a sense of what a Flobots show is like.

Flobots at Levitt Denver

Kyle suggests that Levitt Pavilion make Flobots an annual gig over 4th of July and I couldn’t agree more. The band represents everything I love about America. Inclusivity, love, and standing up for what we can make better. That feeling permeated everything last week, from the incredible opening band 2MX2, which included another friend, Jon Shockness (aka Kid Astronaut, formerly of Air Dubai) to the crowd finally feeling free to celebrate together as Denver crossed into 70+ percent vaccination.

I bounced back and forth from the pit to our seats to seeing friends for the first time in over a year to just dancing around the perimeter of Levitt’s immense lawn. The fact that I got so many photos is a testament to what terrific performers they all are and what a terrific venue Levitt is. Whew, what a fun night.

Happy birthday America indeed.

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Concert Photos: 2MX2 at Levitt Denver

Concert Photos: Flobots at Levitt Denver

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