I’m Nice? Really?!

No, stop laughing. There is someone out there who thinks I’m nice! And smart! And witty! But the kicker is: She called me gorgeous. Obviously she has only seen the photos that have passed the Greeblemonkey stamp of approval (and, err, Photoshop), but I when someone wants to call me gorgeous other than my husband (who is required to by section 3.2 of our wedding vows), I ain’t gonna complain.

This fabulous person is Nadine, who is livin’ la vida loca in the Netherlands at Hello, World It’s Me.

And before I talk about Nadine and her gracious award, I want to talk about how stupid AND funny my crew and I are. I walked out into the hall just now to verify that people from the Netherlands are indeed “the Dutch” (because, I was pretty sure, but no need to spew my idiocy all over the blogosphere). But my crew is so hilarious, I will take one for the team – and spew.

Aimee: “People from the Netherlands are called the Dutch, right?”

(immediate responses, not even a second’s pause:)
Bryan: Netherlandians?
James: Neanderthals?
Eric: From Nether Nether Land?
Bryan: Nutter Butters?

So, I am sure that Nadine is feeling really good about giving me this award right about now.

An award that is about being nice. But, I promise, I am truly honored by the award. And as snarky as I may get, and as many f-bombs as I may drop, I am so glad she sees through my crap. Because I *am* a nice person. Or at least I try really, really, really hard. Because being nice feels good.

And having Nadine as a “bloggy friend” (as I refer to you all when I speak of you to Bryan) is a treat too. In fact, I am often amazed at the ultra cool group of people I have found through the wires of the Internet. And I am damn glad for each and every one.

So here is where I spread the love. The person I have chosen to pass the Nice Matters Award along to is that little sassafrass from the pacific northwest: Sizzle Says.

Not only is she funny, thoughtful and completely adorable… I absolutely LOVE the relationship she has with her friends. The warmth and camaraderie between them comes through so often, and it’s simply a joy to read about. She is honest and puts herself out there… and even though she struggles (just like all of us), her niceness oozes.

Rock on, sister.

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  1. Tree

    You truly are very nice, generous, caring and amazing.


  2. Sizzle

    oooh! i ooze. 🙂

    i am truly touched. and you are SO worthy of the award yourself. now do i go on and give the shout out to another nice person?

  3. Anonymous

    Your guys are so funny. and congrats!

  4. nutmeg

    Geez! Everybody I want to give this one to has already gotten it! I’m going to check out sizzle!

  5. Alissa

    You picked a great recipient. Sizzle is the best! Congratulations on your award!

  6. painted maypole

    i woud like to hang out with your crazy crew, they sound like fun!

  7. soccer mom in denial

    Awwwwww….. Congrats you sweetie!!

    I’d actually wear shoes like that. Doesn’t it look DIVINE?

  8. chloebear

    I’m biased – you are absolutely the best person I know. I mean that very honestly. You aren’t the perfect person, but you consistantly strive to be your very best and that’s the most anyone can do. Your goodness is infectious – it wants me to try and be a better person.

  9. aimee / greeblemonkey

    awww, sniff sniff… you all are making me cry. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    I love these kind of awards.

  11. sue

    Oooo… you rock! Sizzle’s the best!

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