I *do* realize how lucky I am…

Bryan and I just spent the past 3 hours reconciling our checkbook from the past year. And we’re only up to May 2006. (Oops).

First, I know I am lucky because Declan has started making good friends, and had his first drop-off playdate at Trudy’s house today. So Bryan and I actually had the time to sit down and work in Quicken.

Second, I know I am lucky because even though we haven’t balanced the checkbook for nearly a year – the balances are still OK. There are some charges we missed, but also some debits – so it all works out in the end usually.

But mostly, I know I am lucky because of my nut of husband. We sat here for 3 hours working on the tedious grunt work of him reading off amounts from the bank statements and me checking them off… and I literally laughed my ass off the whole time. He reads things in a variety of accents and also makes hilarious commentary on our stupid spending habits… just basically turns something that should in no way be fun into an absolute riot. Seriously, my sides ache from laughing.

I am really not sure why we only do this once a year.

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