Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

We are big fans of the Caribbean. We especially love Mexico because it is such a quick, direct flight from Denver. In fact, it is faster for us to the get there than it is for us to fly back east. I tend to get stir crazy in the winter, and we haven’t been able to travel much for the past few years (while I was sick and we were getting back on our feet work-wise).


We needed to get away.

So in November, we headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the first time. Specifically we stayed in the more flat side of Riviera Nayarit, on the other side of Banderas Bay. We booked through Apple Vacations and stayed at the Grand Palladium Puerto Vallarta. I would probably book with Apple again, but probably would not stay at the Grand Palladium again. The service was verging on sub-par and the food was definitely MEH. C’est la vie.

But what we really needed was… Beach. Sun. Sand. Pool. Cervezas.

That stuff was there, alright.

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta

We only had one excursion, to the famous “Hidden Beach” and Marieta Islands. I did a whole ‘nother post about that, because it was much like some of our other trips (Bio Bay in Puerto Rico, for example) that felt like this “once in a lifetime” thing.

Bryan agreed with me.


The funny part is, even though I am such a planner, we did not plan much for this trip. We all (Dex included) felt that relaxation and family fun was paramount.

One amazing feature at our resort was the natural tide pool off the beach. The ocean water itself was incredibly warm, but that water? Was verging on too warm for a bath. Too warm for a bath! Not joking.

And it was the very best place to sit with a beer and watch the sunset.




Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta



Puerto Vallarta

We also had lots of fun in the pool. My kid may be growing up in a land-locked state but he still gets some water-loving genes from his parents.

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta

One top of all that relaxation, Dex really got the handle of boogie boarding. Watching my guys frolic in the surf made this Florida-educated lady very, very happy.


Puerto_Vallarta_203 Puerto_Vallarta_201

You know what the crazy part is? We never actually got into the actual town of Puerto Vallarta.

At least we have a really good reason to go back.


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  1. zipper

    love your travel posts! great pics as always!

  2. Mama Kat

    Wow! What a trip! Your photos are amazing! Definitely looking forward to your hidden beach post. 🙂

  3. Jill @babyrabies

    Stunning photos! Beyond jealous you got to go to the hidden beach. Can’t wait for that post!

  4. Deanna - mommyGAGA

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like you all had a great time.

  5. Doug Balmain

    Looks incredible! I could go for a little time closer to the equator. The Wyo winters tend to drag on for a while

  6. Ginger Pelz

    The pictures just really tell the story – aren’t the PV sunsets ridiculous? Thanks for sharing this adventure.

  7. Fotoclipping Outsource

    Well organized and well captured photos. I like your album for its series of pictures that is telling the whole story itself.

  8. Karen

    How did I miss this post? GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Camels & Chocolate

    I’m feeling the same way right now. Need. To. Get. Away. I’ve had a pretty crazy work month and am stoked to take off to the Caribbean for five days next week with two of my best girl pals!

  10. Anne


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    • Aimee

      Amy, we adore Mexico! One of our favorite places to visit!

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