Imaginary Brothers

If you have kids – do they have imaginary friends? How about 14 imaginary brothers?

Because that is what Declan has.

Mainly there is one big one, named “Vo” – who knows where that came from – another one named Wilhelm and 12 other miscellaneous ones who don’t have names. I think he came up with “brother” because every time Jeff walks in the door, Bryan yells out, “Hey brother!” – so to Declan, your good buddies are brothers too. It’s all very confusing. Especially when Declan’s friends swear up and down that he has no brothers – and certainly not one named Vo!

From what we can tell, Declan uses Vo to sort through things he is unsure of, things he hears about at school and believes are bad but can’t quite get his head around – that sort of thing. For example, Vo steals and lies. Vo also pushes Declan on a regular basis. But then, of course, Vo also travels to the moon and has lunch with the President. It’s really interesting to see when, how and why Vo and the other imaginary brothers come into play.

All I know is, I am very glad 15 children did not pass through my birth canal.

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  1. monstergirlee

    My son had two brothers (imaginary) for about a year before my daughter was born. He had quite an imaginary “other” family that lived down the street from us. His two brothers were named “Appetizer” and “Auger”. They have since disappeared, around about the time his real sister was born.

  2. Schloobie

    “Appetizer” and “Auger” – LMAO!!!

  3. Bryan

    A hearty second to the “glad 15 children did not pass through her birth canal.”

    Unless you live on a diamond mine, are starting a football team, or plan to sell a few off, who needs that many kids?

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