His First Girlfriend

=Second to Last Day of School=

Declan: “Mama, Mama! Guess what! I have a girlfriend now!”

Aimee: “You do?? Who?”

Declan: “Meredith.” [Meredith being one of his very good friends since preschool.]

Aimee: “How did you and Meredith decide to start going out?”

Declan: “We didn’t.”

Aimee: “Then how do you know she is your girlfriend?”

Declan: “Because she sat next to me at the picnic, we played on the monkey bars AND we walked down the hall together.”

Aimee: “Makes sense.” [Sends a text message to Meredith’s mom asking when she would like to start planning the wedding.]

=Last Day of School=

Declan: “Mama, Mama! Guess what! It’s official! Meredith is *actually* my girlfriend now.”

Aimee: “Oh yeah?”

Declan: “Yeah, we talked about it today.”

Aimee: “Cool… You know what I really like about Meredith? She is a very smart girl.”

Declan: [pause, thinking…] “You know what *I* like about Meredith? She is kind and always takes care of other people.”


You know what else, Meredith? I don’t know if you will be Declan’s first girlfriend for that one day, or the summer, or his life… but I thank you for being such a great little gal to hold such a special place in my son’s heart.


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  1. Ef Rodriguez

    I wish I could remember my first girlfriend. You’re so awesome for documenting Declan’s.

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I know, Ef – otherwise I would NEVER remember. Thank god for blogs.

  3. The Bug

    That’s great – he has his priorities in order. I remember my first little boyfriend (although we would NEVER have used those words). He was a cute little boy who sat next to me in first grade – Jimmy. I always shared half my oatmeal cake with him. I was actually being a rebel & didn’t know it – Jimmy was an African American boy & this was North Carolina in 1970. Probably a good thing we never formalized our relationship! Wonder what happened to him?

  4. heidi daisybones

    For some reason this post makes me feel all weepy. I send love vibes to my first boyfriend Ricky, and his partner- he did not have a great many girlfriends after the fourth grade;)

  5. SP

    Thing1’s first girlfriend lasted from 1st grade until the end of 7th. She’s a sweet girl that I still want to murder for being the first one to make him cry!

    It’s a complicated thing, this parenting business. They are all cuteness and sticky fingered wonderful. And then they become assholes with glimpses of the cuteness. Tonight, he crawled into my lap, over-flowed it and hung all dangly everwhere and said “You will always be my first love.” Out of NOWHERE! Then I cried big snotty tears on his cool new shirt and I was the embarassing mom again.

    I love this job.

  6. Joanna Ciolek

    I love it. It just melts my heart to think my boys will be coming home from school with such declarations. Soon enough!

  7. melody is slurping life


  8. Rachael

    That is so freaking adorable.

  9. Chris

    Great. I’m blubbering like an idiot right now and I just finished putting on fresh mascara for ‘date night’ with hubby. Sheesh. Maybe next time you can put a disclaimer or something?! lol.

  10. Anonymous

    awwwww. I love that. – m

  11. dawn

    melt. 🙂

  12. kristin

    awwwwwww thatta boy declan pick them right!

  13. gkgirl


  14. Tree

    What great priorities!

    Nathan’s first girlfriend was Coco. She is absolutely adorable and sweet, but funny and demanding as well.

  15. Robin

    That is a wonderful story <3

  16. Becky

    So so sweet!!!

  17. well read hostess

    Go Meredith! Let’s hope he continues to use these criteria to pick girls!

  18. Ashleigh

    Score one for Declan. May he enjoy it for as long as he can.

    so sweet!:)

  19. J at www.jellyjules.com

    Oh, I heart Meredith, and I heart Declan, too, for recognizing that kindness is the most important thing ever, even before brains and beauty. Not that brains are to be sneezed at, but if everyone were smart, I’m not sure what would change. If everyone were kind, the world could change.

  20. carrie

    Awwwwww! 🙂

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