2017 Indie Music Playlist (375+ Songs!)

On the first day of every year, I create a new playlist and add new songs I like along the way – for the entire year. I will still add a few from now until the end of 2017, but it’s mostly holiday songs being released this month (check out my Christmas playlist too).

My “Best of 2017” playlist is primarily Indie and Alternative music, but I will add anything that I take a fancy to – especially local Colorado bands (and I look forward to getting the Hometown Top Ten in there). Some of these songs have already made it to my “All Time Faves” playlist because I’ve listened to them so much. And of course, I was honored to photograph several of these artists this year – I’m compiling my best of photographs right now too.

Who said December is a slow time of year?

I hope you enjoy this music playlist with the best of 2017!

2017 Indie Music Playlist - Best Music of 2017 - #Music #IndieMusic #Alternative #Playlist

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P.S. Here is a great list of Denver music blogs!

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