Jukebox The Ghost - HalloQueen Photos - Denver 2018

Jukebox The Ghost Celebrates “HalloQueen” at Denver’s Ogden Theatre

Jukebox The Ghost has been together for over a decade. For four of those ten years, they have been performing a “HalloQueen” show around Halloween, which consists of one set of their own songs, and one set of Queen (the band). This year, Denver hosted them for their largest HalloQueen show ever, at the Ogden, which coincided with the release date of Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie).

All the guys dressed up for Queen, but Ben Thornewill (pianos, vocals) made the true commitment by shaving his beard off into a Freddie Mercury style ‘stache. I was honored that the band asked me to photograph them again, including the quick change proceedings. The results (below) are actually a little spooky, if you ask me.

HalloQueen included a costume contest, hosted by opening act Luke Null (formerly of SNL), and I am proud to say my pick ended up winning … a clever Nemo fish made from tons of balloons. Speaking of balloons, there were hundreds of them dropped during Bohemian Rhapsody (the song).

I am not sure which set I liked better, but I definitely enjoyed getting a major dose of Jukebox (The Ghost) for Halloween.

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Jukebox The Ghost: Set One Photos

Transformation into Queen Photos

Jukebox The Ghost: Queen Set Photos

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