Rock De Mayo at Levitt Denver with iZCALLi

iZCALLi’s Rock De Mayo VIII at Levitt Pavilion Denver

Live music is back, baby! Denver rock band iZCALLi hosted their 8th Rock De Mayo at Levitt Pavilion last weekend, and even Mother Nature smiled on us by keeping the rain away. The lineup spanned many local Latin and jazz bands, including personal favorites Wes Watkins and The Trujillo Company. I was able to photograph all day with little inconvenience from my broken arm, with apologies to Mono Verde, who I listened to while tapping my toes and catching dinner from Levitt’s on-site food trucks.

The joy and relief was palpable in the air. EVERYONE was so glad to be back seeing live music. And while we still had some mandates from the city, it sure seemed like attendees were happy to do whatever we needed to be safe and see concerts again.

Many thanks to Levitt Pavilion, who was one of of the leaders at NIVA, pushing to Save Our Stages. The effort has really paid off and hopefully I will see many more friends at Levitt and other awesome local venues this summer.

As you can see from the photos below, the music at Rock De Mayo was terrific. The bands themselves were clearly having a blast playing music again. Thanks to them too – for helping us get back in that party mood. Besides headliners iZCALLi, we enjoyed Vic N’ The Narwhals, Los Reyes Del Huepa and the patriarch of iZCALLI leaders Miguel and Brenda, El Cro & La Rock Band.

Rock De Mayo Denver Concert Photos

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