I am mad at Steve Jobs.

I know, given my undying adoration for all things Apple, that title is a surprise.

But, there it is. I am mad at Steve.

I bought the new version of iLife last night (under the pretense we needed it for work, ha ha ha). I was waaaay excited about the new features, especially Photocasting… but mainly because any new iLife release means NEW THEMES. Which means I can easily make different photo pages and movie titles. Which is really the point of iLife. To make things easy for me.

Until now.

They added iWeb, which on the surface sounds nice – a simplified Dreamweaver. Web Publishing for Idiots. Well, guess what. iWeb has taken over iPhoto and I can no longer point and click my photos on to the web. Well, that is technically not true, but will work for the sake of this rant. But here, is the BIG problem, I cannot combine the 750 pages I already have posted with any new pages that have been generated by iWeb. Apple help tells me I can “link” back and forth between the two. Gee, thanks.

Here’s what REALLY ticks me off: iWeb is NOT easier for Joe Schmoe. I have often lauded Apple for how easy it was to get photos on to the web. Not that I really need to have it that easy, I can program my own pages in Dreamweaver… I JUST DON’T WANT TO. I value the TIME it saves me. Now, how in the name of God, am I going to convince my sister, who never sends me photos ANYWAY… To figure out how to use iWeb? Ain’t happening.

So, now I must embark on the journey of combining the 2 sites because my anal retentive nature will not allow for sloppy linking back and forth.

Have I mentioned I hate change?

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