Shaky Knees Day 3 - Concert Photos & Review - Atlanta Music Festival

Shaky Knees 2023: Huge Photo Gallery of Day Three & Festival Review

We made it! Shaky Knees 2023 Day Three! It was the hottest day of the festival this year, but that didn’t keep the bands from rocking out all day. Fans enjoyed live music from both established bands and up-and-coming artists. This is one of my favorite reasons to attend a music festival in general. Finding out about bands like Atlanta locals NRCSST. Finally photographing Ed Kowalczyk and LIVE, who has been one of my favorite bands since college (I saw them a ton back then, but never got to photo). Catching The Walkmen reunited and seeing them live for the first time. A really great way to wrap up a great weekend. (Check out Day One and Day Two photos!)

It was my second Shaky Knees, and I was just as impressed as last year. Plentiful and varied food. Lots of access to beverages, both alcoholic and not. Free water stations. Well-thought-out paths between all the stages that only got super crowded late at night. My sole suggestion would be perhaps to add shade tents in the Peachtree Stage field. (And when you can only think of small details like that to harp on, you know a festival has their shit together.)

Following three days of unforgettable performances, Shaky Knees founder Tim Sweetwood introduced the closing headliners, The Lumineers. He highlighted the significance of the moment, as The Lumineers had not only headlined 2023’s sold-out tenth-anniversary edition of Shaky Knees but were also the headliners a decade ago at the inaugural festival. Those ten years have clearly been worth all that work – especially bringing it back so strong after the pandemic shut-down. Shaky Knees is now well-known for its lively atmosphere, impressive performances, and vibrant community, making it a must-attend event.

That community-feel has been really important to me, as I travel from Denver to attend. I met several people just chatting with folks in the crowd – and also got to see friends I know from Atlanta while there. It’s just a very friendly vibe overall.

Make your plans for Shaky Knees 2024 now! Details are on their site – and I have already reserved my hotel. I definitely trust this team to put on a fabulous festival and have it circled on my calendar. Thanks for the fun, Shaky Knees!

Shaky Knees 2023 – Day 3 Photos

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