Why Hillary Lost 2016

Why Hillary Lost & Where We Go From Here

The post-mortems on why Hillary lost are finally in full swing and I’m in agreement with the gist: the media misrepresented her, didn’t correct lies about her, and the Comey letter sealed the deal. She also, of course, made mistakes herself, especially by misreading the angst and mood of the country.

Here’s the thing, I am/was/will always be a fan of Hillary Clinton. Is she a perfect person or candidate? No. Do I agree with every part of her platform? No. But she is brilliant and spent her life fighting for children and healthcare.

Did I want her to run this time? I was only against it because of exactly what happened. She got beat up – again. She has baggage, almost 100% of it lies or ridiculous twistings of the truth – but people just can’t seem to get past their hate.

Empirically, she was the best and worst candidate. Absolutely the most qualified in terms of experience among any human alive in 2016, but also the most polarizing.

So, had we another candidate even remotely equal for the task (please don’t bring up Bernie) I would have been all for them.

There are some young rising stars in the party and I look forward to seeing what they do. People like Cory Booker and Tammy Duckworth and Julian Castro and Ted Lieu.

Because personally, not that I understand sports at all, but it seems to me that we need a few rebuilding years so that in the end, especially in 2020, we don’t just have only one person to pin all our hopes on.

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