It’s only just begun…

Declan had his very first homework assigment last week. It was to trace simple shapes on an activity sheet, so I think he’ll be able to handle the pressure of preschool academics. He’ll get homework every Thursday night… and every month, we’ll be assigned a “Family Project.”

This weekend, we had our first Family Project. We were given the outline of a body and we were supposed to decorate it together to make it “special.” Well, as you can see by our results below – we definitely made it special. More like a pygmy warrior, but with clothes on.

We glued leaves from our yard as hair, rose petals as eyes, did maple leaf rubbings, added a fishing rod… and even sprinkled Old Bay Seasoning on glue on his foot… “because it smells like Maryland.” Declan added the Skeletor teeth, and we called it a day.

I hope we don’t freak his teacher out.

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