I held the evil beasties at bay.

I must have been on the verge of a night terror last night. Or a really vivid and spooky dream. But Bryan says I was quiet as a lamb.

I was sitting at this computer, writing at my blog and I felt a ghostly presence. I put my hand out to touch it and it touched back. And then it grabbed me, and tossed me around the room Ghostbusters style… and Jesus, I felt every single bump. (And, I tried in vain to save my 20″ iMac – but no dice). Somehow I ended up with my leg straight through our giant throw pillows from the sofa in here and then I wobbled into the bedroom to beg for Bryan’s help.

And that’s when I started realizing (during the dream) that I must be dreaming. And I really needed to keep my mouth shut because Bryan was sleeping. And I then realized, Hey – since I am dreaming – I can just wave my hand and make all this mess go away. Office cleaned, iMac restored.

I also realized that my Dad was in the room with the ghosts. And that he is always with me. But it was a good sort of feeling for once. And I was OK with it. (If you haven’t noticed it, I am very meticulous in my thought process). I haven’t talked about my Dad for a while, because honestly, I haven’t thought about him. Which is good since I really do associate him with so many bad things.

However, once in a while, it’s good to have Dad there to remind me that while there might be chaos flying around me, I have the power to stop it. There *is* power in the bedlam.

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  1. joansy

    Damn. What a night. But congrats on taking control.

  2. TxGambit

    WTG! on taking control. That is just one more positive step for you.

  3. Izzy

    Wow. That’s pretty wild. But it was cool the you were able to turn the whole thing around. So you’re saying this was just a nightmare but you also have night terrors? I’ve always associated those with children. I’d never considered that adults could also have them.

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