It’s a small, small world.

Here is a conversation that happened at my gym yesterday:

Another girl working out: “Do you know of any fun places to have birthday parties for little kids?”

Owner of the gym: “Well, there is Gymboree.”

Aimee (walking into the conversation): “Oh, yeah – that’s great – we had Declan’s birthday party there last year.”

Owner: “Oh, yeah, Aimee’s son is right around your kids’ ages.”

Other Girl: “Well, mine will be 4 in September.”

Aimee: “Declan too!”

Other Girl: “Mine were born on September 12th.”

Aimee: “Wow! Declan was born September 13th! So they are only a day apart. Oh, “were” – as in twins?”

Other Girl: “Yes, they were premature.”

Aimee: “Declan too!”

Other Girl: “I delivered at Rose Medical Center.”

Aimee: “Me too!”

Then we just stared at each other for a full 5 seconds and realized we were in the NICU at the exact same time. Turns out we had the same main doctor and were only a few beds apart from each other. And we never talked to each other or got to know each other then… until we finally had the time to start working out nearly 4 years later.

More proof that the first few weeks of Declan’s life were a complete fog.

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